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Strip Search - Finale, Part 2

DogDog Registered User, Administrator, Vanilla Staff admin
edited June 2013 in Strip Search
Strip Search - Finale, Part 2

Strip Search - Finale, Part 2

Read the full story here

zerzhul on


  • jebmakjebmak Registered User new member

  • EusixEusix Registered User regular
    yay!! go Katie!

  • WhitethornWhitethorn Registered User new member
    GL!! It's HERE!!

  • wfpwfp Registered User regular
    I know a bunch of people have done these themselves, but I just got these done in time for the finale and wanted to share my home edition elimination challenges. So here they are, all nine presented in order plus the prompts in case you've forgotten:

  • miaAusamiaAusa GOD Gamer Of Daters ValhallaRegistered User regular
  • BuchoBucho One careful pwner Registered User regular
    Katie is incredible and as deserving a champion as we could have gotten and I will LOVE seeing what she does with the new strip and buy her merch.

    But I'm still Team Tangent till I die.

  • VolkVolk Registered User regular
    lol cake.

  • BuchoBucho One careful pwner Registered User regular
    Also, "Pretentious is a word that non-artists use to describe people who actually do something with their fucking lives."


  • dejavu,againdejavu,again Registered User regular
    Just got to the part with Jerry and the cake. You know which part.

    I had to pause the video so I could momentarily die of laughter.

    The paramedics brought me back just in time.

  • gacbmmmlgacbmmml Registered User regular
    I think it was obvious that Katie was going to win after seeing the strips they produced after 2 months. I'd read Maki's for sure, too... but Katie's was just the best of the bunch.

  • BuchoBucho One careful pwner Registered User regular
    Man, Jerry sure is over-analyzing Katie's Game of Thrones joke. (Winky face)

    Just got to the part with Jerry and the cake. You know which part.

    I had to pause the video so I could momentarily die of laughter.

    The paramedics brought me back just in time.

    It was how slowly he pushed into it that killed me. Actually reminded me of Amy's friend Chris from the Pretty Shorts videos.

  • nemminemmi Registered User regular
    I agreed with them, but what a decision. A big part of me was rooting for Abby to pull out, but it was definitely a gamble. What a fantastic show.

  • seegruseegru Master of None St. PaulRegistered User regular
    Called it!! Way to go girl!! Great first season!

  • WhitethornWhitethorn Registered User new member
    Congrats to all of them.. WELL DONE!!!! Best show ever. Can't wait for Season 2

  • benswimmingbenswimming Registered User regular
    Congrats Katie!

    PAX EAST 2011 Omeganaut
    Twitter: sweeneyben
    XBL: Disco Ball
  • garp26garp26 Registered User new member
    Congrats Katie!

  • StarmieStarmie Registered User new member
    Kickstart that shit, Abby! I have so much money to give you.

    Congrats to Katie, too!

    RionaVolkBuchoIntangible 360MKF36EBoardGameBodhisattvaEvermournSpman2099ahdokPuddingpie
  • Ar0nAr0n Registered User new member
    edited June 2013
    Dear Strip Search,

    It has been a great ride for this debut season. The reality show format worked quite well without embracing the tropes that often plague the genre. However, (it might be late in the game for this but oh well) I do hope you find a way to "fix" the opening intro of all the artists. It's not that it's particularly bad, but it's overall uninteresting, and (worst of all) the pacing is sooo slow. Half the artists look like they feel awkward holding themselves still while waiting for the slow camera movement (Katie even breaks contact and doesn't know where to look). The artists are also placed outside in the interesting setting, but it has little to do with the focus of the show and their talents. Alex and Erika pulled it off as perfectly as possible, but overall it just did not work. I see now as I'm looking at it for the ninth time that the transitions to the next artist are done on beat, but they style of the cinematography and music do not go well with with this (and it kind of puts me to sleep, despite liking the music). It adds up to a weak usage of 45 seconds, which could've easily been 30 or even 20 seconds.
    For instance, take a look at Top Chef's pacing: (I'm certain there are better examples, but I rarely watch reality TV and this was the only intro that came to mind).

    Now, I recognize that part of the beauty of having the show be web-based and not on television is that you don't have the same restrictions and are free to pace things however you want, and that also the viewer has the ability to click-and-skip easily if they want. But the show is so good and has such a great audience/community (I'm blown away by the thought that clearly went into a lot of the comments posted on Youtube and the Strip Search site), that the viewer should want to watch every second of every episode. And the intro is shown in every episode, so it's clear that it should be there.

    I've unexpectedly become a very avid watcher of the show and cannot wait for future seasons. The intro has just been my major gripe since day one, and I needed to express my encouragement for future development!
    I hope this message finds someone!


    Ar0n on
  • TimoonTimoon Occupied Canada Registered User regular
    They had better have her shirts at PAX prime! :)

  • escherescher Registered User regular
    Super excited for Katie, but I have to admit that the end was kind of anti-climactic. I was really hoping for some talk from Katie (and Maki and Abby) about the experience, but once the decision was made it just sort of stopped.

  • DevoninDevonin Registered User regular
    Team Katie FTW! So excited for this webcomic!

  • ReedtekReedtek Registered User regular
    Congrats Katie and the rest of the contestants, great effort by all.

  • EusixEusix Registered User regular
    Amazing show. Thank you to Graham and Team for an awesome season. Grats to Maki, Abby, and Katie for such talent. Can't wait to read more about Camp Weedonwantcha! See you guys at Pax Prime! <3

  • ApplegromApplegrom Registered User new member
    I really think its poetic that the first person to win an elimination won the entire competition. Katie is the Marines of Strip Search: first in, last out.

  • Meester ScyllzMeester Scyllz Registered User regular
    Wow. Have to say congrats to everyone.. I hate reality tv shows as a rule. They show the grossest parts of humanity as entertainment, but Strip Search showed people striving for their dreams and supporting each other as they did it. Every episode showed me, you can get what you want. You just need to put your heart in it, you might not win your immediate challenge.. but by doing what you love, you become what you want to be.

  • zWolfzWolf Registered User regular
    T'was as I predicted! Congratulations winner! (I can't bring my self to add to the spoilers.. it just seems 'too soon' heh, (though I see the winner's name all over, and this IS a spoilers thread - still.)

    Congratulations Winner, AND to both of the runners up! Way to go!

    I loved this show!

  • Corduroy TurtleCorduroy Turtle Registered User regular
    Huh. Sort of an abrupt ending. Would have loved to see more personal reactions from the 3 finalists after the fact.

    Eh, whatever. YAY KATIE!

  • FulgoreFulgore Registered User regular
    Fuck yes, Team Katie.

  • Vanilla CokeVanilla Coke Registered User regular
    edited June 2013
    The shamehole is an elevator.

    Vanilla Coke on
  • DevoninDevonin Registered User regular
    Huh. Sort of an abrupt ending. Would have loved to see more personal reactions from the 3 finalists after the fact.

    Eh, whatever. YAY KATIE!

    Well I guess you'll just buy the dvd like the rest of us.

  • MTesonMTeson Austin, TXRegistered User regular
    edited June 2013
    I agree I wanted more ending - more from Khoo maybe about her embedding or maybe from Mike and Jerry in the end explaining why they went with Katie, and from Abby and Maki about how they felt.

    And it was completely the right decision. Abby's idea is TAILOR MADE for Kickstarter (can you say giant hardcover editions?), and Maki's is a webcomic I would read day in day out - I think the world he's built is so easy to maintain and expand, it has really grown on me over the last two weeks. But it was so clear that Katie's pages she brought in were perfectly presented, the merch was ready to print, the idea had legs, the art style was really lovely, and her on-the-gun strips, while rushed, were still awesomely charming and fun.

    As for the Game of Thrones thing, it would have been funnier to make the joke early and then have Malachi run into a kid who was making a Backstreet Boys reference or something to indicate that they had been there so long they just weren't in the same pop culture universe anymore.

    MTeson on
  • minamina Registered User new member
    Congrats Katie, I was rooting for either you or Maki. Happy to see you will have more time to work on your strip.

  • RottonappleRottonapple Registered User regular's over? but...what will I do with my Tuesdays and Fridays now?

  • EireJackEireJack Registered User regular
    Man for someone as Cocky as Maki has been this whole show, seeing the footage that makes it obvious they weren't even considering him after a few minutes must suck

  • OsmedirezOsmedirez Registered User regular
    To Maki's kickstarter comment:

    Congratulations everyone. You're all awesome and great things will come of who you are and what you do. I can't wait to read all your comics!

  • VolkVolk Registered User regular
    Looking forward to reading everyone's comics whenever it is that they'll start coming out. Also, congratulations to Katie.

  • EireJackEireJack Registered User regular
    Can we Kickstart an amount that allows you guys to hire on Abby anyway

    ellipsoidTabooPhantasyFabledKnellVolkBoomboomlaserIamdudeIntangible 360stoleezWolfSpiffy McBangEvermournKerensky287Spman2099ahdokUEAKCrash
  • RogjahRogjah Registered User regular
    Personally, I think the person who won deserved it the most and best represented the total package. Truly an excellent job. Congratulations!

    To the runners-up: Make Kickstarters for your projects. There's money out there to bring your projects to life as well. It certainly worked for Lexxy.

  • lofloloflo Registered User regular
    edited June 2013
    I thought they were a bit harsh on Abby's two month submission, but i guess when you're faced with such a tough decision you basically have to pick every nit you can, no matter how small. Personally I think Abby's style and humour is like lightning in a bottle and it will serve her well no matter what.

    I'm very happy for Katie though. She seems like a lovely person -- a real quiet achiever with a clear devotion to her art -- and i'm eagerly anticipating more camp weedonwancha misadventures.

    A big congrats to all contestants. They all conducted themselves admirably, and i hope they're all proud of their accomplishments and are inspired to keep creating.

    loflo on
  • CambiataCambiata Commander Shepard The likes of which even GAWD has never seenRegistered User regular
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