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Strip Search - Elimination #7



  • NavyBeanNavyBean Registered User regular
    New espadrille please!

  • wahaywahay Your Handicapped Hero Cincinnati, USARegistered User regular
    Damn it, PA-TV! Quit blue-balling me!

    "Sorry ladies, I give my everything to Sallie Mae."
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  • electricitylikesmeelectricitylikesme Registered User regular
    I'm in Bulgaria right now and had to spoil myself on this episode since I don't have enough internet to watch it at the moment.

    Sucks that Monica is gone - her webcomic has really grown on me, and is probably the only searcher's that I've been showing to other people.

  • A Concerned CitizenA Concerned Citizen Registered User regular
    Withdrawals... must hit reload,,,,

  • Agent0fN0thingAgent0fN0thing Registered User regular
    Much later than we usually see these episodes. Maybe Graham and Kathleen are engaging in furious, last-minute edits.

  • SeriouslySeriously Registered User regular
    just graham by himself actually

  • Angry_SamoanAngry_Samoan Now with 20% more mange... Registered User regular
    Wow... even The Order of the Stick updated today. I wonder if there are issues with YouTube...

    "The history of all sports is to cheat whenever possible."- Tony Kornheiser
  • seegruseegru Master of None St. PaulRegistered User regular
    Always leave them wanting more....

  • SassoriSassori Registered User regular
    Graham tweeted saying that he was working on it.

    A Concerned CitizenHipsterSlenderAngry_SamoanHomersanAnana11Agent0fN0thing
  • Agent0fN0thingAgent0fN0thing Registered User regular
    Delays happen, and for the fact that we get all of this gratis, I can live with it. And did somebody say that OoTS updated today? IT'S LIKE CHRISTMAS IN MAY!

  • MekkaBMekkaB Registered User regular
    Delays happen, and for the fact that we get all of this gratis, I can live with it.

    Word booty THIS. Graham, there's a Phillips Hop Circle/Amnesiac on me for your efforts, next time.

    /even though I give you isht about your screen time.
    //or maybe BECAUSE of it. Either way. Great beer.

  • SpiritfireSpiritfire Brookfield, WIRegistered User regular
    edited May 2013
    I've wondered what the reason was for putting up the video at around midnight Pacific. It's not exactly a time when a lot of people can view it. Capacity isn't likely an issue because it is Youtube and you'd figure people wouldn't have to burn the midnight oil on bot sides if there's a unexpected delay. Psychological pleasure similar to waiting in line for a midnight movie opening or a game release, perhaps?

    Oh, and I was showing my viewing partner (aka the wife) Monica's comics and was really surprised she didn't go with humor. If I had a hack at it, I'd make some dumb joke about T-Rexes being the feared creatures of the time because they acted out (violently) for not being able to put on roller skates like the other dinos on account of their short arms. Yes, I know it's played out and other dinosaurs would have just as hard as a time, but it looked funny in my head.

    Edit: Complete your sentences and thoughts, man...

    Spiritfire on
  • ZhayneZhayne Registered User regular
    Hmmm...on Twitter, Kathleen mentioned Graham worked (and is still working) 17 hours straight on the episode. That is some serious dedication.

    HanClintoAngry_SamoanjdarksunElbasunuA Concerned CitizenHipsterSlenderAzamino
  • parmeisanparmeisan Registered User regular
    shiser wrote: »
    erom wrote: »
    It's also worth pointing out that Seattle isn't a cheap city - $15,000 even before tax is tough to live on. $15,000 is live with roomates, pack your lunch every day, eat ramen regularly kind of money in a city like that.

    A kickstarter is still a reasonable move if you want enough money to start your own thing, and not have to take commissions to make ends meet.

    $15,000 is just starter money. It's not to live on. This isn't $15,000 and a vacation in Seattle. You get $15,000 to help with your move, to buy tools or supplies, servers, whatever, and then you WORK for a year with Penny Arcade teaching you how to make money off of your webcomic (and presumably you're successful at it with their support) plus their help with marketing you. The point is you're supposed to be able to use this as a launching point for a full-time comic making career. It's like any prospective businessperson dipping into personal savings a bit until their business becomes profitable. PA is just giving the winner that extra money to help ends meet until things take off.

    There's nothing wrong with a winner or finalist seeking additional funding on top of the $15,000, but it does seem a little weird considering how valuable the final prize is in terms of apprenticeship, the free office space, and access to PA staff. If you can't make ends meet with $15,000 and all of that to help your business, you're really not using the opportunity very effectively. Penny Arcade apparently thinks $15,000 is plenty when added to whatever money they'll be able to make at comics, and they would probably know, right?
    with Penny Arcade teaching you how to make money off of your webcomic

    You realize this could literally be the advice they're teaching her? "Yeah, Kickstarter is a great way to market your stuff, you can really use it as a launching point for a full-time comic making career!"

    Not saying this us evidence that she won, obviously, just that it's certainly not evidence she didn't. The PA folk are all about the Kickstarter these days; it's a great tool to launch into something you otherwise wouldn't have the resources to do and Strip Search is an example starting you right in the face. Given Lexxy's particular situation (doesn't have an established strip, has grand visions for what she'd want to do given the resources) it would not shock me at all for that to be their first advice...

    Given what Erika has said about what happened for her after she was eliminated (ie, that she got to talk to Khoo about business), I would assert that comments about how Lexxy's kickstarter reeks of Khoo's business savvy serve significantly better as evidence that she didn't win. Since there isn't a winner yet. But I can go with the theory that Khoo talked to the two proto-winners as well before sending them off for 7 months, which would mean that we can learn precisely nothing.

  • parmeisanparmeisan Registered User regular
    Oh, and I wanted to say this regarding my previous thoughts on the contestant's chances:
    I may have underestimated Maki. So far I had seen a) what he produced in the show, b) some of his quick sketches about Strip Search and a handful of his recent pages, and c) his earliest work. But then I tried reading his page backwards from the most recent stuff, and I find it much more to my taste than I thought I did. So, my estimation of his ability to produce funny work in 90 minutes has increased. So what happens if I put him down as the suspected winner against Katie? Not much, I guess, since I still predict that Abby would win against either. But it makes me more interested to see Katie vs Maki. And more appreciative of him and his sense of humour.

    Really, at this point (as others have said) I would be happy with a win from anybody. Actually, I think I would have been happy with a win from anybody right from the start. Really, any single one of these artists. I think it's just that the longer we have to get to know them via the show, the more we appreciate them.

    A Concerned CitizenAgent0fN0thingFuzzyFuzzkin
  • Agent0fN0thingAgent0fN0thing Registered User regular
    @Parmeisan I know! From the beginning, I have found that, even though I have a rooting interest in #TEAMBEARDWALL, I love watching all of these artists push their limits to make something amazing, and they have all emerged as better cartoonists for their experiences. Frankly, I love watching them all win!

  • RicciardiVFXRicciardiVFX Registered User regular
    edited May 2013
    17 hours is average in the world of film/tv/graphics/media haha

    RicciardiVFX on
  • parmeisanparmeisan Registered User regular
    I was about to say that I hope that what happened here is that Graham finally decided to get some sleep. But then I checked to see if anything more was posted on Twitter, and FYI:

    Graham Stark ‏@Graham_LRR 9m
    #StripSearch should have been up hours ago, and it’s completely my fault that it wasn’t. The issue has been fixed and it will be up soon.

    ... Not that I can say I'm entirely disappointed that I'll get to watch the show sooner, but Graham, take care of yourself!

  • bubbaholybubbaholy Registered User regular
    Withholding an episode, mistake or not, is a serious human rights violation! I'm kidding... but refresh refresh refresh

  • xdeathknightxxdeathknightx Registered User regular
    I see that it is up on youtube. I would like to thank Graham for all his hard work to make sure we get to see this. And no this isn't sarcastic but I really mean it.

  • parmeisanparmeisan Registered User regular
    Yeah, I think that means he was up & working hard for about 24 hours getting this to us. Go Graham!

  • WeaselsoupWeaselsoup Registered User regular
    edited May 2013
    I don't really get Lexxy's comic - did the little skatesaurs grow up to be the ones at the end after eating the kids? or was it a general invasion? Also, people always say 'well it would have been the same with goblins/barbie dolls/courgettes' about involvement of theme, so, that wrt level of involvement of skates. I realise that not getting it is on me, anyway, it's obv given people pleasure so it's cool.

    Reminded me of one of Calvin's fantasies, anyway, especially the one where the dinosaurs in the playground gobble up the children like sweets, starting with the ones at the top of the slide - 'how ironic that they had pushed and fought each other to be there'. so it has been interesting seeing the C&H discussion on this thread.

    not really bothered about levels of finishedness and polish - the 90 minutes is an arbitrary thing, so long as you meet deadlines, what does the speed matter in this professional life?

    re 'tight competition' - sure, it would be more diplomatic to say 'they seem to have been quicker this time, perhaps they're getting more used to making hard decisions'. Just like it would have been more tactful of Amy not to say 'I was pulling my punches'. But how difficult must it be to have everything you say on camera? I reckon there ought to be more tact/PR type tests on this like the Twitter test. How good are they at knowing what image they're putting out, etc. (whether or not it bears any relation to their real personalities).

    It is a subtle but unmistakeable thing, this 'personal brand'. Like how Monica being 'sassy' at Mike felt, to me, forced and uncomfortable, whereas Abby doing it was hilarious and real.

    re Kickstarter, launching one is something I'd expect the winner to do, and the runners up come to that. It's what you do nowadays. Being given the space in the PA offices and the publicity would definitely guarantee huge success, and Lexxy has proved that in fact getting to the second half of Strip Search has itself guaranteed great success. Yes, she's very talented, that's not in question, but that isn't enough to get a KS to work. How do we know if she can write, for example? KS success is about having fans already. And continued KS success is about judging properly what you can and can't ask those fans for. I will be extremely interested to see how Lexxy's second KS turns out...

    OH AND I'm fairly sure Mike outlining a boob on Abby's cutout was a joke, and that she knew that.

    Weaselsoup on
  • DevoninDevonin Registered User regular
    I don't really get Lexxy's comic - did the little skatesaurs grow up to be the ones at the end after eating the kids? or was it a general invasion?

    No, they were happy to see the Product Mascot T-rex, who turned out to just also be a normal T-rex, who attempted to messily devour them, as a T-Rex does.

  • DevoutlyApatheticDevoutlyApathetic Registered User regular
    Weaselsoup wrote: »
    It is a subtle but unmistakeable thing, this 'personal brand'. Like how Monica being 'sassy' at Mike felt, to me, forced and uncomfortable, whereas Abby doing it was hilarious and real.

    I got the complete opposite read. Abby comes off as somebody trying to be funny but has to make sure you know she's trying to be funny. Monica had enough confidence in the comedy to play it straight and that really sells it.

    It's a bit like the whole comic topic. Handed dinosaurs and rollerskates she pulls out a "making your dreams come true" riff that is completely not what you would expect when handed two such obvious comedy topics but really works for me in context.

  • WeaselsoupWeaselsoup Registered User regular
    Having reread the comics now, I'm moved very much by Monica's and I do agree it's an interesting & cool choice given the topics' potential for slapstick...

    For me, Abby making it obvious she was trying to be funny was in itself funny, and Monica playing it straight was too straight... Abby's self-referentiality ('sass!') to me made it much more amusing cos it added a layer of knowing humour that really resonates with me, whereas when people are doing what Monica did I get nervous and find people get defensive if they can't figure out how seriously to take it. Like Mike did, a little. And it sometimes is a way of saying things that are genuinely felt in an easily deniable way - NB not saying this was the case here, but occasions where it has beenm arewhat make me anxious.

    But, yeah, so, basically I agree with the interpretation, just, for me personally, found the funniness polarity reversed. subjective innit, which seems to be the theme of this whole subforum :)

  • DevoutlyApatheticDevoutlyApathetic Registered User regular
    To be clear, I do find Abby funny but I think she'd be funnier if she had a little more confidence. You know, that's practically her slogan at this point. It also works better when there is somebody else there. Her riffing against Mike was funny. It really falls flat in the interviews for me.

    I think Mike was a bit flustered at first but I think he picked up on it quite quickly. Mike getting flustered was part of the humor for me though I think Mike realized it was done in humor and all. I'd take it very differently if I thought any of it was done seriously. That initial moment of confusion/absurdity/juxtaposition is a part of it.

    Yeah, I don't envy Mike and Jerry's job of judging this.

  • Spiffy McBangSpiffy McBang Registered User regular
    I wonder if Abby ever reads these forums and says, "Motherfucker, how many times do I have to say I don't have a confidence problem before some people believe it?"

  • mcpmcp Registered User regular
    I don't really see Abby as having a confidence problem.

  • A TravelerA Traveler Registered User new member
    edited May 2013
    Dino Rollers, funniest elimination comic yet.

    A Traveler on
  • MatiasGMatiasG Registered User regular
    Damn, Monica did not deal with the pressure well at all from the looks of it. Seemed uncharacteristically antagonistic. Sorry to see her go but man... that was really odd to watch.

  • caitycaity Registered User new member
    Monica's wearing stripes... C:

  • chromdomchromdom That One Oh yeah, I movedRegistered User regular
    edited November 2014
    chromdom on
    Uriel wrote: »
    Those who shit in glass houses.
  • NijhazerNijhazer Sunnyvale, CARegistered User regular




  • Finnish_LineFinnish_Line Registered User regular
    I guess 18 months too late is better than never at all.

    Really want a Season 2, but the moment may have passed.

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