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Star Pigs the simulation game app is released today!

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Although the name is funny, there is deep game play underneath. It is a casual game but also a hardcore strategy game. Either you are a casual gamer or a hardcore gamer, you will definitely like Star Pigs! Either you are a strategy or a simulation gamer, you will like Star Pigs!

With hundreds of weapons and ship chassis to customize an unique fleet, and the innovative chess play like hexagon board battle ground to set up your battle fleet, then choose to manual control or just sit back and watch the awesome 3D space battles unfold in front of you!

‘In space, no one can hear your squeal!’

Star Pigs brings you the following features:

- Battle in the star war with players from around the world.
- Grow your war fleet with new powerful ship types.
- Customise every ship with weapons to suit your play style.
- Upgrade your weapons and chassis types, increasing their effectiveness.
- Manage your crew and materials to optimise where you can join the war.
- Unlock new ship designs, weapons and abilities as you progress.
- Engage the enemy through a series of missions that will test your every skill of space warfare.
- Direct your ships into 3D real-time battles identifying important targets and giving strategic commands.
- Hire the best ships of your enemies to fight alongside of you in times of need.



Game trailer:
Star Pigs Trailer

So, are you ready to join the Star Pigs Merciless Mercenary Forces and Save the known universe from destruction! Pit your wits against other commanders from around the globe and prove that it is you who has what it will take to be crowned Star Pig of the Universe!

We are looking forward to meeting you in the Star Pig Universe!

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About Barbily Games:
Barbily Games Ltd is an unique indie game developer from London. You can find more information at Barbily .


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