Even though nothing has been announced yet....... What is the schedule for most people?

KratzyKratzy Registered User new member
I am not sure on how to plan my day, regardless of what is there.

I am going on Sat and Sun, just curious as to what times people plan on rocking up..

I am not sure how big this event will be, so I am very inexperienced.

So I am thinking I could either get there during the rush at around 10am but not sure if I should blow everything up on my first day, but really want to stay to pretty much the end. And then on Sunday do the same thing.


I just stroll in sometime during the sat, check as much things out as I can and anything I miss pick up on the sunday.

I really want :
As much free stuff as I can possibly get.
See as much as I can
Meet and Greets


BTW, I know this seems a bit weird since I don't know the schedule, so anyone with previous PAX experience...enlighten me please :)


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    thegh0ststhegh0sts Sydney, NSWRegistered User regular
    board games and the show floor: i am hoping to get in to the opening keynote too :D

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    NeenerNeener Registered User regular
    Going all three days, Friday casual but I do wanna catch BioWare's panel on Friday, get the guys from Roosterteeth to record something for my cousin. Saturday and Sunday, rocking up in cosplay omg. @_@

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    KaneskiKaneski Registered User regular
    RT Panel, some walking around the show floor, poking people. BYOC in mornings, boardgames in afternoons... something beer-related in evenings.

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    FatSoDaFatSoDa Professor Doctor AustraliaRegistered User regular
    Well when not enforcing i will be living at the bioware and MWO booths. I shall booth barnacle like no-one has booth barnacled before.

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    MatildamuffinatorMatildamuffinator Registered User regular
    This is my first time to anything like this, I hope they're gentle with me :P

    So far my plan is to see Ron Gilberts keynote, then run around for the rest of PAX like a giddy schoolgirl looking at all of the things. I didn't get a ticket for Saturday though, so I will spend that day sitting in my hotel room crying.

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    BekerBeker Child's Play Program Director SeattleRegistered User, Penny Arcade Staff regular
    I'd recommend getting a good breakfast, then arriving at the showgrounds about 10 minutes after opening. By that time any lines into the hall should hopefully have been let in, and you can walk right in. This means you won't be first in line for any of the big booths, but realisticlly thats not going to happen without waking up many hours earlier, plotting your route in the hall, and walking very quickly (not running) to your target.

    If you are going to stay through the concerts, then you will want to pace yourself. Its a long day and you want to keep up your energy for maximum enjoyment. The Expo Hall will likely close at 6pm ish, then you will have time for dinner, more panels, and any freeplay expereince you want.

    Otherwise, best advice. Assume you will be there all day for both days, and practice patience as much as you can. :-)

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