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I really want to get better at comics! I made a 16 page comic over the last year and it turned out pretty awful. It doesn't mean I won't go back to that project but in the mean time, I really want to get better by making short comics and then try my hand at something a bit longer.

So I thought I'd make a blog ( and an individual thread to post my attempts and get some feedback from you guys, if you'd be so kind.

To start off here's a quite dark one-page comic I made recently (you might have seen it in the doodle thread, so sorry for re-posting.)


And here's one that was inspired by the 'Strip Search' elimination challenges. I set myself the 90 minute time limit and picked two ideas from separate elimination challenges-'Dinosaurs' and 'Ukuleles'. You can read it full-size in the spoiler.


I like the characters and the experiment with the colour palette, but I'm not sure if it reads too well, mabye I should've stuck more to my initial joke idea of 'T-Rexes only being able to play the ukulele because of their short arms' and made that more clear.

This comic also has a stupid dinosaur song to go along with it, which upon listening again kinda just sounds like noise but it was fun to do.

Sorry for the rambling post!

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