Penguin Party - A challenging puzzle game [Vita] [Free]

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Penguin Party - A free puzzle game on the Vita and other PlayStation Mobile devices



Price: Free
Category: Puzzle
Devices: Vita or other PSM devices

Penguin Party is a free game, we've recently released on PlayStation Vita. It is a puzzle game where you have to get the Penguins to the goal whilst ensuring you pick up all the collectables. Think of it as a Chu-Chu rocket inspired game with a few twists and turns of its own.

  • 60 levels to complete
  • 4 different types of arrow to play with
  • Did I mention its free?



We're very pleased with how the game has turned out thus far but this is only the beginning. We're hard at work on the first map pack in the game (it will contain a set of free levels and a few sets of paid levels) and we'd appreciate any feedback you have for this version that we can feed in the next release. You can contact us on twitter or via our Facebook page. Thanks in advance!

Penguin Party is an animated and light-hearted puzzle game for those that like an intellectual challenge. Carefully place your supply of arrows to guide the penguins from their igloos to the goal. It's one thing to get all of your penguins to the end safely, but the real challenge comes from working out how to pick up all of the lost items on the way. Can you earn all of the golden fish trophies by collecting every single one?

Penguin Party is constantly evolving and every holiday gives the penguins additional conundrums to overcome and more reasons to celebrate. You can download Penguin Party for free and play through the "Birthday Party" world, which comes with plenty of mind-boggling levels. New maps pack will be released regularly throughout the year and each map pack features a visually unique theme and some brand new puzzles for free, plus a whole host of extra puzzles available to purchase. Every world brings with it different arrow types and obstacles, as well as exciting new ways to solve the puzzles that lie within..


Game Website: http://www.xmptgames.co.uk/games/PenguinParty.html
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/XmptGames
Twitter: https://twitter.com/XmptGames

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    I'm the lead dev. As I mentioned above, I'm working on the first map pack so I'd love to hear your feedback. Did I mention its free? You can't not download it at that price :P


    Note 1: Those images came out bigger than I thought. I will make them smaller when I get FTP access sorted.

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