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BroloBrolo BroseidonLord of the BroceanRegistered User regular
Search is back! And it's more clever than ever!

Much thanks for the work it took to put all this together.

There still seem to a few niggles in the process -

Trying to do a search for "crwth" gets all of his recent posts, nicely grouped together by thread:


Drilling down into the thread view gets you but the results don't show the actual post text until they're clicked through, which becomes awkward with quotes:


And clicking through here takes you to the actual post.

I'm guessing there's still a bunch of work that's being done on this, but for now if anyone has any cool search tips they've discovered i'd love to see them.

FeralThe Geek


  • The GeekThe Geek Oh-Two Crew, Omeganaut Registered User, ClubPA regular
    I was also coming to post a thank you for the improved search functionality! It's cool to be able to limit it to specific forums again.

    Also, thanks for adding search to the mobile version!

    Keep up the good work, crew!

    BLM - ACAB
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