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[Dungeons and Dragons: Neverwinter] It might have become Winter.



  • GoodKingJayIIIGoodKingJayIII Registered User regular
    Anyone still playing this? I hit 70 on my paladin and am finding that I really need some people to play with.

    I'm on PS4, id is in my sig.

    Battletag: Threeve#1501
    PSN: Threeve703
  • BeryllineBerylline One Tiara to rule them all Registered User regular
    I don't play this game, but I ended up with a code for an Enthusiast Pack and in-game title: Guardian of Gauntlgrym. So, it's free for the taking!

    Steam - Berylline * Twitch - BerryBea - Tuesdays & Thursdays at 9 PM Eastern
    Claw ShrimpElvenshae
  • ironzergironzerg Registered User regular
    I don't care what Tycho says, you're a gentleman and a scholar, @berylline.

    Yep...coming up on four years in Neverwinter for me, if you count beta...still kicking. But thanks for the code. Just wanted to let you know it'll be well-used.

    Proud member of Unrepentant Gaming! Pantless gaming at its finest.
    Check us out in Neverwinter.

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