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Hello guys,

So I posted this thread earlier asking about auto refinancing options. I figured I had better see what was up with my credit before I tried anything, so I went to do the annual credit report thing. Well all three of the credit places asked me questions before I could view my report, and all of them asked me to pick my current sreet, all three of them had streets I never lived on listed but all of them had the same one on there (I assume this was the 'correct' answer) all three also asked me about a mortgage I have...but I've never owned a house ever. So uh...what should I do here?


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    Well that sounds fairly normal to me as long as there was an option for not having a mortgage? They're trying to confirm you're you, and that's part of how they do it (trying to trick people into saying you have something you don't, I think). I mean yeah, it seems really weird/intimidating at the time, but that should be the usual. I remember similar sorts of questions when I was checking.

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    There wasn't an option to say I didn't have one, only to say the banks listed were not the ones I took said mortgage out with. All of them I clicked that option and all of them denied me for not answering the questions right

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    You went through the part with putting in all your information, Social Security number, etc?

    If so, you may be the victim of identity theft. I'm not an expert on that, but I'd start here:

    Go to your bank ASAP and see what they can do for you. They might be able to pull your credit report for you to see what's going on.

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    Apply for the auto-loan you were going to anyways then ask them what's on it, and what your credit score is. I've never been refused, and they may not be able to refuse you, I'm not sure. Do it in person it's easier.

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    I believe if you are denied credit due to a credit report, you are entitled to see the entirety of that report.

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    zerzhul wrote: »
    I believe if you are denied credit due to a credit report, you are entitled to see the entirety of that report.
    Fair enough, I ask if I'm approved for credit as well, and I ask for the credit score because they can tell you your FICO when you apply for a loan.

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    Ok I did some digging on consumer report things and called the 24 line Expedian has. Turns out that my first credit card was cosigned with my cousin, and for some reason some of her stuff has been appearing on my credit report and I am assuming vice versa. The mortage was for the house her and her husband live in that is at an address I never lived at. I am going to go through the process of correcting this with the other two agencies. Thankfully this was just me panicing, thanks for the help though guys!

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    Hmmmm, I had similar things happen to me as well when I went online to view my credit reports. It asked me about the bank I used for a mortgage (don't have one) and for car payments (again, don't have one). I then sent out a request to get the reports mailed to me instead, and got 2 out of 3, and they all seemed fine. The only thing listed in them were the lines of credit that I've had. I assume it would list something like a mortage, loan or car payments if I had any? As for the 3rd one, they sent me a letter saying that I needed to send them a letter to prove that I'm me, so I ignored it since I had 2 of the reports and they seemed normal.

    Like you, I did cosign an apartment with my dad back in my college maybe that was where the mortgage question came from?

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    It will sometimes ask you those questions and give you a "none of the above" option. I've had none of the above be valid for multiple credit report inquiries over the years. If it didn't have you an "N/A" though, I have no freaking idea.

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    It did have a N/A option, which I picked, but then at the end it said my answers did not match.

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