80s & 90s cartoons & video game songs on piano

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Hey guys,

I've been recording some videos and putting them on YouTube... I figure these might trigger a few trips down memory lane, so here goes!

Here's a medley of 80s & 90s cartoon show pieces (including DuckTales, Chip 'n Dale, Alvin and the Chipmunks, etc.): http://youtube.com/watch?v=fYdfWdravEI

Some Mother/Earthbound music... http://youtube.com/watch?v=vUJGMiDCWeE

Super Mario Jazzy Theme: http://youtube.com/watch?v=FjN9ymftM8o

Dr. Wily's first stage from Mega Man II: http://youtube.com/watch?v=wAw9-D25ELY

Two short pieces from the Donkey Kong Country series: http://youtube.com/watch?v=taDg4Qdb4cw

There are loads more, but they can all be accessed from my user page at http://youtube.com/profile?user=BenSpinSpace

I hope someone else finds this a bit interesting, given Penny Arcade's key demographic! Video game songs (and cartoon show theme songs, for that matter) all seem to have a lot of staying power, so they make good fodder for crafting new arrangements of existing material. Plus, they're catchy! Naturally, of course, I'm always hearing comparisons to Martin Leung... a hell of a classical pianist, but I like to think I'm doing my own thing (though I definitely took the blindfold idea from him). Most of these arrangements were done basically on the spot... I think the next step is improving my technique so that I can play better consistently and develop more control over tone and texture.

I'm always open to suggestions for what songs to do next. I'm right in the middle of a semester at Berklee College of Music and I'm busy working on crafting sheet music to the Cartoon Medley, but I'd love to hear some input on what videos I should do when I have some time to spare!

Hope you enjoy the music,

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  • Tweaked_Bat_Tweaked_Bat_ Registered User regular
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    I figure these might trigger a few trips down memory lane, so here goes!
    I'll say! I already feel like a kid listening to the Donkey Kong pieces... ah the good 'ol days...

    I demand moar catchy Donkey Kong music! Moar!

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  • MayGodHaveMercyMayGodHaveMercy Registered User regular
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    The pause in Jazzy Mario is a fantastic touch. Good work.

    EDIT: You are pretty awesome on the piano, but the medley seems like it needs better bridges in between songs. It's kinda like.... ok, that one's over, here's the next. It's more like playing 15 songs in rapid succession than putting 15 songs into one.

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  • Ape2001Ape2001 Otaku Registered User
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    Really nice stuff you got there ^^
    My favorites are the Rescue Rangers part, Willys Castle, Robotnik Theme and also the Mother/Earthbound music.

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    I really like the ending of the Super Mario Bros Jazzy one.

    edit: Although listening to the cartoon show one. I reccomend finding transitions between songs. Maybe a common element that makes the progression from one song to the next invisible. You want a medley, not a mixtape.

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  • bombardierbombardier Moderator mod
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    Hey I know you. Someone posted the first link in the SE++ youtube thread a while ago.

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  • Tom LamakieTom Lamakie Registered User
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    I agree with Maygodhavemercy, I'm not sure if you aranging the music yourself or if you have sheet music but a few of the songs, tailspin for one; the left hand and right hand aren't contrasting enough and it just sound like your banging the keys. Don't get me wrong i can't play piano nor do i claim to know alot about music. I just wante to tell you what i hear. I'm sure you didn't post this up here just to have everyone tell you how awesome you are.

    Tom Lamakie on
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