Crone - With Age Comes Power

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Your mother told you stories about the forest, didn’t she, little lamb? How it was full of dark and evil things, waiting to gobble you up if you strayed too far from her apron strings? She told you, little lamb, about all the nasty beasties; great wolves with snapping jaws, giant spiders spinning their enormous webs, and the trees themselves, looming over you, blotting out the warm light of the sun. Maybe you’ve pushed such stories from your mind, little lamb. Dismissed them as idle foolishness.
But you are wrong, little lamb.

All the stories your mother told you?

They are true.

- Sister Helle, Fleshreaper
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Crone is a game about witches, wizened old women who wield vast magical power. These witches don’t build gingerbread houses or eat naughty children - well... most don’t. Instead, they travel the land, going on adventures, visiting ancient ruins, fighting powerful monsters, and trying their best to bring hope back to a world that has almost forgotten it.

Crone is a tabletop game mixing the depth of traditional RPG's like "Dungeons and Dragons" with the fast pace and play-ability of CCG's like "Magic: The Gathering". Players take on the role of powerful witches during the Dark Ages, shortly after the collapse of a mighty empire. One playtester succinctly described it as "the time when the forest was the Bad Place."

Open Beta
Our open beta is going on now! Sign up to download the playtesting materials, and let us know what you think!


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