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For the past few months, I've been focusing more on my character designs and my commissions on them, hoping to remove myself from the vicious temp job circle that I'm getting real tired of...
in between my commissins, I've been working on personal images of my own characters for a series I've had in mind for a while.

((Current work: Spellbound Series 1))

The character images I have here is an idea for a fighting game concept, where all fighters are wizards who specialize in one of either six studies(Mind, Body, Soul, Shadow, Wave and Arcaneer.)

The first arc of the series follows the newest edition of students of the Arcane Academy School Of Magic called Group 12.
The main protagonist, Miogei, is the youngest to enter the Academy and is also known as a Prodigy to the Mind Arcana. Howver, she also carries and powerful, but deadly, artifact known as the Grimoire Cauchemerduex that Crime Lord E'Ral Dagoth wants.
Meanwhile, the Kitewater Military are on the verge of owning the Arcane Academy for their own uses while Kitewater City is being haunted by an abomination that has been taking people away at night.

Right now, here is the images for the fighter's roster, twelve total.
This isn't a concrete plan to make a fighting game right now, but I have been studying and improving my work to one day make it a reality.

Fighters of Group 12.
The Arcane Prodigy: Miogei.
Arcana: Mind.
Balance Type.
A Gypsy from the swampland, Shadowmare, Miogei joins to become a student of the Arcane Academy in hopes to lift the curse of the evil book she carries, The Grimoire Cauchemardeux.
A fan of sports, Miogei uses both her mental will and knowledge of popular sports of Outhere to mimic movements and objects to gain victory in arcane combat.

The Dynamic Rolla! Rygal Norton.
Arcana: Body.
Rushdown Monentum Type.
The self-proclaimed leader of the inputs, Rygal hails from the Midmist District, fights are almost common in his residence and word of mouth says he's taken down all rivals in the district. Rygal was enrolled to the Academy to learn control and discipline in his actions, but his impatience and short temper might be a snare in that path.
Hit fast in all directions at once, fast enough to be in three or more places at once, almost impossible to hit and the "Bad Guy" attitude just might be hiding that glass jaw he's born with too...

The Iron Comrade: Andro Kind.
Arcana: Body.
Heavy Powerhouse Type.
A resident from the arctic lands of Zerohs, Andro was accepted into the Arcane Academy after saving his town from an organized bandit raid. Although physically the strongest in the input group, Andro is a lover before a fighter and will kill with kindness(and Bear hugs) before leaving his opponents as a crater mark in the gorund.
A combination of a striker and grappler, Andro's Arcana helps him create shock waves to open the ground under his opponents, slowing then down enough to catch up and give them a nice hug.

The Desert Eye: Rasheed Afsar.
Arcana: Soul.
Power Up Type.
A shape changer from the Red Wall Desert. Like many Soul Arcanas of the Red Wall Desert, Rasheed has made a pact with the ancestral Tortoise, Halakamir, blessing him with strong offensive or defensive powers with each prayer to the Tortoise spirit.
Rasheed has a balance of mid range offense and defense, however, He has the ability to increase either attack or defense powers for every prayer he finishes to Halakamir or even receiving enough charge for more powerful special attacks, as well as the ability to shift into his Sand Dragon form for a short time.

Fighters of Criminal Organization: Obelisk.
The Master Crime Lord: E'Ral Dagoth.
Arcana: Soul.
Trapper Type.
With connections in major cities in Outhere, E'Ral is untouchable by the law. His plans for the Grimoire Cauchemardeux is vague, but "Big things will happen for this world" if the book is in his possession.
E'ral Spirit contract is with the ancient twins of thunder and lighting, giving him control of powerful spirit minions and ancestral storms.

The Gentleman Armor: Arthur Van Buren.
Arcana: Arcaneer.
Rushdown Mix-Up Type.
The final member of the Obelisk roster. Charm hides his deception, just as his armor hides his countless assassin grade weapons powered by magic and creativity.
Wearing the suit of arcana armor that carries a variety of weapons and firearms. Hammer Guns, Rocket Boots, Scatter Shots and even an AI is just a few of many ways to defeat an opponent.

The Unborn Glacier: Coldstone.
Arcana: Mind.
Grappler Type.
Suspected to be a former Military soldier who dies decades ago from a Necromancer attack at the Arcane Academy. Now working under the hands of E'Ral, no one is sure of the construct's motives of his destructive use of power.
Using the mind arcana, he is able to expand the ice from his body to generate defensive and offensive walls and weapons of ice, as well as creating blizzards at will. Be warned when trying to grapple with him, you might end up finding yourself encased in ice instead.

The Mad Tangle: Alice.
Arcana: Shadow.
Stance Type.
A strange child born from a disgraced tribe of Gypsies. Her clownish personality and hours of talking about nothing may not win her any awards anytime soon, but her skills as an illusionist has already earned her top spot in the Obelisk organization.
Very speedy and hard to hit, Alice enjoys showing off her illusion and contortion tricks to throw off the opponent by creating off fighting stances, such as the tangled mess that is the "Tornado Scarecrow", the airborne styles of the "Skeleton Butterfly" and the ever vicious "See Saw."

The Wandering Vengeance: Gemini.
Arcana: Body.
Momentum Beatdown Type.
Born and raised in the Blood Pits Arena, This member of the criminal group, Obelisk, lives to prove her strength, only to one day find the demon father that created her and kill him for leaving her to die in the pits.
Gemini is no-nonsense when it comes to arcane combat, She's never been the one to hold her punches. "Pussyfooting's for those who needs a fist through their skull."

Third Party Fighters.
The Grand Leader: General Vorago.
Arcana: Arcaneer.
Semi-Grapler Type.
A firm believer of peace through control, Vorago seeks to gain control of the Arcane Academy to convert all mages to work only as trained soldiers and not as they were trained for many years. With the nearing disasters ahead, Vorago's control may just come to past.
Vorago's fighting style is a no-nonsense, disciplined combat style. Mixed with the addition of high end Arcaneer weaponry, Vorago will be a challenge for even the skilled mage.

The Leaf Tailed Bandit: Tenten.
Arcana: Shadow.
Sniper Type(Joke Character.)
The sharpest tool in this Imp's disposal will always be her silver tongue, and if words are out of the question, flailing around, throwing anything she can grab and hiding behind her opponent's back while stealing their stuff is always the next best thing.
Being small and sleek, Tenten will have to rely on attacking fast and often, stealing or applying conditions under her opponent's noses and using whatever she pulls out of her Infinity Satchel. Although her arcana helps her greatly, it has the tendency to loose control is she's not careful...

The Imperfect Homunculus: Gaggyllak.
Arcana: Mind.
Transformer Type.
Once the Arch Mages find out where this thing hides and when it attacks, Kitewater City's curfew is not only mandatory, but a matter of life or death.
Gaggyllak method of fighting is to use whatever trash that was collected against it's opponents, shaping it's body to create weapons and even going as far as taking a form of another mage.

I will post more characters later when I get time to.

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    m3nacem3nace Registered User regular
    edited June 2013
    On General Vorago it seems like you're shading some parts separately instead of taking the whole figure into account. For example, take the front flap on his jacket, the linework makes it seem like it follows the same curvature of the rest of the jacket and yet just to the left of it, the jacket underneath isn't shaded.
    The same goes for the belt on E'Ral Dagoth. On the far right of the belt we see that the individual parts of the belt follow the same curve and yet the shading on the left shows these parts as bulging out.

    Another thing you should address is soft vs hard edges. You use soft brushes way too frequently and generally, I would stay away from using soft brushes to do shading and go for something with opacity control instead. Are you colouring these with a mouse? If so don't do that, get a tablet instead. However if you have a tablet then use soft brushes sparingly. Everything becomes too smooth. Here is a great reference to explain courtesy of @Angel_of_Bacon
    The stronger the angle something turns away from a light source the harder the shadow will be, like the upper lip which has a very extreme angle. And vice versa if it's a more smooth transition away from the light the edge of the shadow will be softer (like the cheeks).

    m3nace on
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    Brother OrinBrother Orin Registered User new member
    Thanks for the shading tip, as for the soft/hard brush, I'll stick with my own way, but I do thank you for sharing your tip.

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    IrukaIruka Registered User, Moderator Mod Emeritus
    Overall, its clear you have some understanding of what you are doing, but it looks like you are missing some of those core/foundation skills to build your work upon. In some places your shading is defining form, in others its simply following the shape around the outline. In some places, you seem to have an okay sense of where the anatomy is supposed to be, and in others things look broken and poses are strange.

    Cloth folds, for certain, are an area of study you need, along with some basic study of how light applies to a shape. Check out the previous enrichment threads if you need an Idea of what exercises may help or check out the art camp thread.

    It feels like you may be focused on working in a "style", and I would guess that is seriously putting a damper on your progress forward. Are you looking to make this more than a hobby? Do you have any lifedrawing/still life/studies you could post to give us a good measure of where your skills are at?

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    Brother OrinBrother Orin Registered User new member
    I don't have any study images, I've never gone to any art classes, everything I've done was from my own learning.

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    IrukaIruka Registered User, Moderator Mod Emeritus
    Soo.... are you going to? The primary function of the AC is to seek critiques, so when you post people are going to give you advice and try to push you forward. If that is not what you are looking for, You should try communities like DA or tumblr.

    If you'd like to grow, we have a lot of knowledge and are happy to help you by critiquing your work, and the forum has a bunch of resources for you to take advantage of!

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    WassermeloneWassermelone Registered User regular
    edited June 2013
    I don't have any study images, I've never gone to any art classes, everything I've done was from my own learning.

    Good for you. You still have a long way to go if you want to do this professionally. Want to get better quicker? Want to become a professional artist? Draw from life. Study. Use reference (as in 'oh thats how that works' not 'lets just copy those shapes exactly')

    Wassermelone on
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    FugitiveFugitive Registered User regular
    edited June 2013
    There is a tutorials thread at the top of the board full of resources. More than enough to get you started.

    Fugitive on
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