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[Murderous Ghosts] Now it's my turn to kill all of you.

weirdspaceshipsweirdspaceships i will eat your still-beating heartRegistered User regular
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Before we get started, I need to let everyone know how this works. I'm the Ghosts[/b]. Everyone else, you're the Player. I also need to let you know that this is the first time I've tried it with this many people before, and over a forum no less, so bare with me!

I'll be trying to kill the Player. The Player, they're trying to not die, obviously. It's roleplaying, so we're both going back and forth, developing imagery and what have you, but whenever there is a choice, we'll take a poll.

(See, if we were face to face, we'd each have a tiny booklet. It'd be all Choose Your Own Adventure style, and the choices you make would have you turn to X page, or have me turn to X page. But here over the forum, I'm going to speed that up a bit, and just present you with the information.)

So, routinely I'll ask, maybe, "What are your feelings regarding this place?" And anyone can answer. The first answer (that isn't silly or disruptive) is what we go with. It's now true, and we have to use it. I might also ask you to make a choice: the first person to answer that, I'm going with it. BUT! That person has until I make my next post to change their mind. That means other people can try to sway them, if they so choose. Like, if you think they made a bad choice. (Haven't they watched a scary movie before? Don't go in the goddamn basement.)

You should totally do commentary for this! Say what you think, say what's scary, say what isn't going to go over well. Just like watching a horror movie, and you just know something's about to go down. If you're answering a question, please start the post with !player, please, so I can find it easily! Other than that, absolutely everyone should talk this thing up. Be the audience. We're going for murder, fear, and doom, here.

No dice rolling, but cards are involved. I'll be drawing for you, you can trust me. Whenever you go to draw a card, you can choose to discard your entire hand first. Just say so. Then you draw the top card of the deck. Aces are 1, court cards are 11.

A high hand is a sum 13-20.
A low hand is a sum 6-12.
A bust is a sum 1-5 or 21+.

When you bust, discard your entire hand.

Likewise, as the GM, I'll be drawing cards periodically. They measure how close you are to escaping. I start with one. When you move closer to escape, I draw another one. When I have four in hand, you can maybe escape. I'll reveal my hand and play with it from then on.

It's really easy. In summary:

ME: I'll prompt you with some information. Please respond only when I prompt you, and answer what I ask you. Anyone should answer!

YOU: Make choices and supply evocative information. Don't be boring! Give us brief bits of backstory about this shared character you all own.

YOU, ALSO: Start any reply that is answering a question with !player

YOU, ALSO, AGAIN: Talk freely in the thread, as if we were all hanging out, watching a really creepy fucking movie. Somebody find us some creepy movie clips, or some fucked up music. You know what gets me? The X Files theme song. Even to this day, that just wigs me out.

This doesn't require any commitment. Just pop in the thread freely, as you choose.

But if you would like to take part, you absolutely must make a post in this thread telling everyone something you fear, or used to fear. I won't accept a post from anyone who doesn't!


I'll make my posts big and noticeable. You'll see.

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  • weirdspaceshipsweirdspaceships i will eat your still-beating heart Registered User regular
    edited June 2013
    cards: me (1), you (0)

    Player, you are 23, athletic, brave, and smart. You're an urban explorer, a spelunker. You've been in the sewers, and as best you can tell, you've ended up in an abandoned factory where Platt St. curves up next to the river.

    You're exploring an underbasement, some deep, deep floor beneath the factory. You know what direction to go to get out, and you figure you're not far. You're pretty sure you're not lost.

    What is your name? (anyone can answer)

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  • tzeentchlingtzeentchling Doctor of Rocks OaklandRegistered User regular
    edited June 2013

    Edit: Also, I have a large and irrational fear of spiders. Even small ones. Mostly if they actually get on me.

    Edit edit: really, I ought to read the instructions in more detail.

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  • AuralynxAuralynx Darkness is a perspective Watching the ego workRegistered User regular
    !playerThe name's Carlos.
    So I am a reasonably tough guy about scary bugs, vermin, and filth... except one thing: cockroaches. Ever since a couple of truly revolting run-ins with them during my formative years I am just mortified to be around them. They've completely stopped being regular-gross, but I just start imagining that they're crawling all over me, or soon will be, if I see them. Thus, X-Files and Men in Black have installments that are serious unfavorites of mine.


  • weirdspaceshipsweirdspaceships i will eat your still-beating heart Registered User regular
    edited June 2013
    cards: me (1), you (0)

    Carlos. The underbasement is sprawling, with leaking pipes dripping nasty water onto grates that slowly drain. It probably didn't used to be that way, but now there's ankle deep standing black water, and flood damage on some of the walls.

    A step up gets you out of the nasty water, and onto what looks like some spread of machines, where the factory may have once built something. All rusty equipment.

    Then, the smell of fire, and burnt flesh.

    It hits you suddenly, and you swear you feel warmth, but there is nothing. Just a massive black stain on the wall where a fire once roared, decades ago.

    The water drips, casually. Rhythmically. But then there's splashing, something invisible, and in the dark, you can see ripples forming, getting closer, until they slowly emerge onto the raised ground you inhabit. Each step brings closer into frame the gentle rambling of a young woman, faint at first but then too, too close. She sounds pleading and weak, gurgling and breathless.

    Then a shadow casts upon the black burn on the wall, and crumbles into ash. Real ash, at your feet.

    One of the machines begins to whir.


    Carlos, ask me questions if you need to, then decide what's the worst thing all that suggests to you? Anyone can ask questions, so long as they add !player to it, and if need be, post their fears. However, once someone makes an actual selection, I won't take any more questions.

    What's the worst thing this suggests to you?


    A threat to you, here and now.

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  • blahmcblahblahmcblah You pick your side and you stick - you don't cut and run when things get ugly. Registered User regular
    I fear mediocrity, or rather the realization that I am mediocre and cannot change that.

    !player Madness.

  • FaranguFarangu I am a beardy man With a beardy planRegistered User regular
    I fear that people see, in me, something that they want to see. That, at my core, who I am doesn't mesh with their notions. And that, if they ever find that out, I'll be alone.

    Madness works, I can also see Sorrow.

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