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Strip Search - Sketch for Tips



  • El_FunkoEl_Funko Perth, AustraliaRegistered User regular
    edited April 2013
    "There's all these dickheads... walkin' around doin' shit... with my shit."
    - Abby, 2013

    I'm really looking forward to seeing an artist working with physical media up against a digital comic. Not to mention the first meeting of #teamtangent and Mike.

    I can't wait 'till the next episode. This is bullshit. Time sucks.

    El_Funko on
  • YllanesYllanes Registered User regular
    Lavidius wrote: »
    Man, this was a rough challenge to win. Tavis had nothing to go off of, which I feel meant that whatever he did would be perceived as strategy. It would have been more interesting if they'd told him the totals and let him decide whether or not to break from those, though that probably would have tied his hands more (since any departure would have been viewed as strategizing).

    I disagree, from the information that we have there was almost as much difference between Tavis and the second placed ($17), than from her to the last ($21). So the last places were probably too close for the points to have much meaning. Furthermore, we are midway through the competition, so I think basing his decision on all the challenges and not just the last one would have made sense even if he had the full standings.

  • ArenowArenow Registered User regular
    Loved the episode, very fun stuff, nice to see the artists being artists and being fun people at the same time. I really liked Maki, he seemed to enjoy himself there.
    Damn, Lexxy. This ain't no game for you anymore, is it? I almost was on #TeamLexxy back at the beginning, but she's getting cold as ice since her "resurrection".

    About the next episode, I'm very exited for it. I really think Abby can make it, if she just gets the confidence for it. I wouldn't mind Erika winning though, I love her work.

  • TheKeckTheKeck Registered User regular
    edited April 2013
    I'm another who was disappointed they didn't tell who came in last place and what all the totals were. I believe Tavis should have had access to that info. Silly for him to unknowingly pick 2nd and 3rd place.

    TheKeck on
  • ArbitraryDescriptorArbitraryDescriptor Registered User regular
    TheKeck wrote: »
    I'm another who was disappointed they didn't tell who came in last place and what all the totals were. I believe Tavis should have had access to that info. Silly for him to unknowingly pick 2nd and 3rd place.
    I suspect they've realized at this point that telling the winner who the losers were simply results in the judges picking the two for elimination. If that's what they wanted, they wouldn't give the winner a choice.

  • DexOZDexOZ Registered User regular
    edited April 2013
    So many lols, great ep, loved Khoo's trolling and how Maki and Lexxy both sent him on errands, a tip from the con-veteran's handbook maybe? And Monica's dick-ab's ... win!

    Grats to Tavis on the win. Also, was kinda thinking they might deduct the value of stolen merch from their totals, would've added a wicked twist.

    Two Thunderdome Fledglings, Team-Tangent versus AmErika-Sans-Am, who will win!!

    DexOZ on
  • MKF36EMKF36E Untitled EarthRegistered User regular
    Erika is a super sweet awesome person, who should have left the competition a long time ago, as harsh as that sounds. Abby is a scrapper, trying to make her way in the world, Erika is an established presence in that world. I'm sorry, and feel kind of crummy saying it, but yeah. I hope Abby wins. Just to have to make Tavis eat humble pie.

  • hazardousindexhazardousindex Registered User regular
    Gabe vs Tangent! Gabe vs Tangent!

  • El_FunkoEl_Funko Perth, AustraliaRegistered User regular
    edited April 2013
    I suspect they've realized at this point that telling the winner who the losers were simply results in the judges picking the two for elimination. If that's what they wanted, they wouldn't give the winner a choice.
    Yeah I liked that they purposely didn't tell Tavis the results. It was too much of a crutch to get out of a tough decision by saying "Well I just picked who the judges said performed the worst."
    MKF36E wrote: »
    Erika is a super sweet awesome person, who should have left the competition a long time ago, as harsh as that sounds. Abby is a scrapper, trying to make her way in the world, Erika is an established presence in that world. I'm sorry, and feel kind of crummy saying it, but yeah. I hope Abby wins. Just to have to make Tavis eat humble pie.
    I completely agree - Abby needed to go to the elimination this round. I don't want her to get knocked out, but I really want to see her prove herself in a Strip Showdown. I thought Tavis' reasoning was rational and fair... right up until the last clip where it sounds like he chose Erika to crush Abby under her fashionable boot and return unscathed.

    I mean, the "free sketch" sign was a good enough reason as any, but at the same time my paranoid mind starts wondering. Was his last comment merely an editing room trick? Part of a longer explanation that was less biased about each artist's chances of coming back? The producers have said several times that they didn't purposely manufacture drama in the editing room. I don't know what to think. I'm just oh my god right now hurry up Friday.

    I hope Abby crushes it.

    El_Funko on
    TheSpyderemarecksaykayA Concerned CitizenBuchoMKF36E
  • NotaCylonNotaCylon Consultant - UN Las CrucesRegistered User regular
    I'm not through it all yet, but not only did Monica perform precisely opposite to how I thought she would, she managed to draw a penis on Robert Khoo and get him to pay her for it. She wins on that alone. She wins everything. Name something. She wins it.

    This yes. So much this.

    DeimiraheeremaA Concerned Citizenrisingtablethere'saforum?Bucho
  • DevoninDevonin Registered User regular
    I was really not a fan of the shoplifting/trolling in this challenge. At an actual con, several of them would have been ejected from the convention, and a couple of them would have been arrested. I mean, if the challenge is "this is a con, you're at a con" then sure, throw all the bad kinds of people at them too, but at an actual con, there are staff, security, cameras, someone they could actually bring over and say "This guy stole from my booth get him out of here"

    Making them be pleasant and cheerful with someone they just saw stealing has nothing to do with the actual con experience.

    Also not a fan of making Tavis pick blindly for elimination. They've always picked based on their perception of how other people did, and in this particular case, he had no way to tell how anybody else was doing. They should have either been taping everyone and let him review it, or had the judges fill out some kind of ranking, or at least tell him the standings. I know that the going theory is that they were getting tired of the winner hiding behind the judge rankings, but at least with Skate Decks and the Booth designs, the winner could look themselves at the actual production to make their choice.

    As for elimination. Abby was due. We're at the point now where "consistently middle-of-the-pack" is actually the worst performance out of everybody left. With Erika, I'm actually surprised with all the trolling that was going on, that Khoo didn't ask for a sketch, get charged, point to the sign, and then when she presumably would have given him his sketch for free and then taken the sign down, gone around telling everybody in the con that he got a free sketch and everyone else had to pay. I was really disappointed that they let that go, especially since they gave everyone time at the beginning to adjust their booth before they opened the doors.

    Totally okay with the elimination picks.

  • Korbei83Korbei83 Registered User regular
    Although I'm a huge #TeamTangent supporter, Tavis was right. It's time for Abby to wrestle with the wolves. She's the last of my top three to face elimination. Will she be the first to fall? Stay tuned chidrens!

    (Go Abby go!)

  • xdeathknightxxdeathknightx Registered User regular
    Reading the comments about what Tavis said about Erika, I must say that I didn't feel what a number of other people have said. I didn't feel like he said "Oh Erika is going to win this" but that he meant "Erika is a good artist and is quick on her feet so she has a good chance of making it back" (just like Abby). It looked like what he said about Abby might have been edited out. I don't think he feels there will be a clear winner before it started, and that it might have been edited this way for a little extra drama. (For example there was footage of him pondering at the house while the decision was made at the venue. So there has been some editing for drama/feels going on)
    I don't know Tavis personally, but he doesn't come across as someone who sends someone up to work on their confidence knowing full well that the other person he's sending up against them is so much better in his opinion. I do feel like he really thinks she has a chance.

    As for the reason for picking Erika: He really had nothing to go on; when you are busy with drawing and interacting you can't just keep tabs on how everyone was doing. You can't really send people in because they didn't do as well at racing. So he needed a reason. And when you get no information besides that you have won, something that irked you that day might become a reason. Is it a great reason? No. But it is a reason. And like he said when everyone left is a great artist and you get no info you have to make a decision somehow. I think the fact that Erika hasn't been up for elimination yet might have played a role as well. It is the best chance to show that you really belong on the show.
    To be honest I would have no idea who to send up. Normally there is one or two stripsearchers I felt didn't do as well as the rest, but today was just really hard to really find something in the challenge.

    emarecksaykayA Concerned Citizen
  • SovietCrashSovietCrash Registered User regular
    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, hopefully Erika can survive the elimination and come back to the house, shes epic :)

  • Dark Raven XDark Raven X The woods are lovely dark and deepRegistered User regular
    Oh no

    This elimination is a no win situation.

    But c'mon Abby you got them jokes son, bring the a-game and don't try and out-art-Erika, just make the funniest fucking thing ever

    And miles to go before I sleep.
  • oz_in_exileoz_in_exile Registered User regular
    This was a good challenge because of the hands-on experience it gives of running a booth and interacting with fans. That having been said, I felt that Erika should have crushed everyone else. She's the one with the most experience after all, and out of all of the other challenges, that should have made a big difference on this one. Tavis absolutely made the right choice in selecting her, but not because of some signage that she forgot to take down once the competition started. I've been waiting for Erika to 'step up' during this whole thing - to take control and be the Alpha of the pack - and for the most part, she hasn't. Hopefully an elimination challenge will be what it takes to wake her up. Guess we'll see on Friday.

    Abby. Ah yes, Abby. Whelp, I'm gonna get hit for this, but here it goes. First, let me start by saying that I purposefully haven't read any of the artists' strips yet. Mostly, this is because I don't want to have it coloring how I see them on this show. After everything is said and done, I'll be checking out all of their websites because I truly want to see what they have to offer. that's out of the way, I can say this: I have never warmed up to Abby. I find that she's coming across on the show as annoying and immature (and not really that funny). I can't say as to whether that's an editing issue or what, but it's been my consistent opinion of her since almost the beginning. I can only assume then that she is extremely talented to have made it to the show at all. She has steadily been in the middle of this competition though and that has finally caught up with her. Tavis did the right thing here as well and this time, he did it for the right reason. It's obvious that Abby has a lot of passion about winning this competition, but she is going to have to step up big time and not just talk the talk.

    It's so strange to think that this competition is actually finished and we're all Johnny-Come-Lately to the party. It's got to be hard as hell on the contestants to just sit by and watch all of this idle chatter to a conclusion that they know...and have known for quite some time now.

    A Concerned Citizen
  • DeimirDeimir Registered User regular
    Bahaha, I wonder if Mike's been sitting on that white-out, just waiting for Abby's turn at elimination to fix the tangent.

    So after this Friday's episode, Monica will be the only one in the house to not know what the elimination rounds are like, unless they've been talking about them off-screen.

    @Notacylon I agree, Monica's "dick move" was great. For a while there Lexxi was really my choice to win, but over the past couple weeks I think I've converted to a total Monica fan.

    Time off: done. Hotel: ??? Travel: ??? Badges: ???
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    emarecksaykayA Concerned Citizen
  • rathwolfrathwolf Registered User regular
    Prediction: We get to the elimination and the two topics pulled are TANGENT and SEX. Who wins?

    emarecksaykayA Concerned CitizenempathDexOZTofystedethelectricsheepnerfherderhanfraggykedinikshiser
  • b0bb33z3rb0bb33z3r Registered User new member
    Erika hugging Lexxy was surreal.

    A Concerned CitizenrorymacleodAffrayerKoopahTroopahTeeSeaJayTofystedethBaravisfraggy
  • emarecksaykayemarecksaykay Registered User regular
    I'm not sure how funny Erika really is, to be honest. I'm sure she can turn in some good work in 90 minutes, but will it make Mike and Jerry laugh? I really don't know.

    Abby, on the other hand, is hilarious. Mike is going to give her all kinds of grief for her tangents, but I think if she can manage to not second guess herself, she'll produce something pretty funny. Time might be an issue.

    It's hard to really pick a winner, here. This is the first one where I don't have a reasonable guess. I think it'll be interesting to watch, but perhaps a bit of a train wreck. For what it's worth, I hope Abby wins. It always struck me as odd that Erika (who has had plenty of success already) was even on the show, and I love Abby's comic. Plus hey, Amy and Erika can be together again.

    -mrxak, OMEGANAUT '09
    (You just say the letters)
    TinklesA Concerned CitizenPsykomaMKF36EBucho
  • goehlegoehle Registered User regular
    Khoo was having *way* too much fun.

    A Concerned Citizenempathrisingtable
  • aheeremaaheerema Registered User new member
    Here's my spitballin...

    I think that they should’ve continued to provide the results of the competitive challenges to the artists.

    1. It shows the artists themselves the areas they need to work on, or areas where they are better than they perceive themselves to be.

    2. It provides a non-dramatic metric for elimination choices.

    3. If it’s about finding the best new webcomic, why wouldn’t they use the judges’ opinions?

    Providing the results doesn’t bind the winner to picking the loser of that particular challenge. Maybe the winner considers one of the previous challenges to be a more critical skill set and eliminates based on a previous challenge.

    I'm wondering if the next poll addresses whether or not the results of the competitive challenge should be given to the winner...

  • Korbei83Korbei83 Registered User regular
    edited April 2013
    aheerema wrote: »
    Here's my spitballin...
    I think that they should’ve continued to provide the results of the competitive challenges to the artists.
    1. It shows the artists themselves the areas they need to work on, or areas where they are better than they perceive themselves to be.
    2. It provides a non-dramatic metric for elimination choices.
    3. If it’s about finding the best new webcomic, why wouldn’t they use the judges’ opinions?

    -The contestants don't need to hear the negative feedback. They can watch the episodes too.
    -Declaring a loser undermines the winner's own responsibility to choose themselves. What's the point of putting the burden on them if you've laid out the answer for them?
    -Ultimately it does not matter. It all comes down to Mike and Jerry and nothing else.

    Korbei83 on
    A Concerned Citizenrisingtable
  • Finnish_LineFinnish_Line Registered User regular
    After watching this morning I knew when I got to work I was in for 50 comments in the thread about how the lack of info for Tavis was completely unfair.

    Just relax, people. It doesn't matter. Let contestants choose who they want without being shackled to the latest extremely close challenge. Tavis destroyed everyone, including Erika and Abby. It was just as fair to have them go in as anybody else who didn't win, more so because they've yet to be tested in the arena.

    Good episode. Khoo and Straub were really funny.

    A Concerned Citizenthere'saforum?
  • LampLamp Registered User regular
    edited April 2013
    Totally agree with the people who are happy the judges didn't color Tavis' selection. It's ridiculous to act like he has "nothing to go on." Frankly, he has a whole week of performances by all the artists to go on. I understand this challenge was different in that the winner couldn't directly observe how the others were handling themselves, but in most of the challenges telling the artist who to pick gets them off the hook completely. They ignore their own opinion in favor of someone else's quirky opinion, which frankly is not any more objective in some cases than drawing out of a hat. I love Khoo and the Sadsads and all the other PA folks but why would I want to give them undue influence on the outcome of the competition?

    Lamp on
    A Concerned Citizenempath
  • MonkeyKing1969MonkeyKing1969 Library Man Cape CodRegistered User regular
    Its hard not to like everyone on this show. I think everything so far has been a huge gift to these artists, and they all seem to know the experience is invaluable. I know people try to view this through the lens of a reality show, but my guess is the artists within a few days figured out that everyone was cool, that no 'ringers' or 'pot stirrers' were in the house...yet the game had to be played. I've actually had some nice interactions with some of the artist, so I think they are all great.

    I'm glad Erika and Abby will have the experience of Mike and Jerry. The next show will be awesome.

    CrowlestonLampA Concerned Citizenempath
  • ElbasunuElbasunu Registered User regular
    I liked this episode.

    Steam ID: Obos Vent: Obos
  • rorymacleodrorymacleod Registered User new member
    I would love to see Abby tippex out her tangent just to redraw the shoulder actually touching the chin. "How do you like that tangent, Mike!?"

  • Gnomeland SecurityGnomeland Security Registered User regular
    omg! Monica so wins at anti-trolling robert!

    A Concerned CitizenempathrisingtableEricStrattonfraggy
  • mcpmcp Registered User regular
    I'm am so looking forward to Mike / Abby banter in the next episode.


    That being said, still on team Erika.

  • JayeEmmJayeEmm Registered User regular
    edited April 2013
    Khoo's "I am disappoint" face after Monica drew the dick on him was comedy gold.

    Nice gesture by Erika S. to ask Lexxy for a hug.

    Really looking forward to the banter in the elimination round. I like both Abby and Erika but I feel like Abby needs the validation more. I hope she kills it.

    JayeEmm on
  • A Concerned CitizenA Concerned Citizen Registered User regular
    I was really hoping this elimination would be similar to last weeks where the artists, and the creators all seemed to just have a good time go with the flow and enjoy it while it lasted. Abby and Erika both seem extremely nervous, and while that is understandable it really was enjoyable to see Amy and Maki so loose and willing to interact with each-other and Mike and Jerry.
    I hope the preview is wrong about both having a seeming lack of confidence and that they both enjoy their time regardless of who goes back to the house.
    This is the first time I haven't had a preference between the two as while I like both and enjoy both of their work they have always been in the middle of the "Who I want to win." pack.

  • michaeldemossmichaeldemoss Shreveport, LARegistered User regular
    Nooooo! OMG my two favorite artists are up for elimination! I totally don't know who to root for.

  • NaClNaCl Registered User regular
    Will it be possible to top Jerry's comic smoothy from last week's elimination? God I hope so.

  • fullofgracefullofgrace Registered User regular
    I'm also glad that the judges didn't provide feedback or give away the 'losers' of the con challenge. Penny Arcade is looking for the best all-around artist. At this point in the competition the stack rankings should be by overall performance not just how someone did in one challenge. But time and again each winner seemed to fall into the same pattern of using the judges' reviews to essentially put the decision of who to send to the Thunderdome on someone else. Which don't get me wrong -- I understand that they like each other and feel really badly having to send someone away. Given that option, I would probably find myself doing the same thing to feel less guilty. But using the results of just one competition isn't a fair representation of a person or their work as a whole so the contestants had to sort of be 'forced' to stop making choices that way.

    I'm jessageek on Twitter and Tumblr
    PAX East Pics: 2010-2015 & Vids: 2012-2015
  • VerticalEventVerticalEvent Registered User regular
    It's not the first time that we lacked the Judges feedback to pick out the "losers" of a competition - the previous day, at the con, they didn't seem to provide Monica with whose booth was "the worst" either. It works better this way, since it means the winner has to choose on some metric (either on the challenge, previous challenges, how well they do in the house, etc.).

    Though, I felt Tavis's reason for picking Erika because of her signage the previous day was kind of lame, especially when he went on to say he didn't want to play any reality TV show strategies. He had a good reason to pick Abby, though.

  • mcpmcp Registered User regular
    Monica drawing a dick on Khoo is one of the best things to happen on this show.

    empathJohn the SkrullJayeEmmrisingtableElfWordTeeSeaJayFalxb0bb33z3rSomeNorCalGuyMKF36EfullofgraceArbitraryDescriptorfraggymiaAusa
  • lavonialavonia Registered User regular
    It was a good episode. I do think, as someone else suggested, Tavis should have had access to know at least who was third and second before choosing for the elimination round. I think Erika probably will pull out a win on the next one, we'll see.

  • DashXeroDashXero Registered User regular
    They should have been hiding challenge rankings all along! No more hiding behind the sickening facade of fairness!

  • WangchangbackupWangchangbackup Registered User regular
    I loved the Mirror World meeting between Erika and Lexxy. You fools! THAT HUG COULD'VE DESTROYED THE UNIVERSE!

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