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Welcome to the Writer's Block! (NEW USERS, PLEASE READ THIS FIRST!)

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Hello! Welcome! We are very glad to see you here, Mr. New User. Are you a writer? Awesome! We love writers! Are you just a guy who wants to hang around other writers? Awesome! We love those people, too!

We actually love most people. We're a very agreeable sort. And because we love you, we want to give you some tips on how to best make use of our forum.

We only have a few hard and fast rules here. They include the following:

- Do not post fan-fiction. You may be a brilliant writer and your take on Bella and Edward might move us to tears. You may have a really great story set in the Starcraft universe. There are places on the internet that are perfect for your fan-fic, but this isn't one of them, sorry.

- Do not post erotica. Our forum is for people age 13 and up, and we don't want to deal with the legal issue of posting pornographic material where the kiddies can see. This doesn't mean your work can't have any sex or violence, but we know erotica when we see it. You may also want to throw in a NSFW tag if you think your work warrants it.

- Do not post links to your work. If you want us to read and crit your work, we want your work to be where we can see it. If your work is long, there's nothing wrong with putting up an excerpt. We just ask that the work you want us to look at is contained in the body of your post. Yeah, the forums kind of eat up formatting and crap it out. It's a bummer. You get used to it, though.

- If you're posting your work, you're posting for feedback. Sorry, but no "Here's my work, aren't I awesome, kthxbi!" posts. If you post it in these forums, it's fair game for criticism. And really, that's the point of this, right? To get better at what you do? We have some great writers here, and they will give you some utterly fantastic feedback. Trust me on this one. The exception to this rule is the Writers Showcase thread, stickied at the top of the forum. Feel free to post links to your work for all the world to see, and bask in the glory of uncritical attention. As a corollary, please make sure your work is ready for other eyes before you post. Works-in-progress are fine if you want some mid-project feedback, but please at least clean up spelling and grammar before giving us a peek.

- If you want to post your work, create a new thread for it. It's customary, though not required, to put the genre and word count of your piece in the thread title. Something like, "This is My Awesome Lawn Gnome Story [Contemporary Fantasy, 2500 words]" Look and see what we have here, and you'll get a feel for how we roll.

- All the other rules that exist forum-wide still apply here. Mostly, this boils down to "Don't be an ass." If you're cool with us, we'll be cool with you.

Those are the rules. But there's other information that may be of use to you. Such as:

- Some writing forums require that you have a minimum post history before you can post a story of your own. We don't do that here - you can show up and post the entirety of your 200k word epic fantasy novel if you want. But. You might not get much use out of that. Shorter works will get more readers than longer works. Nothing wrong with an excerpt! Give us a few thousand words that show off the feel of a longer piece, let us know what you're trying to do. Often, that'll be enough for our members to give you some good feedback.

- We are big on community. Most of our traffic goes into our chat thread (hint: it's the one with "chat" in the title), because we like to, you know, chat. About whatever. What it's like being a writer, some of our techniques, what we had for lunch that day, whatever. People are more likely to give feedback for a friend than a stranger. Come hang out with us. You might find that once we start to like you, we're more likely to read what you post. We are also more likely to read what you post if you read what we post, and give us feedback on our own works. Tit for tat, you know?

Mostly, we're pretty laid back. Be excellent to us, and we'll be excellent to you. And if you have any questions about anything, I am more than happy to answer them! Just shoot me a PM and I'll do my best.

So again: Welcome to The Writer's Block, and we hope you enjoy your stay!

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