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Conclave is a tabletop-inspired, browser-based RPG, playable solo or co-operatively.
Play here: http://playconclave.com

"Conclave combines all the best things about D&D that I love in a place I can access any time, any place." - Wired
"Extremely innovative... Conclave is a great example of how HTML5 can push a game medium forward." - HTML5 Game Development
"Games bridging the gap between traditional tabletop games and traditional computer games excite me - and this is exactly the area Conclave fits. The designers have made some clever choices to optimize the play for the computer, without losing the paper game roots. The interface feels polished and natural." - Richard Garfield, creator of Magic: The Gathering

Conclave just left beta and was released to the world. We funded final development through funds raised in a Kickstarter back in September. Some of the key features of Conclave include:
  • Solo and co-op play, with automatic scaling based on party size
  • Turn-based combat on battlemaps featuring varied foes, terrain, and traps
  • Decisions with consequences for both combat and the overall story
  • Take turns synchronously in real time or asynchronously at your leisure
  • Five customizable character archetypes with distinct playstyles
  • Five original races: nix, trow, lumyn, mezoar, and forgeborn
  • Over 100 unique abilities to choose from when leveling
  • Earned distinctions that unlock additional story options and items
  • Soundtrack by Sam Hulick, composer for the Mass Effect series
  • 25 adventures in the full campaign, Legacy of the Dweller
  • Play from PC, tablet, or smartphone, including iOS and Android devices
  • Uses HTML5 and JavaScript; Flash not required

Nick Branstator
Co-Founder, 10x10 Room


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    10x10room10x10room Co-Founder, 10x10 Room Registered User new member
    This is Nick; I'm one of the two designer/developers of Conclave. Let me know if you have any questions!

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    FamousAspectFamousAspect Indie Game Developer San FranciscoRegistered User regular
    Hi Nick, I watched your trailer and went to your website and Conclave looks interesting. I had a quick suggestion I wondered if you had considered. Since you are browser based, is it possible to make an in-browser demo that lets me play without creating an account first? It is a large friction point that I have to create an account before I am able to try it out.

    I know that theoretically it is not that big of a deal, but I wouldn't be surprised based on past experience if 50% of people who reach that screen or more just bounce out without creating an account. This is after you've already convinced them to come to your page and click the Play Now button.

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