Finally love drawing.

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So I've been through working with a Wacom Intuous, and a Wacom Bamboo trying to draw but the idea of drawing on a surface while staring at another surface while trying to make an illustration look right drove me to the point of giving up on what I love; A Cintiq was well out of my price range thanks to recently having a child; Then Mike posted his praises about the MS Surface Pro; with a lot of gushing about the surface on my part my family and my amazing wife got together and bought me it for my birthday. This is the first thing I have fully completed on it; also the first image I have fully completed since I've been born. It's the first time I legitimately think I can post something I've drawn without hating it more than anyone else could possibly hate it. I'm proud of it and my Wife thinks it's amazing; that being said I am not moronic and I realize both me and my wife are seeing the finished product through rose colored glasses. That's why I am here; honest opinions and critiques will only help me get better as I have had no formal education in art.


Also this is the first place I ever posted any of my art a long....long time ago, I have long since forgotten that username but I remember great responses back then and I hope for the same. I also have a larger resolution if anyone is interested.

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