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Strip Search - A Jungle & Some Speed



  • mcpmcp Registered User regular
    Wild naked Jerry is a horrifying prospect.

  • Korbei83Korbei83 Registered User regular
    That was some well deserved lols.

    Why are the PA crew looking at penis cards? Stay tuned!

    A Concerned Citizen
  • megnanimousmegnanimous Registered User regular
    This. This episode is exactly what I have been waiting for all season in terms of showing contestant interactions in the house. My first love remains #TeamTangent, but I *almost* equally love Katie.

  • SassoriSassori Registered User regular
    The last redraw ticket! Things might get pretty intense at the end of show.

  • CandaceCandace Registered User new member
    are they forging Oprah's signature? O.o

  • BadaboomBadaboom Registered User regular
    Reading the comments I guess I'm the odd one out. Not at all interested in weird card games I've never heard of before... or really card games in general I guess. It ain't no ping pong. Everything before and after that was very good though. I loved to watch all the interaction stuff.

  • lawragatajarlawragatajar Registered User regular
    This episode makes it really feel we are reaching the end (beside the fact that there are only 5 artists left). I liked hearing everyone's thoughts and it was nice to see the artists just normally interacting. Plus, now that everyone had faced elimination, they were able to talk about the comics they drew. The game was also a nice change of pace; especially since the last few challenges had the artists pack and leave the house. It looks like the house and the artists didn't suffer any damage from the scramble for the totem, though it would have been fun to see a body check into the couch cushions. Nothing damaging, just some lighthearted fun.

    A Concerned Citizen
  • LampLamp Registered User regular
    edited May 2013
    I was unreasonably frustrated by the setup of this game which gave Abby a huge advantage because of her position at the table. They should have rotated around the table between turns (duh). Especially before they moved the couch. I was practically yelling at my computer, "what are the producers thinking?!"

    Lamp on
  • MatriasMatrias Registered User regular
    Lexxi is the only one who saw Abby's comic and knows she's a force to be reckoned with.

    3DS/Pokemon Friend Code - 2122-5878-9273 - Kyle
    A Concerned CitizenspillfishlofloCambiata
  • KadiKadi Registered User regular
    edited May 2013
    One thing I found very interesting was how much credit Lexxy was giving Abby - and Lexxy is the only one who's seen her strip. Lexxy was definitely surprised when Abby walked through the door instead of Erika, so it seems like she's changed her opinion since then.

    Edit: Curse you, Matrias! If only I'd been one minute faster!

    Kadi on
    A Concerned CitizenRampachsloflo
  • xdeathknightxxdeathknightx Registered User regular
    Some of the teasers for the elimination challenges don't explicitly state what the challenge is, but this is the first time it didn't leave any real clue at all as to what's coming. Or is it just me? Does anyone have an idea what it is they're doing?
    They said it was gonna be physical and the words "we're gonna get arrested" were thrown around and we saw them judging cards. So I think they have to memorize a drawing or signature, do like an easter egg search/treasure hunt for cards all around and then try to replicate the signature? Or just have to find the cards with the crew their signatures based on clues and make a set.

  • TomantaTomanta Registered User regular
    The next challenge being signing something makes sense. You sign a lot of stuff at cons, so having a fast and consistent signature would be important.

    I would fail that type of challenge so hard.

    On the other hand, it could be copying something else as consistency would be important for lots of comic drawing things.

  • MekkaBMekkaB Registered User regular
    Two Words: WORTH THE WAIT.


    I also appreciated the Monica-redux in the beginning, since Monica's "flame out" in the last episode was probably the most 'real' thing I've ever seen, ever. Having someone so jumbled with emotions producing a piece that reflected her inner heart, yeah, it's the perfect recipe for a freak-out.

    Spman2099glorpA Concerned Citizenrisingtableakzel
  • Spman2099Spman2099 Registered User regular
    This was EXACTLY what I wanted in a social challenge episode. We finally got a real strong glimpse into the competitors social existence in the house. Huge props to Graham, he knocked it out of the park. Keep in mind, that is coming from a guy who had his pitchfork at the ready when his Strip Search fix was late.

    MKF36EA Concerned CitizenT-boltrisingtable
  • wn.mikewn.mike archi PTRegistered User regular
    edited May 2013
    mcp wrote: »
    Wild naked Jerry is a horrifying prospect.

    And yet I would love to see this as a stretchgoal to one of their kickstarter thingies :D
    Mike chases ducks, Jerry chasing strippers.

    wn.mike on
  • GPrime85GPrime85 New JerseyRegistered User regular
    GREAT episode! Totally worth the wait! =D

  • Yasmine TeethYasmine Teeth Registered User regular
    Loved getting to see the contestants psychologically profiling each others' actions. That's what I come to reality shows like this for (when I do, which is rare anymore), to get a chance to see how different people psychologically deal with stressful situations and how the actions of each contestant are perceived and reacted to by the others. Got a lot more of it in this one than the other episodes.

    It's for that reason that the preview of the next episode didn't look promising in one aspect, in that it looked like we are going to have more of the PA staff putting on a fake asshole routine, as they did in the convention episode where Khoo was pretending to be a psycho artist stalker and people were shoplifiting and otherwise not being themselves. I prefer watching genuine psychological interactions to ones where someone is pretending to be something they aren't.

  • GojiraXGojiraX Registered User regular
    This was a nice episode, but I just wanted to say that the poll is astoundingly close right now.

  • cwDeicicwDeici Registered User regular
    the fake shoplifting was genuine, they didn't plan it

  • Spiffy McBangSpiffy McBang Registered User regular
    edited May 2013
    Tomanta wrote: »
    The next challenge being signing something makes sense. You sign a lot of stuff at cons, so having a fast and consistent signature would be important.

    This makes the most sense as far as needing consistency, but doesn't really speak to the part about getting arrested. Whoever mentioned forgery, that would cover the getting arrested and consistency, but what would a webcomic artist need to forge?

    I remain perplexed.

    BTW, anytime someone says "strippers", my instant reaction is to think of actual strippers. And now I have a picture of Jerry in his underwear (that was the original concept) chasing actual strippers. There's your real stretch goal.

    Spiffy McBang on
  • Spiffy McBangSpiffy McBang Registered User regular
    As for the episode, I really wanted to see two people chase, then have the person in back pick up the one in front, turn around, put them down, and grab the totem. But it was still good.

  • LavidiusLavidius Registered User regular
    Lamp wrote: »
    I was unreasonably frustrated by the setup of this game which gave Abby a huge advantage because of her position at the table. They should have rotated around the table between turns (duh). Especially before they moved the couch. I was practically yelling at my computer, "what are the producers thinking?!"

    Yeah I'm with you there. And even in the last game, naturally everybody is going to hide it somewhere in the house that gives Abby or Lexxy a pretty big advantage (except for good guy Maki). I feel like an arbitrary challenge like this should have a non-contest related prize like the markers or the First Party swag, because at this point I think the Redraw Tickets are worth thousands of dollars based on how much they increase somebody's odds of winning.

  • DevoninDevonin Registered User regular
    Maybe they had to try and learn to forge each other's signatures, and then go into a store and try to use each other's credit cards.

  • wn.mikewn.mike archi PTRegistered User regular
    On the next episode they will be signing stuff, but probably not their names, but PA staff member names hehe.

  • LampLamp Registered User regular
    I wonder how valuable a redraw ticket really is. Assuming it works like it seems (you get to randomly pick a new topic from the basket for both of you to use), it may or may not actually help. If you pick a topic that's truly bad the other artist probably wants a redraw too.

  • endikuendiku Registered User regular
    I wanted to Monica play this game as well :(
    Not that I want Lexxy gone, I want to watch them both.

    Why can't Penny Arcade just sponsor the entire original gang to hang out in the house for a few more weeks/months, just to give us more fun times to watch?

    Cheap bastards.

    It was fun to see them all just goof off. It means a lot to see such a personal side to these artists whose work we all admire. It was a heavy interview episode which was a good thing at this stage. I was also happy to hear everyone's take on Monica, who might have had a tough time with the competition emotionally, and yet her work didn't suffer one bit despite that. She really is a champ.

  • NavyBeanNavyBean Registered User regular
    That was my least favorite episode. No offense. Sorta dragged a bit.

    A Concerned Citizeneromduddles
  • rocketjohnrocketjohn Registered User new member
    The next challenge could be faking the president's signature - see 21:55 on this video and compare to - also, the comment about "Are you sure this isn't going to get us arrested"....

  • WalterJKovacsWalterJKovacs Registered User regular
    Loved this episode. If I were to guess, the comments about the ping pong and the go-kart episodes might have meant that a late decision was made to re-edit the episode and avoid another "non-art related" social challenge heavy episode. Either way, kudos on the hard work that probably went into this episode, and the discussion at the start not only helped in flowing from the previous elimination, and made the final five seem like a very distinct 'beginning of the end' chapter to the show, but also made the social aspect more fun, as you can really see how much they 'need' these kinds of relaxation periods. So too was the moment later on between Abby and Tavis.

    I've become big fans of the artists over the course of the show, having only know about Katie before the start, and would be happy with any of them winning. I'm totally Team Tangent though. Her art style reminds me a lot of Jhonen Vasquez.

    A Concerned Citizen
  • MonkeyKing1969MonkeyKing1969 Library Man Cape CodRegistered User regular
    I have to say it...Huge slow clap for Graham. This was what I wanted for teh past few weeks, a nice social interactions episode. We finally got a real glimpse into the artists social dynamic in the house. Again, huge props to Graham for laboring over one of the best non-elimination episodes. I loved watching this, I loved having them talk about themselves, talk about each other, and hearing what they think will happen.

    empathrisingtablekekrops_RampachslofloA Concerned CitizenDraggothAzaminoPsykomafullofgrace
  • Liquid GhostLiquid Ghost DO YOU HEAR THE VOICES, TOO?! Registered User regular
    edited May 2013
    mcp wrote: »
    Wild naked Jerry is a horrifying prospect.
    Just look at my avatar and think of being caught by that. No genitalia or even a butt-crack. Just a slick, grub-like form secreting some horrible foamy substance as it grinds all over you. We've never seen the man naked. His skin, usually covered by clothing, may very well be so transparent you can see his endlessly winding intestinal tract as it processes the greasy remnants of your muscle and bone.

    Liquid Ghost on
    A Concerned CitizenDraggoth
  • WalterJKovacsWalterJKovacs Registered User regular
    In terms of foreshadowing speculations. If people were playing strategically, they'd probably try to get rid of redraw tickets, especially if they don't know what they are. Putting two of the redraw ticket holders up against each other would guarantee at least one ticket would be gone. I doubt there will be 'easy' choices.

    In the case of speculating that Tavis may go up, it depends on who "knows" that he's, ambivalent isn't the right word, but he's happy either way in terms of the outcome of the competition. I could see Abby putting Tavis out because of the conversation we saw. It could be easy to interpret him as basically telling her he's okay with being put up for elimination and making it an option that's easier to make, similar to Monica basically letting everyone off the hook for putting her up on the previous elimination. I don't know if it means he'll be the one to lose the elimination, but the foreshadowing at least would make it easier to understand why he gets put up for elimination.

  • parmeisanparmeisan Registered User regular
    rocketjohn wrote: »
    The next challenge could be faking the president's signature - see 21:55 on this video and compare to - also, the comment about "Are you sure this isn't going to get us arrested"....

    Nah, I think @Candace was right when she said Oprah. How she knew that, I'll never know, but I paused the video in two places and it looks about perfect. I figure they have a few famous people, but she's the one we happened to get a glimpse of them judging. I wonder if @xdeathknightx is right that they have to memorize before drawing it, or whether a short time limit is plenty hard enough. And then they have to do it multiple times and remain consistent?

    It does seem at first like forging signatures doesn't have much to do with drawing comics, but I think that someone who is good at multiple art styles, fast with a pen, and confident would do well here. Forging (er, insofar as I've played around with writing like other people) is all about planning the stroke and laying it down quickly. But you also have to break yourself out of how you're used to writing it yourself. Might be really interesting.

  • Anana11Anana11 Registered User regular
    Watched it twice already. Loving seeing more of the artists talking.
    Thank you, Graham! Great job to all the team, really.

    lofloA Concerned CitizenJoshEck
  • eagleagl Registered User regular
    3 things.

    1. I liked the reality show feel of this one, with the camera views showing the strippers interacting and just fiddling around, talking, etc.
    2. Like a few others, I was disappointed when the show ended without even a hint of wild nekkid Jerry chasing anyone. I also agree this might make a good stretch goal someday.
    3. I think those actual redraw tickets might make great childs play dinner/auction items, especially if the strippers were on stage doing the auction. Hopefully they are still lying around somewhere. If not, there's gotta be a shirt design in there somewhere.

  • AntilochosAntilochos Registered User regular
    I'd love a closer look at what Tavis was drawing at the kitchen table early in the episode. Caricatures?

  • AlexAlexanderAlexAlexander Registered User regular
    Serisously? SERIOUSLY! No one put the totem in their pants?

  • eromerom Registered User regular
    edited May 2013
    Having played this game back when it was called Jungle Jam (The first edition, the designs on the cards were all tribal/jungle themed (leopard stripes, tribal designs, etc) and much harder to tell apart) I actually think "totem in the middle of the table" is more fun than "totem at the other end of the room" because at the table center it is easier to have poor impulse control and pick up the totem when you shouldn't.

    Also, what the fuck was up with only one person running. Lame! My grandma played this game harder than these artists!

    erom on
  • ahdokahdok Figment of your imagination Registered User regular
    edited May 2013
    Jungle speed looked like quite a boring game when it was just on the table. The extreme version moving it was pretty fun to watch though.
    I kept thinking "where would you put the totem that'd be really funny?" So. Where would you put/hide the totem?

    Me: I'd have moved a chair to the middle of the room, and taped the totem to the ceiling, then put the chair away again.

    ahdok on for comics, art and other junk.
  • miaAusamiaAusa GOD Gamer Of Daters ValhallaRegistered User regular
    That game was awesome to watch, Abby seemed to win because she was close to the totem alot of the time, it was fun to just see them chill a bit and talk to each other, the next episode seems interesting, it's getting hard to watch i hate to see people go, i've been enjoying lexxy's live streams those are fun

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