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Strip Search - Elimination #8

DogDog Registered User, Administrator, Vanilla Staff admin
edited May 2013 in Strip Search

Strip Search - Elimination #8

Two veterans of the elimination stage must again face the Creators and draw for their fates.

Read the full story here

Dog on


  • miaAusamiaAusa GOD Gamer Of Daters ValhallaRegistered User regular
    edited May 2013
    Yay new episode : D
    cats and cars are intresting

    miaAusa on
  • Angry_SamoanAngry_Samoan Now with 20% more mange... Registered User regular
    Tavis' comic was decent, but Abby's comic was great.

    "The history of all sports is to cheat whenever possible."- Tony Kornheiser
  • DehumanizedDehumanized Registered User regular
    On second viewing of the comic I noticed the
    comically large nipples on the patient.
    What a wonderful piece.

  • NijhazerNijhazer Sunnyvale, CARegistered User regular
    edited May 2013
    I liked Abby's previous comic, but didn't think this one had any positive qualities this time-- of course, humor's a subjective thing; obviously the judges enjoyed it. I don't have a problem with their decision, either- Tavis made one of the more artistically-interesting comics thus far, but it also didn't make a whole lot of sense on first viewing, and isn't particularly funny.

    I'll admit that it bugs me a little that the PA guys are spending so little time discussing the work that was produced. In regards to the humor, it's either funny or it isn't; there isn't much to discuss there, and they do their best at talking through it when warranted... But throughout the series I've been consistently surprised-- and a little annoyed-- that Mike has nothing, literally nothing, to say about the art that has been produced by any of the artists except for Lexxy. In this episode, it's really bothering me because I think Tavis produced some interesting art in 90 minutes, but again Mike had nothing to say about any of it. We know Mike loves interesting artwork-- it's what has made him so fond of games like Ni No Kuni and Kingdom Hearts 2-- so I was curious to see how much of a role he thought art had to play in making a great webcomic... But based on what we've seen in this show so far, art is apparently less important to him, or at least less interesting, than anything else in a webcomic.

    Best of luck to Tavis! Looking forward to the next challenge.

    Nijhazer on
    Yasmine Teethemarecksaykay
  • MachinofactureMachinofacture Registered User new member
    edited May 2013
    GO TEAM TANGENT! I was literally shaking while watching this episode. Way to rock the house Abby! You ARE a force of nature.

    Really I think when Abby drew "Cats" I knew she had it won.

    Machinofacture on
    Vicious CircleBuchoMaz-KazitronFearghaillemarecksaykayCambiata
  • KnytestormeKnytestorme Registered User regular
    Can't disagree that Abby won that one on first viewing.

    After Tavis's explanation that it was a giant cat and realising that it was supposed to be playing with the cars like a mouse it becomes a lot funnier and closer.

  • Angry_SamoanAngry_Samoan Now with 20% more mange... Registered User regular
    Abby the Giant Killer... Took down two of the most experienced contestants and shows no sign of slowing down...

    "The history of all sports is to cheat whenever possible."- Tony Kornheiser
  • GoslingGosling Looking Up Soccer In Mongolia Right Now, Probably Watertown, WIRegistered User regular
    Abby got her dream draw naturally and just ticketed Tavis into oblivion. Tavis even said in the car he had nothing. He made a game effort of it, but there was just no way he could have beaten Abby on that night with that draw.

    Nothing to be ashamed about, Tavis. Nearly 1,000 people entered the competition and you came in 5th out of all of them. That's a hell of a showing.

    I have a new soccer blog The Minnow Tank. Reading it psychically kicks Sepp Blatter in the bean bag.
  • kolybrykolybry Registered User regular
    Glad Abby won. Really not feeling Tavis style and subsequent comic. No words with a giant Cat and a low hanging fruit joke is not really ballsy in my opinion. Abbys strip is not high brow or anything but it did make laugh.

  • Corduroy TurtleCorduroy Turtle Registered User regular
    I feel like Abby could win this thing! She's just naturally funny.

    That being said, my Katie-crush still exists.

    Kerensky287Twenty SidedPeter Ebelemarecksaykay
  • RampachsRampachs Registered User regular
    I love how in the car as soon as Abby starts explaining her comic you can see on his face that he knew he'd lost. Made even more clear by him then saying 'Tell the guys at the house I love them'.

    Abby is hilarious.

  • ahdokahdok Figment of your imagination Registered User regular
    Bah! I like it when the episode is late, because now is when the work day starts for me, and now I have to wait to watch it.

    I'll be rooting for the Tangentinator. for comics, art and other junk.
  • nova3knova3k Registered User new member
    Sad to see tavis go. He was my pick for the win. I love his work most of all. I just guess abby really doesnt do it for me, except this comic was genuinely funny. I guess its not down to my 2nd pick. GO KATIE!

  • LavidiusLavidius Registered User regular
    Apologies to anyone who wears Volcom, but Jerry is really stepping it up with these outfits! Also, I can't believe nobody has commented on the banter yet. 14:30-15:50: best 80 seconds of television I have ever seen.

    Now I want to see an Abby-Maki matchup. What happens when unstoppable sass meets an immovable beardwall?

    KotsusoCuriousPencilWarribsMr. J.H. Gumbyparmeisanemarecksaykaydunnright00minor incident
  • the nightwatchmanthe nightwatchman Registered User regular
    Tavis's comic was basically lost on me because I'd never heard of or seen a Truly Nolen car before. Are those really common in the US? I mean, knowing now what he was going for definitely makes his comic funnier in hindsight, but Abby's strip still tops it.

    Can't wait to see where the show goes from here. The remaining four are all super talented.

  • xThanatoSxxThanatoSx Registered User regular
    Rampachs wrote: »
    I love how in the car as soon as Abby starts explaining her comic you can see on his face that he knew he'd lost. Made even more clear by him then saying 'Tell the guys at the house I love them'.

    Yeah, he definitely knew he was done at that point.

    Wasn't a close decision on this elim.

    Makes me sad that we're coming to the end of this series in the next several weeks... this really has been some of the best content (internet or otherwise) out there the past few months.

  • BoardGameBodhisattvaBoardGameBodhisattva Registered User regular
    Can ANYBODY stop Abby?
    A half-dozen eliminations ago I predicted Katie and Maki to be the final two, but now I'm not so sure anymore. The Sass, it is Strong.

  • BuchoBucho One careful pwner Registered User regular
    I'm post going to re-post what I said a few hours ago on the thread for the previous ep because it only becomes more and more true with each passing moment ...

    Anybody who still has any doubts in regards to Abby's utter magnificence as a human being is a clueless buffoon stumbling hopelessly through a colourless, humourless netherworld oblivious to a glorious reality.


    rocketjohnSpman2099KnightmareFearghaillseegruMartianshiserMKF36Eemarecksaykayminor incident
  • BenevolentCowBenevolentCow Registered User regular
    I have to say, at the start Abby got on my nerves and I still don't like what the producers have shown about her personality, but that comic was amazing.

  • Yasmine TeethYasmine Teeth Registered User regular
    edited May 2013
    Fatal mistake by Tavis in basing the comic on a business that has no franchises in the Pacific Northwest (where the judges live). I had no idea there was even a joke in the comic until I looked up the name he referenced (had never heard of that business or seen their cars) and found out it actually was funny.

    Yasmine Teeth on
  • Spiffy McBangSpiffy McBang Registered User regular
    I'm wondering where the epic part was. It was a good episode and Abby's comic was terrific, but it didn't seem to be more epic than some of the other eliminations.

    Abby's going to be in the final two because everyone is playing like friends. If she kept getting targeted there'd at least be a chance someone took her down, but it's difficult to imagine her getting picked next time, and then there's only one more challenge to go (which she could win). Everyone else has a much more real possibility of dealing with two eliminations back to back.

    Since calling this elimination has me feeling far better about my predictive abilities than I deserve, I'm saying it's Maki v. Lexxy in the next elim, and a Katie/Abby final two unless the Maki/Lexxy winner takes the last competitive challenge.

  • BuchoBucho One careful pwner Registered User regular
    xThanatoSx wrote: »
    Rampachs wrote: »
    I love how in the car as soon as Abby starts explaining her comic you can see on his face that he knew he'd lost. Made even more clear by him then saying 'Tell the guys at the house I love them'.

    Yeah, he definitely knew he was done at that point.

    Meanwhile Team Tangent knew he was done the moment Abby revealed that she had drawn "CATS".

  • Spman2099Spman2099 Registered User regular
    Has Abby supplanted Katie and become the new gladiator/meat-grinder of the group? She is really kicking ass... Tavis had a funny comic; I liked it a lot. However, Abby hits the spot, perfectly, every time for me. I am now in a tough position. All of my favorite artists are still in the game; however, that means that I am inevitably going to lose one of them soon.

    Man, I am really invested in this show at this point.

  • xThanatoSxxThanatoSx Registered User regular
    Bucho wrote: »
    Meanwhile Team Tangent knew he was done the moment Abby revealed that she had drawn "CATS".

    You make a very valid point.

  • ShpydirShpydir Registered User regular
    I know it sounds like a backhanded compliment, but I am stone cold shocked that Penny Arcade (LRR, too, of course) makes my favorite tv show right now. This thing has exceeded any and all expectations I had for it. I thought it'd be a fun little amateur thing, but it's so good.

    Abby. O_o My first impressions of the cast had her near the bottom, but dang if she doesn't always come up with something hilarious. Tavis' art is so very good, too. Just incredible. What a match-up.

  • foofoo Registered User regular
    edited May 2013
    Abby didn't seem as energetic in this elimination round, so I was worried she might not have much. But she really pulled off that weird wacky humor again, and got Mike laughing more than any other piece so far.

    I think Mike's use of "epic" was referring to one contestant completely dominating the other.

    It's tough to predict who's going up for elimination next, as there's a 1/4 chance of anybody getting immunity. Similar to Katie's choice last episode, it's pretty much going to be picking the one person you want not to go to the Thunderdome. I do not envy Katie winning and having to make that call again.

    foo on
  • Corduroy TurtleCorduroy Turtle Registered User regular
    It'll be so sad if Katie and Maki go up against one another. That's a lose/lose situation for everyone involved.

  • xdeathknightxxdeathknightx Registered User regular
    edited May 2013
    Well a clear winner here. Abby's was really funny and just a great idea. Tavis said he had nothing and it kinda showed. The art was cool but besides that it felt like you were only reading the middle of a comic and that there should be either something in front or a punchline at the end. I do agree with him that adding any text to it would have made it weaker.
    Too bad I felt that he did show he could do a whole lot. But yeah he will get a ton of new fans and he already has some work out there so I am sure he will be fine (unless his wife finds out about the "not an artist but a writer" comment ;) )

    xdeathknightx on
  • kolybrykolybry Registered User regular
    edited May 2013
    you could really tell that both had been to the elimination stage before in how relaxed they seemed during the banter. probably my favorite back and forths in this ep.

    on a technical note: the cameraman/woman needs to keep his hands of the focus, there were some weird shots of mike and jerry going out of focus. might have been an artistic choice, but it was bothering me.

    kolybry on
  • monkmunkmonkmunk Registered User regular
    I love that Tavis wasn't fooled for a second by Mike's fake-out. When Abby told him her joke he was like a chess master who could see twelve steps ahead, and knew he was beaten. But with humor instead of chess.

  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    Wow... Abby's strip here, I burst out laughing. Well fucking done.

    aheeremaemarecksaykayDark Raven X
  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    Poor Tavis... "Tell everybody at the house I love them"

  • YllanesYllanes Registered User regular
    edited May 2013
    Abby's style still does not do much for me, but she undeniably has talent and has earned her spot in the final 4. And this group really has a Final Four feel to it, all greatly talented.

    I am hoping that, at least for the last three, they do something different than give immunity to the winner of the challenge of the day. I think that changing the format for the last three (or even four) could be a good idea.

    Does anyone else think that writing the comic on paper gives Abby a slight edge? I mean, the Creators get a fresh look at her complete comic, rather than seeing the process as with the other artists. This maybe helps give her comics an extra punch.

    Don't get me wrong, I certainly don't mean she has won the challenges unfairly because of this. In her first Elimination Challenge I would have picked Erika, but it seems most people preferred her comic. In this latest challenge, I would also have picked Abby.

    Yllanes on
  • BoingBoing Registered User regular
    When Abby said she was looking for some D and they asked Tavis what he wanted, he really missed an open goal, he should have said he was looking for some P and A.

    Badum - Tish.

  • JermsJerms Registered User regular
    I laughed pretty hard when Abby went back and amplified the nipples. :)

    Twenty Sidedemarecksaykay
  • KnightmareKnightmare PittsburghRegistered User regular
    As soon as I saw Abby had picked 'cats', I knew she had the upper hand. I love the pacing of her writing- her comics always make me laugh and I think her art just compliments that. Now that it's down to the final four, this is going to be insanely rough.

  • WwenWwen Registered User regular
    edited May 2013
    Abby cracks me up. I read through her online comics again a few days ago. She has a very off-kilter sense of humor.

    Her responses to Mike are some of the best.

    Wwen on
    "Freedom is on the march, but it gets winded rather quickly."
  • FrodoLivesFrodoLives Registered User regular
    Oh, Tavis. I love you. I hold out hope that there are twists and turns left in this search and everyone wins.

  • MonkeyKing1969MonkeyKing1969 Library Man Cape CodRegistered User regular
    Abby has a talent for telling a joke, which is very hard to do. Irony is probably the wrong word, but at Lexxy's elimination Mike said they should be sending Abby home while he pointed at her standee....but I think Abby will be send Lexxy home if they meet at an elimination. The perfect ending will be Abby and Katie displaying their prowess like two jungle cats on the final show.

  • hotzphotzp Rochester, NYRegistered User regular
    edited May 2013
    Tavis' comic was one panel away from being hilarious. Third panel: Rear view of the car, showing a "Pussy Magnet" bumper sticker. I also preferred the multiple cats sketch, but I understand he felt he was pressed for time. Abby's comic was hilarious, I think she is shaping up into one of the most formidable elimination round combatants.

    hotzp on
    ahdokMekkaBAuscultaAngry_SamoanshiserBuchoImperfectRogjahsketchityBoardGameBodhisattvaArgusDubbsvidKylieZDMjdarksundunnright00minor incident
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