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The Real [E3] Thread (Check OP For Streams)



  • AshtonDragonAshtonDragon AKA The Nix Registered User regular

  • The Dude With HerpesThe Dude With Herpes regular Registered User regular
    thats the game. the end

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  • ED!ED! regular Registered User regular
    Yikes. That is the deathblow right there.

    "Get the hell out of me" - [ex]girlfriend
  • UrQuanLord88UrQuanLord88 regular Registered User regular
    Listen to the Englishman
    Listen to him
    Listen to his wisdom

    that silver tongued devil
    Streaming 8PST on weeknights
  • Mr.SunshineMr.Sunshine regular Registered User regular
    Shortest Console War Ever.

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  • Death of RatsDeath of Rats regular Registered User regular
    Aaaaaaaaaaand I'm sold. Goodbye Halo. :(

    No I don't.
  • Delta AssaultDelta Assault regular Registered User regular
    399 US Dollars.

    Game over, man. Game over.

    AllforceDr. ChaosDrovekLord_Asmodeus
  • NightslyrNightslyr regular Registered User regular
    So, I didn't get a PS3. I stayed pretty ho hum on Sony the entire last generation. But at this point my ticker is very very far into PS4 country its not even funny.

    Shit, I had a PS3 before getting a 360, and I pretty much jumped ship, XBL Gold subscription and all. I'm more than willing to go back to Sony, though. They WERE gaming f to me after my SNES.

    PSN/XBL/Nintendo/Origin/Steam: Nightslyr 3DS: 1607-1682-2948
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  • MonkeyConQuesoMonkeyConQueso regular Registered User regular
    Sony. As a gamer, you have me in many different ways. Take me now.

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  • ChanceChance regular Registered User regular
    I can't believe they just came out and said everything we wanted to hear. Even Klei! Klei Entertainment was like this secret lust of mine - I'm so pleased!

    'Chance, you are the best kind of whore.' -Henroid
  • Dr. ChaosDr. Chaos Post nuclear nuisance Registered User regular
    It's over.

    Sony just shit all over Microsoft's face.

    Drop the mic and go home like a king.

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  • BastableBastable regular Registered User regular
    natetwoc wrote: »
    Space capes alone tempts me. So wait, PS+ will give me a free game a month for subscribing?

    Think it's currently ~3 PS3 games a month, not sure the how exactly the system will transfer to PS4

    Plus Vita games

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  • DelphinidaesDelphinidaes FFXIV: Delphi Kisaragi Registered User regular



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  • Warlock82Warlock82 Never pet a burning dog Registered User regular
    So wow, I think they actually convinced me to get a PS4 at launch. That is crazy as hell.

    Switch: 2143-7130-1359 | 3DS: 4983-4927-6699 | Steam: warlock82 | PSN: Warlock2282
  • CouscousCouscous regular Registered User regular
    More shots at MS.

  • DeaderinredDeaderinred regular Registered User regular
    hahahahahah!! sony you magnificent bastards.

  • RakaiRakai regular Registered User regular
    Is there only 1 sku?

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    Ragnar Dragonfyre
  • Shady3011Shady3011 regular Registered User regular
    Hmm, That may do it. lol

    Hey, at least you'll get that day one achievement.

  • cykocyko regular Registered User regular
    So, PS4 wins, huh?

  • Salvation122Salvation122 regular Registered User regular
    Jesus Christ how big a fucking loss are they taking on that thing

  • KrunkMcGrunkKrunkMcGrunk regular Registered User regular
    my poor vita :(

  • JAEFJAEF Unstoppably Bald Registered User regular
    Space capes alone tempts me. So wait, PS+ will give me a free game a month for subscribing?
    Currently PS+ gives 4-5 games a month, although half of them are usually Vita games. So 1-3 PS3/4 games a month. You also get access to a small back-catalogue depending on when you've subscribed and the games constantly rotate.

    Three hundred and ninety nine U.S. dollars. Game over. ID: Jaef#1126 -- Steam: Jaef -- PSN: Jaef -- League of Legends: Jaef
  • evilive72evilive72 regular TexasRegistered User regular
    Unbeatable. That was megaton.

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  • JAEFJAEF Unstoppably Bald Registered User regular
    edited June 2013
    Double postaroonie.

    JAEF on ID: Jaef#1126 -- Steam: Jaef -- PSN: Jaef -- League of Legends: Jaef
  • Brutal JBrutal J Sorry! Sorry, I'm sorry. Sorry. Registered User regular
    Someone call the police.

    I'm watching a live stream of a fucking massacre.

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  • AegeriAegeri regular Plateau of LengRegistered User regular
    Sony have gone for the throat like a rabid dog.

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  • mxmarksmxmarks regular Registered User regular
    this is pure INSANITY.

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  • CaptainNemoCaptainNemo regular Registered User regular
    Holy shit.

    A hundred fucking dollars cheaper, no drm, used games, and no stupid kinect thing.

    Sony, you have my ax.

  • John ZoidbergJohn Zoidberg regular Registered User regular
    Well, guess I'm preordering a PS4 this week.

    Xbox Live: Ink Pouch / PSN: Stiff_Ninja / Origin: PAZoidberg / Steam
  • ED!ED! regular Registered User regular
    So that The Last Guardian "leak. . ." was just a bunch of trolling. Lame.

    "Get the hell out of me" - [ex]girlfriend
  • SoggybiscuitSoggybiscuit At the edge of spacetime lies a path with no end.Registered User regular
    $399.99 plus tax will go to Sony this generation.

    Alas Xbox Live, I knew you well. You were filled racially charged 12 year olds.


    Fuck XBox Live.

    Steam - Synthetic Violence | XBOX Live - Cannonfuse | PSN - CastleBravo | Twitch - SoggybiscuitPA
  • Salvation122Salvation122 regular Registered User regular
    Rakai wrote: »
    Is there only 1 sku?

    Also this

  • StormwatcherStormwatcher Blegh BlughRegistered User regular
    Hahahahaha, where are all them "IT'S NEVAR GONNA BE 399 YOU SILLY GEESE" guys now
    come out come out wherever you are

    Steam: Stormwatcher | PSN: Stormwatcher33 | Switch: 5961-4777-3491
    AllforcePolaritieEtiowsaSweeney TomJaysonFour
  • NotYouNotYou regular Registered User regular
    they are taking a HUGE loss on that console.... worth it i bet.

  • ArchsorcererArchsorcerer regular Registered User regular
    Hey, Pachter was right. :P

    XBL - ArchSilversmith

    "We have years of struggle ahead, mostly within ourselves." - Made in USA
  • CadeCade regular Eppur si muove.Registered User regular
    Sony you have my money.

    Good show ol bean.

  • JusticeforPlutoJusticeforPluto Total Goober Registered User regular
    Used Games
    No Always Online
    Great Games
    No Kinect.


    CaptainNemoPolaritieDrovekSweeney TomShurakai
  • John ZoidbergJohn Zoidberg regular Registered User regular
    Jesus Christ how big a fucking loss are they taking on that thing

    Attach rate and the required PS+ for multiplayer will pick up some of the slack.

    Xbox Live: Ink Pouch / PSN: Stiff_Ninja / Origin: PAZoidberg / Steam
  • Undead ScottsmanUndead Scottsman regular Registered User regular
    Grade A Sony. If I buy a next-gen console, you're at the top of the list.

    Fucking nailed it.

  • Dac VinDac Vin S-s-screw you! I only listen to DOUBLE MUSIC! Registered User regular
    399$ might sound good but when you factor in the playstation Plus subscription and a jewel encrusted chalice...

    CyBmbtG.png QTldVuB.png

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