Slight game console dilemma

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Hey guys,

I'm not going to delve too hard into this because, all in all, and on the scale of life issues, it doesn't really rank highly at all. But it is a bit of a headscratcher and I'd appreciate some brief advice.

Approximately three months ago, my house was broken into and someone stole my Xbox 360, a small stack of games, and two iMacs. Insurance will cover the replacement, so long as said replacement is in the same category as the original item.

So I can replace my game console (I'll get about 300-ish dollars, plus another 100 for the controllers stolen, plus some for the four or five games). I have two years to cash in and do this, so there isn't a rush.

Here's the thing: While I love all games, from Skyrim to Halo 4, I really really really love Grand Theft Auto and have been looking forward to the new one for quite some time. But the theft of my console has put me in a bit of a pickle.

Fiscally, it makes sense to wait a few months and use the replacement money toward either the Xbox One or the PS4. But apparently GTA 5 isn't coming to next-gen consoles at all and will only be current-gen?

Do you guys know at all if Rockstar will release at least a version that can be played on next-gen consoles? And also: Do you think GTA 5 will be downloadable? I know when my console was stolen, a lot of games were being placed on Games on Demand on the 360; is that now at the level where they'll post a new release that can be downloaded the day the physical copy of the game is released? I ask because my friend has an old fucked up 360 with a completely bonked out disc drive, but it can run other than that. So I figure I could always download it and circumvent the disc tray issue completely, if you guys don't think it will be released on next gen at all and if it will be downloadable in the first place.


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  • chr1sh4ll3ttb3chr1sh4ll3ttb3 A dagger in the dark is worth a thousand swords in the morningRegistered User regular
    Surely a game that will sell as many copies as GTA5 is going to will get ported to the new consoles.

  • LilnoobsLilnoobs Alpha Queue Registered User regular
    Yeah, I would be surprised if either or both Micro and Sony haven't already money-hatted Rockstar for releases on the new consoles.

  • chr1sh4ll3ttb3chr1sh4ll3ttb3 A dagger in the dark is worth a thousand swords in the morningRegistered User regular
    As both consoles have moved to an x86-64 architecture, porting to the PS4 and XBOne should be much simpler than previous console iterations. It's basically a desktop computer with a different OS.

  • BlindZenDriverBlindZenDriver Registered User regular
    With the new generation coming the prices on both new and used current generation PS3 and 360 should come down and the same goes for the games. If you must have something now the go for a used one as it likely will not run so many hours in the future before you'll find yourself getting one of the new generation units, so running life should be that critical.

    Or even better try and see if you can go a while without a console and then you can get one for cheap when the new one comes out if needed or you'll have saved the money and can go straight for the next generation. I bet that if you have even a so-so PC there is plenty of great games for that platform you have missed which can be bought for very little - look into the Humble Bundle offerings, sales on download sites and even abandonware where you'll find loads of gems for $0.

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  • OrestusOrestus Registered User regular
    At a minimum you should wait a couple weeks for E3 on the off chance MS or Sony drops GTA5 as a console exclusive as part of their marketing roll out.

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    Personally, I would purchase an Xbox 360. You can quickly rebuild your library with great games from the past X amount of years because they are all mostly under $30, many you can get for around the $15 mark. GTA 5 will also be on that system, so you can play the title(s) you want now and the ones you will be looking forward to and letting everyone else tell you how great or not-so-great the next gen consoles are....then when you are ready, you can purchase it! The games at launch will most likely be a trickled release (look to Wii U for example), so I say game now, and then jump on board for next gen when there are enough titles that interest you!

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