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Alien Intervention- Webcomic Idea

LethalHippoLethalHippo Registered User new member
I've always loved webcomics and have read them for years. I've been learning and practicing art recently, and decided I should try my hand at my own comic. I've spent the past month+ coming up with ideas, most of which were either overdone or I simply didn't have the motivation to create. I recently stumbled upon an idea while reading the comic Owly (I know it's for children.) I started drawing up ideas, and finally came up with an extremely simple idea, Alien Intervention. The comic is based around a pair of aliens. The entire comic will revolve around these two aliens staring at a viewscreen trained on the earth, watching basic human actions. The aliens will spend the entire time communicating with each other, although not in words. I plan on designing a pseudo-language (it will have letters and different ideas that can be translated directly to English as opposed to the language having a meaning in itself, if that makes any sense) and the aliens will spend the entire time communicating in that language. The idea is that readers would need to figure out how to understand the alien language, and I feel it would be an interesting exercise in human intuition.

I'll likely have a sample strip up soon, so you can see what I mean. If it sounds really stupid, then get your pitchforks ready. I really want to create something new instead of the same old comics we usually get.


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    Please read the rules. Have art ready before you make a new thread.

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