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Patent Blaster

TubeTube Registered User admin

I recently made a small game called Patent Blaster. It's a surreal pixely sidescrolling shooter inspired by the awfulness of patent illustrations and the patent system as a whole.

Please give the demo a try, and let me know what you think.






  • ZarkonnenZarkonnen Registered User new member
    I'm the developer-beast of this game, so prod me if you have any questions. The game runs on Win/Mac/Linux BTW.

  • FamousAspectFamousAspect Indie Game Developer San FranciscoRegistered User regular
    I was interested in your game based on the high concept, especially after listening to the latest episode of This American Life on patents yesterday and getting infuriated all over again. Unfortunately, I think your high concept and gameplay are disconnected.

    I think commentary on the patent system is a very appealing theme for a specific breed of indie gamers (like myself) who are also software engineers (to some degree or another). But I think you may want to re-examine your game and see if you can find a more elegant merger of theme and gameplay.

    Best of luck with the game!

  • ZarkonnenZarkonnen Registered User new member
    Best of luck with the game!

    Thanks! FYI, I've reduced the game's price to $1 this week.

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