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Tell me what you think about TACKOnauts

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I certainly love reading webcomics and figured it would be even more fun to have a hand at it myself! Create comics for comics sake is a fun hobby, but I only make time for it once a week. Tell me what you think in either the comments here or if you like I have a comment box below each comic. I would love to hear more about learning photoshop or drawing tips. Writing is right there up on the list too! I am still new to things like website design and layout, but I feel the overall look of the website is presentable.

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    Hello, welcome to the AC!

    We have some rules around here, please check out the stickies at the top of the board. New threads need to have art posted directly in them and not link back to your site. If you are here for feedback, Post a few strips for critique. For the best results, include some art/sketches from outside of your comic.

    Locking up this thread and removing the links, try again after you read the rules!

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