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Hi guys and girls, I am a web developer and web designer who is trying to get better at drawing. I mostly stopped drawing when I came to the age where I realized everything I did was horrible and haven't basically picked up a pencil until this year. I've been lurking this forum a lot and think it's time to get some feedbacks to both get better and to keep motivated.

I started my journey with Drawing On The Right Side Of The Brain, here are some of the drawing I made, most of them are copied from other drawing (not traced), unless otherwise stated:

(a friend of mine, drawn from real life)



(my hand)

(drawn from real life)

(drawn from real life)

(drawn from real life)

To be honest I think the book gives the reader a way to get to the best result possible without too much trouble, a result which is not really applicable to most situations (do any of you draw with a viewfinder?), also the science part sounds kinda dated, but I have to admit it gives some good rules to start drawing, however I feel the need to move on from this approach to drawing. I eventually started trying drawing "on my own" and felt kinda bad about the result, here's a Bowie I wish he never sees:
(ch-ch-ch-changing for the worst, drawn from an album cover)

After a few similar result I was kinda down, work also kicked in and I basically stopped drawing for a month or two, until I realized I was never going anywhere without practicing daily, so I started producing messes again, here's some of the new things, these are exercises I did based on the book Keys To Drawing:



I also got a graphic tablet (which is actually broken, but I tried doing something with it anyway), since I'd eventually start doing most of my drawing digitally I figured it would be useful to use one sooner than later. Here's something I did to practice with it, taken from a reference image:

I'm currently following the ctrlPaint program, what do you think about it?

Thanks in advance, any feedback and suggestion is welcome :)
Have a good weekend!


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    bombardierbombardier Moderator Mod Emeritus
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    Hello and welcome!

    The drawings are off to a good start. I can see you're observing things properly but still struggling with drawing symbols instead of forms and values. See those outlines on most of your drawings and how dark they are? Your darkest values in your drawings should be that dark, like, almost black. Try and push your values so you have a range of barely touching the paper, all the way to a solid layer of pencil, like this (I would suggest actually drawing one of these value studies):


    I think one of her exercises is to take an object, or a photo or something and orient it so that it's not familiar, or crop it then draw exactly what you see. It helps fight the whole drawing symbols thing.

    Outlines are ok, but if you want to shade realistic values, then you need to push them to how dark your outline is in some places as well, kind of like this:


    bombardier on
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    drbernardidrbernardi Registered User new member
    Thanks you so much, this is so helpful! I find it really difficult using different values of black, I have the bad habit to outline everything to shade it later, I should probably do this mentally.

    Here is one drawing I did before reading your reply (copied from this one), shading is really black magic to me:

    Here are some gesture drawing (I really like these, they are an eye opener) and my first try at the value exercise:

    I also forgot to mention something pretty important: my goals. I would really like to start drawing from imagination, which is probably why I got so frustrated with drawing from real life. These are some of my favorite "web" artists: Zac Gorman, Emily Carroll, Emmy Cicierega, Olly Moss. You've probably got the idea P:

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    SpaceMooseSpaceMoose Registered User regular
    Keep it up! You have practically the same goals as me and you're going the same route. I've been going through the ctrlpaint videos slowly but steadily though lately I've been hamstrung by super busy work and lack of motivation. Nice to see someone on here fighting the good fight.

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