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Looking for two books

TheNomadicCircleTheNomadicCircle Registered User, __BANNED USERS regular
Rather one stand alone book (I think) and 1 series or two separate series. In any case if someone might know about this and could direct me to the title or the author's of the book I'd be grateful. I've read these series way in the past and would like to again but I don't remember them. They are in English mind you.

The first series/book:

It was a 3 series book (I think) focusing on an African character who was some sort of hero going about trying to save the world with a Sindbad sort of character and one other. I remember a passage where they sat in a Djinn's house but they were trapped while sitting there. I think the African character was some sort of Magician who was a descendant of a long lost race of Magicians in a Savannah sort of setting.

The second series/book:

This book/series focused on the world after the defeat of the big evil guy and the world was getting destroyed because they lost the balance between good and evil and the victory of good was destroying the world. Again it was a cast of various characters including, I think, a black knight who was reanimated. I only remember the end when the evil starts pouring out of a mountain where they fought the final battle and the good guys fleeing as evil is released to save the world.

I hope someone can remember or help me because they were pretty memorable books from my youth.


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    jjae2123jjae2123 Registered User regular
    the second series reminds me of the mistborn trilogy a little bit

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    taliosfalcontaliosfalcon Registered User regular
    edited May 2013
    I'm pretty sure the second is villains by necessity
    It's a great book but tricky to find now.

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