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[PATV] Monday, April 29, 2013 - CheckPoint Season 2, Ep. 46: Ridiculous Cloning

DogDog Registered User, Administrator, Vanilla Staff admin
edited April 2013 in The Penny Arcade Hub

image[PATV] Monday, April 29, 2013 - CheckPoint Season 2, Ep. 46: Ridiculous Cloning

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  • WarmthWarmth Registered User regular
    As per usual, you guys make me laugh my ass off with non-gaming commentary.

  • metroidkillahmetroidkillah Local Bunman Free Country, USARegistered User regular
    Well, we already knew Molyneaux was a troll, so it only makes sense he would empathize with griefers.

    I'm not a nice guy, I just play one in real life.
  • WolvenSpectreWolvenSpectre Saskatchewan, CanadaRegistered User regular
    I knew it was only a matter of time somebody monetized griefing instead of griefing by monetizing.

    Also are you sure its SR4 and not a new game for Idiotcracy ?

    Finally sorry you are wrong... everyone knows all CFL teams are the Roughriders!

  • RABicleRABicle Registered User regular
    edited April 2013
    FUCKEN! Been watching since you guys started this show, probably one of the funniest and least awkward episodes yet! I think the winning combination of Graeme's hangover and Kathleen's cute little hair ringlets over her ears were the key.

    RABicle on
  • bebarcebebarce Registered User regular
    "The only challenge we can see with this, is how difficult it could be to convince the Pizza Hut Delivery Guy to swing by a GOOD pizza place on his way over" Potentially the best line in CheckPoint to date.

  • LuftmenschLuftmensch Registered User regular
    Rad, they brought back /pizza

  • GyralGyral Registered User regular
    "..elected as President because shut up..."
    "...combined to make one great whole (and Florida)."

    These right here. These got me cleaning coffee of of my monitor. Thanks.

  • SiddownSiddown Registered User regular
    I hope that iOS dev forwarded the email on to Apple. Apple has been cracking down on apps that show screenshots that aren't in the app lately.

  • VyolynceVyolynce Registered User regular
    The sheer brilliance of that griefing thing triggered a laughing fit that actually made my wife wonder if I was OK. Kudos, Molyneaux.

    AC:NH Chris from Glosta SW-5173-3598-2899 DA-4749-1014-4697
  • ironzergironzerg Registered User regular
    Holy hell. Next MMO to launch is going to have a cash shop item that doesn't give you an experience bonus, but gives another player an experience penalty. Think you're getting the world's first max level player? Nuh uh! Think of all the cash money people spent to be the first with a legendary in GW2, now imagine that pile is 10x bigger as people buy items to make someone NOT get the world first!

  • enderandrewenderandrew Systems Engineer OmahaRegistered User regular
    The odd thing is that the CFL did in fact have multiple teams with the same name at one point, the Rough Riders, despite having a fairly small league. I'm a little surprised they didn't go with the joke that all the teams are the Rough Riders.

  • hotzphotzp Rochester, NYRegistered User regular
    CheckPoint seems to be hitting its stride, these last few episodes have all been top-notch and entertaining from front to finish.

  • SomeNorCalGuySomeNorCalGuy Registered User regular
    Fun fact about the CFL, me and Canada: I have been to Canada exactly once - to Winnipeg for my ex-in-law's family reunion at Canadian Thanksgiving, which I just learned was a thing. (This was many moons ago when I was still young and dumb in that rural uneducated sense.) I had up until then believed that Canada was entirely populated by cold but polite white people, mostly from my ex-father-in-law, who was Canadian.

    And indeed from the airport to the hotel, nothing but cold and polite white people. And then my wife and I went to take the elevator in the hotel to our room and BAM - 5 giant black guys wearing nice tailored suits and big gold rings. And I hope I didn't come off as an asshole but all I could do was stare at them and go "whoa" because it all of a sudden felt like a game of "which of these things is not like the other."

    Then I find out when we were headed home (when I saw the exact same ring on the guy who was checking us in for our flight home) that they must have been CFL players for [insert name here] who were in town for a game.

    That week I learned three things about Canada: 1.) You guys get your own Thanksgiving 2.) You get your very own National Football League and 3.) You pay your CFL players so shittily that they have to work at the airport and deal with assholes like me all day. My inner 'Merican wanted me to take Canada, tousle its hair, put my arm around its shoulder and say, "you're growing up buddy! You've got your own holiday AND your own football league. Pretty soon you'll be worshiping your sports stars like idols just like your big brother. Some day, buddy, some day."

  • BoardGameBodhisattvaBoardGameBodhisattva Registered User regular
    Great episode!

    And not that anyone gives a crap (especially the LRR folks), but the actual game of CFL football is a better work of game design than American football. You've only got three downs, so you have to play more aggressively, running more passing plays and fewer boring two-yard pileups at the line of scrimmage. You also have to attempt a lot more last-down conversions, which creates a lot of tense moments.

  • enderandrewenderandrew Systems Engineer OmahaRegistered User regular
    @BoardGameBodhisattva - As a big football fan, there are many things I like about Canadian Football, but 3 downs is not it. If you want a pure passing league with no running, there is Arena Football with 63-56 scores and no rushing. But that isn't football.

  • Mr. MaskMr. Mask Registered User regular
    Monetized griefing...? That is hilariously awesome!

  • BoardGameBodhisattvaBoardGameBodhisattva Registered User regular
    @enderandrew - No rushing? That sounds kinda dull. I've never watched it so I can't really pass judgment, but I think I'll stick with CFL, where the threat of the run and the rush are still very much a presence on the field.

  • enderandrewenderandrew Systems Engineer OmahaRegistered User regular
    @BoardGameBodhisattva - Arena is just an extension of what you're pushing for, by needing to get 10 yards in 2 downs (punting on the third) it downplays rushing. You can rush in Arena football as well, but almost no one really does.

    What makes football great is the complexity. Removing a down reduces rushing, which makes defense a lot more simplistic.

    You said rushing for two yards is boring, and you favor removing it. Again, if you want to extend that further, then Arena does precisely that. But it is no longer football.

  • chaos42chaos42 Registered User new member
    now if we could only get the marco's pizza on the ps3 that would work-also marco's pizza is a small chain but their pizza is really good and it reminds me of a few other small name pizza shops i use to eat at before either idiot management or corp. take overs destroyed them. Which is a same because that pizza was really really good

  • urknighterranturknighterrant Soulless Abberation Tallahassee, FLRegistered User regular
    I'm sorry, but three downs sounds like a dreadful idea. No wonder Canadians think football is such a stupid sport. Football is a strategy game, and the core of football's strategy is playing the pass against the run. Take the running game out of the equation and you've pretty much reduced football to an action shooter.

  • BoardGameBodhisattvaBoardGameBodhisattva Registered User regular
    @enderandrew Sorry, it looks like I wasn't clear. I'm not really interested in a game where it's almost all passing (like arena) or almost all ground game (like rugby). A more even mix of the two with an emphasis on passing is my preference. Matter of taste, that's all. If I wanted to watch a ground-centric game, I'd probably watch rugby instead of football. But as you say, that's not football.

    @urknighterrant To me, the essence of strategy lies in meaningful decisions that affect the outcome of the game. In NFL football, on fourth down, the choice is usually not really a choice: you try for a field goal if you're in range, you punt if you're not. You do get occasional exceptions, but generally speaking, there's no meaningful choice to be made, so last down conversion attempts are rare. In CFL football, you're going to be on your last down a LOT, under a wide variety of circumstances. Sometimes you go for the conversion and sometimes you don't, and the other team has to be ready for anything you might try to pull. To me, that feels more strategic, not less.

    Risk management is also more precarious in a CFL game. Turnovers are less common on running plays, so the safe thing to do in an NFL game is usually to just run. I get really bored wathcing run-run-run-punt, run-run-run-punt, etc. The threat of an interception is far more dangerous, so it's best not to try a passing play. Even in CFL games it's very unwise to pass too often. But if you don't take that risk at least some of the time (more often than in NFL games), you can't score. So when do you take the risk and when do you play it safe? The choice is meaningful and therefore strategic.

    Frankly, I suspect this all may have more to do with what we're used to and where our respective nostalgia lies, and not so much to do with actual game design.

  • pulsar52pulsar52 Registered User new member
    Seriously, you guys? I realize you don't like football in general, but if you did your research, you could have made your final joke much more successful by referring to the Roughriders/Rough Riders... (Though the Simpsons and South Park both did that, so maybe not...) Still, I love you all. And I want a CFL game someday. Maybe THQ had a license for that hiding under a rock somewhere, and that would *definitely* be worth some cookies!

  • MinuteWaltMinuteWalt Mister Registered User regular
    Molyneaux is a mad genius. I had a moment of "you awful bastard trolll..ohhhh.... oh f-ck. That's actually evilly awesome." That's pure brilliance. I am awestruck by the simplicity of his master plan, and the patience and composure he held while carrying it out.

    He waited until anyone who would care enough about this project would check it out, and whoever got bored dropped out, keeping a core of players who genuinely wanted to know the "mystery." Whoever kept on doing it would care strongly enough about it to react vehemently to the somewhat combative ftp-demonetization-model ("I'll pay to make these jerks fail because that's hilarious!" vs. "I'm dedicating myself to chip away at this goal... wait, what? You Bastards!") it doesn't matter if they feel one way or the other, the important part is that when this happened they were invested enough in the product to react strongly to it.

    He's pitting early-adopting arthouse & indie fans, most of whom are hardcore gamers and/or simply became invested to witness the long-term "reveal," vs. trolls (for whom preventing players' succeeding is the real meat of the fun) and indie/arthouse fans who got bored waiting for the reveal, realized they might not ever see it, thought this was the ultimate troll by Molyneaux, and then turned to the dark side and are dedicated to show the "revealers" the error of their ways.

  • TheSchaefTheSchaef Registered User regular
    I kept waiting for Kathleen to reveal that SHE was in the CFL, and then proceed to tackle Graham out of his anchor chair for his insolence.

    But yes, Molyneaux has been the one designer who actually piqued my interest in purchasing freemium content for a social game... and not in the way most people would like. My inner troll laments the emptiness of my outer wallet, but the world is a saner place for it.

  • metroidkillahmetroidkillah Local Bunman Free Country, USARegistered User regular
    MinuteWalt wrote: »
    Molyneaux is a mad genius. I had a moment of "you awful bastard trolll..ohhhh.... oh f-ck. That's actually evilly awesome." That's pure brilliance. I am awestruck by the simplicity of his master plan, and the patience and composure he held while carrying it out.

    At first, I thought you words were silliness. But then I remembered (I think) that Molyneaux announced his project as a social experiment. Well, there you go. This could not possibly be a better environment for observing the behavior of people.

    I'm not a nice guy, I just play one in real life.
  • trevoracioustrevoracious Registered User regular
    Especially lolsy episode.

  • Gumba MastaGumba Masta Registered User regular
    I just want to say that I love Ms DeVeere's Hairstyle.

  • Just_OnceJust_Once Registered User regular
    If you are Canadian (and not from Montreal, Quebec) your CFL team sucks and that's why you never heard of the players.

    Also : 2 teams called Roughriders. No one here is making a joke. There were actually 2 teams with the same name in a league comprised of (now) 8 teams altogether. Fuck me, fuck us. This is why we can't have nice things.

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