No tickets in mail?

onionninjaonionninja Registered User new member

Not sure where to ask this as there doesn't seem to be contacts or help page. I just got a mail from PAX with just a letter and some world of tanks invitation. Should my tickets also be in this mail or is there going to be a separate one?

Thanks in advance


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    vjreddy12vjreddy12 NSW, AustraliaRegistered User regular
    edited June 2013
    I got mine today....

    You should have the plastic square badge with the two pieces of paper.

    Should look like this...
    (the badge shown is an "ALL Access" badge, but it should look similar)

    vjreddy12 on
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    onionninjaonionninja Registered User new member
    mmm thanks for the reply. Got the same response from the Facebook page: the tix shoulda been in the same mail. Emailed the info address hopefully they can fix it up for me!

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    thegh0ststhegh0sts Sydney, NSWRegistered User regular
    i got mine in the mail today as well...can't wait! it's been a while since i've visited melbs!

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    zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    You have done the right thing by contacting the info email address. If they don't get back to you in the next few days, email again, and tweet at the official pax aus twitter. You might even have a phone number to call on your registration confirmation email.

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