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360 has died

Doctor DetroitDoctor Detroit Registered User regular
Yep, My 360 (Pro) (yes, it's that old--it doesn't have HDMI) has finally kicked the bucket and has the infamous 3 red rings.

I'd like to repair/replace it, since I've got games I'd like to play and all that.

I suppose the options are $100 to send it to MS for repairs, $120-$130 for a refurb from GS, or throwing down for a new updated unit, which looks to be $300 to get a decent sized HDD.

I figure most people have gone through this before. Any thoughts on these options? Anything I'm missing?


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    darqnessdarqness KCMORegistered User regular
    I wouldn't even bother repairing it. I've gone through one original white Xbox, the next black version (Falcon?), and am finally on the newest one with built-in wireless. I wouldn't trust any repair to hold.

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    kaliyamakaliyama Left to find less-moderated fora Registered User regular
    Why not hold out for November and either pick up a next gen console, or a 360 at a price that will presumably be less than it is now.

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    Doctor DetroitDoctor Detroit Registered User regular
    So not trusting a repair would probably mean I shouldn't trust a refurb either.

    Waiting for next gen means all these games that I haven't played and/or finished are fancy coasters. Or about $15 if I trade them in at GS. :P And waiting for a price drop...if nobody bothered to drop at E3, I doubt they will later. MS keeping the viable 360 at $299 is a good way to get people to consider the One. Same thing for Sony.

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    Dr. FrenchensteinDr. Frenchenstein Registered User regular
    360 Elites might drop quite a bit when the new model comes out.

    is a refurb from GS the same as a used unit?

    I definitely got a different refurbed machine when i got my "repair" from MS during the amnesty period, and it's lasted quite a while. i would think it'd be easier for them just to replace yours with a refurb, rather than actually take the time to repair it. basically a matter of patience. wait for shipping to MS, waiting for process, waiting for shipping from MS, pay $100. pay $130 now, walk out with a unit from GS, or wait 6 months to see if an elite comes down in price.

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    pirateluigipirateluigi Arr, it be me. Registered User regular
    Even if the official price isn't lowered, I'm sure a lot of people will consider selling their used 360s when the One comes out. You could try and keep an eye open for those kinds of deals.

    Question for everyone else: If Doctor Detroit's 360 is replaced, is it possible to keep his game saves / downloads? Can he just switch the hard drive?
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    PantshandshakePantshandshake Registered User regular
    Yeah, he can switch the hard drives. There will be a (insert amount of time here) period after he sets the 360 up with his profile, while it checks the things on the hard drive vs what his profile says he owns, but other than that he'll be fine.

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