War, the Game [pc]

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War,the Game [pc]

In War, the Game players take the role of a supreme commander directing armies across the globe.
Straightforward game rules, limited number of unit types (7) and intuitive controls make this game very accessible.


Some of the features:
- In War, the Game earth is a sphere, not flat.
- War, the Game is easy to learn yet difficult to master.
- Playable with mouse or 360-controller.
- Network scenarios using diplomacy add extra layer of gameplay.
- Super duper ai.


War, the Game takes inspiration from boardgames such as Diplomacy, Risk and Axis & Allies, picks only the best elements from
traditional RTSes and simplifies, simplifies, simplifies .
The playable demo contains 4 levels and 2 network scenarios. It can be downloaded from http://www.warthegame.net

War,the Game is the first indie title by industry veteran Obbe Vermeij / GabberGames.com.

I am very keen to find out what you think. I will make time to iron out any problems with controls, game play etc. No need to be diplomatic. Negative feedback is especially appreciated.
War, the Game is the game I always wanted to play. I think it's fantastic but there is the possibility that you have different ideas. I am open to suggestions.


One of the network scenarios in the demo only requires 2 players. That means as long as there is one other player in the lobby anywhere in the world you can start a network game.


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