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Cyber Knights RPG is a challenging, turn-based RPG set in the aging city of New Boston in the gritty, cyberpunk future of 2217. In a world torn apart by war, conflict, megacor,porate interests, and rife with criminals everyone is looking for someone to get their “dirty work” done quietly and quickly. The soldiers in this new cold-war are deadly, effective, and dispensable: the Cyber Knights.

Cyber Knights is a complex turn-based strategy RPG, set in a vast, dynamic, and complex galaxy torn apart by war, betrayal, and the shifts of commerce. In this epic cyberypunk RPG, you play one such Cyber Knight, fighting, hacking, and infiltrating your way across the urban landscape of the NBZ. As a Cyber Knight, you will recruit, train, and equip a deadly team of mercenaries to watch your back and help you complete your work in the shadows of the metroplex.

Want to see it now? See the cyberpunk future of 2217 on YouTube!
Cyber Knights - The Connectors are Calling - YouTube

Warning: Cyber Knights RPG is not a casual game. This is a complex cyberpunk RPG that is quick to learn but hard to master, including a very serious difficulty scale. If you like hard sci-fi worlds with complex stories and world backgrounds, try Cyber Knights. We have gamers on our forum who have been playing this mobile game for more than 2 years! That's anything but casual. Think you can handle it, Knight?

You will control of a skilled team of mercenary cyber-warriors. Use turn-based tactics combat to deploy skills, equipment and cybernetic implants for maximum effect. Specialize your team members in stealth, combat or hacking skills. Dominate the megacorporate landscape with strategy, infiltration, battle prowess or be a digital ghost.

Cyber Knights RPG is an turn-based tactical Role Playing Game (RPG) and was made for Cyberpunk fans. Fans of games like Syndicate, Fallout Tactics, ShadowRun for SEGA/SNES, Silent Storm, and CyberLords should enjoy this turn-based retro RPG.

As a Cyber Knight, you will:
Pick, gather, train, and equip and elite team of urban mercenaries to work at your side
Pick from hundreds of weapons, armors, and cybernetic implants to outfit you and your team
Play as a deadly Gunslinger, Sniper or dreaded Cybersword, or choose to hack the Global Matrix as a Hacker
Build and break loyalties with 10 factions across the sprawling New Boston Zone
Pick from six unique Knights and one story line for hundreds of hours of game play

Where can I get Cyber Knights RPG?
Cyber Knights is available only for Android, on the following markets:
Google Play (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tresebrothers.games.cyberknights&hl=en) for your Android.
Amazon store (Amazon.com: Cyber Knights RPG Elite: Appstore for Android) for your Android.

Who are the Trese Brothers?
The Trese Brothers are three brothers on a mission -- to build the best RPGs for mobile devices, to build games that you love to play, and that we love to play. We can’t compete with big game shops and big graphics, but we take our productions in a different direction. We produce and faithfully support deeply complex and challenging mobile games that go far, far beyond “casual.” We listen closely to our community of fans, gamers, and critics on how to improve the games and continuously keep pushing new updates and improvements on all our games. We have literally shipped hundred of game updates to our three games over the last two years. And we have fans who have played our games for two years and still love them. Trese Brothers are also the makers of Templar Assault (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tresebrothers.games.templars) which is set in the Star Traders world, and Star Traders (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.corytrese.games.startraders).



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