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Strip Search - Contractual Obligations

DogDog Registered User, Administrator, Vanilla Staff admin
edited May 2013 in Strip Search

Strip Search - Contractual Obligations

After a rigorous workout on the streets of Seattle the Artists will now exercise their minds.

Read the full story here

Dog on


  • AlexwrichardAlexwrichard Registered User regular

  • MarkPattonMarkPatton Registered User new member
    "if my character's dick is out..." - Abby
    thank you for that.

  • Spman2099Spman2099 Registered User regular
    edited May 2013
    Did you see how coy they were being at that dinner? So coy! Mike, Jerry and Robert may as well be fish! Something is afoot! Expect twists! Exclamation marks!!!

    Spman2099 on
  • BuchoBucho One careful pwner Registered User regular
    Every time Robert appears in any way in any media he grows more powerful.

    emarecksaykayMaz-DruzilSupremeSpman2099A Concerned CitizenenderandrewTofystedeth
  • katamariuskatamarius aclastic islandRegistered User regular
    Are you not entertained?! The Gladiator is a champion in two arenas: the Elimination and the Challenge! She is glutted on the blood of her foes, and so you are on tales of her exploits. Now watch next week as she pits another two hapless victims against one another, right before she sates her bloodthirst.

  • emarecksaykayemarecksaykay Registered User regular
    edited May 2013
    Was it just me, or was that episode really really quiet the whole time? I had to crank up my computer volume.

    Also, no swanky restaurant to have dinner in? Not even a table to sit across at?

    Katie is an unstoppable machine. I knew she'd pick those two if she won. Her picks have always been very logical. I actually thought Maki would win though.

    Strange to have a morning elimination. I know somebody called that, on the last episode. Whoever that was, take a bow.

    Here's hoping Maki wins on Tuesday. He does really good work in 90 minutes, so I would not be surprised. His first comic was my favorite until Abby came along.

    emarecksaykay on
    -mrxak, OMEGANAUT '09
    (You just say the letters)
    Spman2099AzaminoparmeisanAlexAlexanderYasmine TeethPuddingpie
  • foofoo Registered User regular
    I called the elimination picks! But then again, so did like 15 other people! :rotate:

    It's gonna suck losing one of these 2, but there can be only one.

  • BuchoBucho One careful pwner Registered User regular
    "You blinked, which means you lost."

    emarecksaykaycwDeiciDruzilSupremeJoe ChinAzaminoMekkaBHanClintoseegruwn.mikeshoeboxjeddyMKF36EAnana11Tofystedeth
  • emarecksaykayemarecksaykay Registered User regular
    Also, this is the first time I've really looked at the Penny Arcade table. Holy crap, it's a Penny Arcade table! That's Twisp and Catsby on there!

    -mrxak, OMEGANAUT '09
    (You just say the letters)
  • wn.mikewn.mike archi PTRegistered User regular
    edited May 2013
    And now we know how Khoo apartment looks like. ;)
    Good exercise, contract had too many traps, I find that the hardest contracts are the ones that have one or two decently concealed "traps", if there are too many you kind expect even more and look harder, which of course a good writer will use his skills, tempos and rhythms to try to screw you on the bigger picture. What sucks is that the more contracts you read the harder and longer it take to analyze them, the more knowledge you get on how to get screwed the longer it takes.

    This challenge is so perfect and so well timed on the competition.

    Now pump up the sound!

    wn.mike on
  • PezicPezic Registered User new member
    So ... that whiteboard in the background of the still for this episode. Was the PA office taking bets on who would win?

  • BuchoBucho One careful pwner Registered User regular
    edited May 2013
    "I don't know what you two are going to have for dinner."


    "Humble piiiiie ..."

    So perfect. Maki cracks me up again.

    Bucho on
  • emarecksaykayemarecksaykay Registered User regular
    Pezic wrote: »
    So ... that whiteboard in the background of the still for this episode. Was the PA office taking bets on who would win?

    That's from the Ping Pong Challenge.

    -mrxak, OMEGANAUT '09
    (You just say the letters)
  • BuchoBucho One careful pwner Registered User regular
    edited May 2013
    Was it just me, or was that episode really really quiet the whole time? I had to crank up my computer volume.

    Yeah, they definitely had sound problems again, seemed like they lost audio from Katie and Abby's mics at some point and had to try boosting some room audio to compensate.

    But even imperfect as it was I wasn't overly bothered. I'm sure they've learned A BUNCH about producing something like this for the future.

    And by "the future" I mean a second season with Abby as Graham's co-host.

    Bucho on
  • SluggerJohnSluggerJohn Registered User regular
    edited May 2013
    Liked this episode a lot. Robert and Abby going at it was good stuff. And Lexxy is just a pro. Not sure what Robert's criteria was for winning the challenge. They all had the same problems with the same items. Lexxy knew her shit and offered constructive resolutions to those issues, so I would have picked her based on what we saw. But no worries.

    Would PA be willing to post a copy of the contract? I'd like to see the lunacy for myself. :)

    The dinner looked a little awkward... Mike, Jerry and Robert talking to and Katie and Abby from the opposite side of the room. And then they have to hunch down to eat off the coffee table in front of the couch. Are they afraid of girls or do they not have dining tables in Seattle? :-P

    SluggerJohn on
    parmeisanUNHchaboYasmine TeethdewordeMKF36Egeekymoxie
  • WeaselsoupWeaselsoup Registered User regular
    Great episode - they keep getting better and better. agreed SluggerJohn, I thought it was super awkward! 'Let's wrap this up.' I also was expecting something a little different, like a dinner out, but I guess getting the cameras into a restaurant is much more of a problematic deal though.

    I just love how every time Katie makes the decision it's the one I was hoping she'd make for the reasons I was hoping she'd make it. Great work. Really really really hope Maki wins the elimination, I just want to see more of him & his work.

    emarecksaykayYasmine Teeth
  • DemonicoreoDemonicoreo Registered User regular
    Well all Abby and Maki keep doing is turning me into a bigger fanboy. I know it's obvious but want to say this anyways, GO SUPER PINEAPPLE BEARDWALL!

    If Maki wins, the next episodes and eliminations will be the most pain a show will have inflicited upon me. My biggest hope is that the Strippers form a Voltron type cartoon buisness entity and it forces PA to have to take all of them, yes even Lexxy.

    Fuck it. The vocal Lexxy fanatics are fucking pants on head retarded.
  • hotzphotzp Rochester, NYRegistered User regular
    Based on the footage they showed, I thought Maki did the best job, but I'm guessing Katie's segment was heavily edited as she went last and they didn't want to keep showing the same sticking points in the contract over and over again. Also, some curious teasers about what will happen when it comes down to 3 people popped up during the dinner conversation. I also want to say that, at some point, they mentioned Strip Search wasn't concluded even after principal filming was completed. Is the show transitioning to a "live" version?

  • Angry_SamoanAngry_Samoan Now with 20% more mange... Registered User regular
    Well, the lack of screaming children is making me think that was Khoo's place.
    I love the contract. Love seeing such horrible terms.
    And I think Khoo is being nice. People will try to put clauses like that in all the time.

    "The history of all sports is to cheat whenever possible."- Tony Kornheiser
  • KnightmareKnightmare PittsburghRegistered User regular
    My current job started out as contract work, and it was maybe 4 or 5 pages, but reading through legal stuff really makes my head spin. I think I took a few days to even go over it, I can't imagine reading such a heavy and ham-handed contract in 1 hour...

  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    @KatiejRice I cannot imagine having to pick three nights in a row. Congrats on yet another win though!

    Tuesday can't come quite quick enough.

    emarecksaykayA Concerned CitizenKnightmareJohnnyOmahaHanClintoAnana11
  • Maz-Maz- 飛べ Registered User regular
    Fantastic episode.
    Khoo, you are a monster.

    Add me on Switch: 7795-5541-4699
  • xdeathknightxxdeathknightx Registered User regular
    Wow Katie is turning into a winning machine! She just keeps winning stuff. She won the social challenge with Abby and now her third win in a row. And I expected her to pick Lexxy and Maki and I don't think you can say too much against it. She protected them the last time so now she sends them in. I agree with her choice and reasoning. But I can understand how hard it can be to have send people up three times in a row and basically ensuring that someone their dream of working in the PA offices is over.

    I am glad we got to see some of the dinner, although I was also expecting a swanky restaurant with snobby waiters, but someone's apartment is more cozy. And yeah like someone said it is pretty obvious that there will be a huge twist at the end. I said it before, they are keeping everyone there to ensure nothing is spoiled ("oh I saw this and that person come back after 2 days so they were out") but I also think that in the end everyone will return in some fashion. Either as hecklers or as co-judges, it is another one of those reality tv staples to bring everyone back and have them weigh in. Plus if the tweets and all were real they haven't chosen a winner yet so the twist (or another twist) could also be that they refuse to decide at that moment. But I do have a feeling we will be seeing the other artists again, maybe to bring it back from 3 to 2 artists.

  • emarecksaykayemarecksaykay Registered User regular
    edited May 2013
    I, too, am expecting some kind of return of the eliminated contestants before the end. In what capacity, I have no idea. I certainly hope there's some kind of reunion show after they announce the winner, anyway. Would be great if we saw some of their faces again on Season 2 as guest judges or something. We're getting toward the end here, and more and more I just think about how I want more of these lovely people. Oh well, at least most of them have webcomics to read. Like the Creators point out, this isn't some cooking show where the viewers don't get to try the food.

    Of the remaining contestants, I guess I'm on Team Tangent now. I think she'd be the most fun to see in cameos of PATV for the next year. I was trying not to cheer just one stripper on, and I still really like so many of the original 12, but Abby needs to pop in randomly in PATV. So yeah, I am blatantly wanting Abby to win now for that reason alone. I would definitely not mind if Maki or Katie won it either, they're both quite deserving. But Abby cameos please. Even if she doesn't win, can she come and visit?

    emarecksaykay on
    -mrxak, OMEGANAUT '09
    (You just say the letters)
    Spman2099Joe ChinJohnnyOmahaHanClintoshoeboxjeddyBucho
  • iHeartNZiHeartNZ Registered User new member
    Officially fell in love with Abby in this episode. Her back-and-forth with the Khoo was hilarious. I do think she should open her mind up to phalic lunch boxes though. Sex sells, after all?

  • ToochTooch Registered User new member
    I love this show but man...I hope someone is getting their ASS handed to them over the audio in these. It's worse every week. Did the batteries die on Abby and Katie's mic's during the dinner? Graham is quieter than everyone else, every single time. I turn it way up to hear him talk then they do a confessional and my speakers blow out.

    Joe ChinduddlesPuddingpie
  • Maz-Maz- 飛べ Registered User regular
    edited May 2013
    I sure hope the complete dinner will be on the DVD as a special feature *wink wink nudge nudge*.

    Maz- on
    Add me on Switch: 7795-5541-4699
    A Concerned Citizenemarecksaykay
  • WwenWwen Registered User regular
    Yaaay, go Abby. I always root for the underdog. Everyone was all like "Tangents! Nyueeegh!" Now Abby is all up in that business like a boss. She's also super amusing.

    "Freedom is on the march, but it gets winded rather quickly."
  • Angry_SamoanAngry_Samoan Now with 20% more mange... Registered User regular
    In all fairness to the sound issues, Katie seems to be more of a quiet, introverted type. And if her mic is muffled from being next to an article of clothing, like a scarf, forgetaboutit...

    "The history of all sports is to cheat whenever possible."- Tony Kornheiser
  • Angry_SamoanAngry_Samoan Now with 20% more mange... Registered User regular
    edited May 2013
    Once again, Abby talkin' about the "D"... Haha...

    Angry_Samoan on
    "The history of all sports is to cheat whenever possible."- Tony Kornheiser
  • astronautcowboy3astronautcowboy3 Registered User regular
    On Robert's whiteboard:

    Three Steps:
    poo poo
    pee pee

    The JRPG Club: Video game reviews, vocabulary lists and other resources for Japanese learners.
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  • endikuendiku Registered User regular
    Katie has a boyfriend? And the dreams of thousands of men across the world come shattering to an abrupt end.

    Abby, will you please stop slaying me with your personality. It's pure unadulterated physical abuse at this point, my sternum can't take much more pressure from all the laughter.

    Lexxy vs Maki is quite the amazing match up. Katie's choices have all been both fair and logical; you aren't living up to the female reputation very well Katie. I agreed completely that Abby has moved out of the category of being the young untested contestant, she has proven herself as an equal and didn't deserve to be thrown up again just because she is the youngest.

    Maki: humble pie; classic Maki finisher.

  • nerfherderhannerfherderhan Portland, ORRegistered User regular
    I feel like we need to see a 'Robert the Troll' PA comic or merch item. His messing with the contestants over the course of the show has gotten more and more hilarious/worthy of celebration.

  • SlaignSlaign Registered User regular
    Yea, I thought that Katie's mic was muffled by her scarf. Still, I'm surprised they didn't have an audio guy with headphones on to spot problems like that and rectify them before too much damage is done.

    Yasmine TeethUEAKCrash
  • SassoriSassori Registered User regular
    All contract negotiations will now be done through staring contests.

    BRASKYthatSOBemarecksaykayYasmine Teethgeekymoxiebubbaholy
  • Finnish_LineFinnish_Line Registered User regular
    Great episode. They made that subject matter as entertaining as it could possibly be, and the dinner was nice to see. Louder volume is my only criticism.

    Great choice by Katie. It would be unfair for Abby to have to win her 3rd elimination before either of the others won their 2nd.

  • ahdokahdok Figment of your imagination Registered User regular
    I'm laughing quite hard now at the memory that some people said this episode would be tedious. for comics, art and other junk.
  • ahdokahdok Figment of your imagination Registered User regular
    I find it funny that Abby didn't want her characters to show their manparts on a lunchbox, given that "lunchbox" is slang for manparts over here.

    So I heard you liked lunchboxes, so I put some lunchboxes on your lunchboxes. for comics, art and other junk.
  • A Concerned CitizenA Concerned Citizen Registered User regular
    edited May 2013
    Really enjoyed this episode. I actually thought Abby killed it and had the win. It's interesting how different people judged this challenge. I hope all the judges go more in depth into their criteria on some dvd/bluray extras as it would be interesting to compare and contrast even the differences in how they judged the different events.

    A Concerned Citizen on
  • JayeEmmJayeEmm Registered User regular
    Was I the only one who, when Graham said "and you will negotate the contract... with Robert Khoo", felt their bowels turn to the proverbial water on behalf of the Strippers? Why is Khoo so scary? He really isn't all that scary. (Except sometimes he is).

    Looking forward to Tuesday - logical choices by Katie, at this point losing anyone would be awful.

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