Asus Laptop not registering power settings.

So this has gone from kind of an annoyance to an actual hindrance to my work.

My Asus Laptop, model A54C, sleeps after exactly a minute, and always asks for a password.

This despite the fact that I've set it in every normal and advanced power option I can find to sleep "Never" and not require a password.

What the hell do I do to fix this? I've seen various recommendations to update graphics drivers or the BIOS, but I can't actually find what to download or how to update. Both the Intel and the Asus driver sites are annoying as heck to navigate.

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    AiouaAioua Ora Occidens Ora OptimaRegistered User regular
    Were you just changing the settings in windows control panel? Since it's a laptop, I bet there's a function key combo that controls those settings, too . And apparently overrides windows.

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    BigityBigity Lubbock, TXRegistered User regular
    You might make sure there isn't an ASUS utility controlling that seperately from Windows. Like my G75 has some kind of PowerHybrid program that does all that stuff.

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    durandal4532durandal4532 Registered User regular
    edited June 2013
    I don't see any active ASUS programs, and I don't see any sort of built-in power settings or function key combinations beyond a sleep button and screen brightness settings...

    Also, the power settings do seem to register the brightness setting of the display on/off AC power.

    It's just ridiculous to need to constantly circle the mouse while I'm testing experiments.

    Edit: And I can control what the power buttons do, apparently.

    Apparently everything except dim the display or turn off password at wake.

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