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Looking for comments on my adaptations of John Hodgman's This Day in Ragnarok

mattharvestmattharvest Registered User regular
I've set up a tumblr,, where I'm trying to work my way through the calendar of the last year of Ragnarok. I'm nearly finished with January, but I'm looking for thoughts.

I feel I've been a bit too 'sketchy' with many of them, but I'm looking to capture a sort of Mignola feel.

1-30 Dr. Oz by mattharvest, on Flickr

1-15 Frank Denford's Bitterness by mattharvest, on Flickr

1-20 The Clockwork Football by mattharvest, on Flickr

1-10-12 Newt Gingrich by mattharvest, on Flickr

(more on both my Tumblr and Flickr)


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