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MOTW 5/22/13: Yeah, I could do that.



  • Man of the WavesMan of the Waves Registered User regular
    edited May 2013
    Anyone who likes Nowhere Men should also be reading Think Tank.

    Think Tank is more grounded in reality and has a smaller scope (less characters) than Nowhere Men, but I think it's a smarter book and a bit more tense. It doesn't have Jordie Bellaire's fantastic color art, though.

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  • AmiguAmigu Registered User regular
    Hmmm I'm really curious to see where bounce goes. I was very in to the way he well bounced. Definitely preferring it to SEX but like munch said, first issue feels a lIttle scattered.

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  • DelduwathDelduwath Registered User regular
    Munch wrote: »
    The Bounce #1; "It's a whole new vibe bubbling up from the underground. Seeping up through the sewers and the subways. Can you feel it? Don't fight it. Just breathe. Get ready for a peak experience."

    I tend to run hot or cold on Joe Casey's stuff, but I'm definitely digging this. Jasper Jenkins, an average twenty-something stoner, is The Bounce, a human superball. Something of a layabout, he still seems to be a good guy at heart, throwing himself into harm's way to stop a supervillain.

    Weirdly enough, the whole book's giving me something of a Seven Soldiers vibe. David Messina's art has a bit of a Yanick Paquette vibe for one thing, and then there's this whole idea of superheroes as something weird, just at the edges of society, and affecting it in different ways.

    The first issue felt a little too scattered, not spending enough time with Jasper to get a clear sense of him, and veering off to showcase what I'm guessing is the main antagonist, a bit too early. But, so far I'm really digging it.

    Oh my goodness, this dude's suit has the same overall pattern as the Ben Reilly Spider-Man suit! <3<3<3

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