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Hi Everyone and welcome to the official Epic Pets 3D Thread on PA Forums. We're proud to show off our small two-man team project for you guys which we have consistently updated without fail for the last 8 weeks to showcase to new users.


Epic Pets is A FULL 3D game for your device where you can not only create your own training character, but are also put up to the challenge to take care of your very own Epic Pet / ePet ! Don't know where to go for your next Battle / Pocket Monster fix on the Android? Well we're trying to be the solution ! We've included features such as Taming, Customization, Your own customizable house, and much more for you to explore !


We listen to all community feedback, perform updates continuously and are even getting our game controller ready to be playable on both the Ouya and as one of the first launched games on the GameStick console upon release ! Exciting times ahead for our small game ! We're going to continue expanding our game with hopefully more minigames, easier tutorials and layouts, and of course more ePets to collect !


Be sure to follow our twitter and facebook Feeds for continious updates and we'll try to update here as much as possible as well !


But enough images and text ! Get it now FREE on :
Google Play : http://goo.gl/azk6Q
Kindle Fire : http://goo.gl/zOTlv

Coming soon to iOS and Gamstick with more features!

Thank you so much !

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