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Strip Search - Finale, Part 2



  • bigrickcookbigrickcook Dord of Lance? OklahomaRegistered User regular
    Sad that it's over, happy as all hell for the winner, looking forward to whatever DVD release this gets, can't wait for all the wonderful arts these people will produce in the future, and avidly looking forward to a second season!
    Panning For Clouds, a writing blog dedicated to my fiction and writing columns! Updates at least twice a week.
  • DerpadoodooDerpadoodoo Registered User regular
    I'm extremely happy. I've been all for Katie since the start. While I also love Abby's comics, I think Katie deserved her victory. I look forward to following both for a long time.

  • ElbasunuElbasunu Registered User regular
    I loved your elim comics, Abby, and I love the scientiffic aspects of your strips Maki. You've earned a solid fan, and I hope to see more.

    Steam ID: Obos Vent: Obos
  • miaAusamiaAusa GOD Gamer Of Daters ValhallaRegistered User regular
    Katie did win like Luke In Star Wars She Turned Off The Computer and fired her missiles, preety awesome, great hit just like how luke got the death star

  • RhylosRhylos Registered User new member
    She is the chosen one! But seriously, the way Katie just dominated the last few days of the competition was just nuts.

  • FabledKnellFabledKnell Registered User new member
    This was fascinating and beautiful. You've shamed all other reality television programs I've seen with your ability to frame affinity and hope instead of emotional drama and loss. I have enjoyed learning about every person on this show. It's been inspiring first and entertaining second. Thank you.

  • BuchoBucho One careful pwner Registered User regular
    Huh. Sort of an abrupt ending. Would have loved to see more personal reactions from the 3 finalists after the fact.

    Way too abrupt. There has to be a bonus wrap-up episode.

    ElbasunuBoomboomlaserOptie2.0Intangible 360lamelama22MKF36EArbitraryDescriptorSpman2099ahdokSpiritfireUNHchabo
  • TwoflowerTwoflower Registered User regular
    I'll give props to Katie for having a smooth and consistently delivered idea, which will turn into a great webcomic. Good jorb thar.

    But I'll disagree with Mike and Jerry's reasoning behind rejecting Abby. It's a matter of opinion I realize, but I feel overwrought design and intricate detail are her strengths; it's a visual feast. The four-hour strips were just as well written but incredibly rushed. She doesn't need time pressure to produce great strips and doesn't need constant monitoring. It feels odd that they gave her the axe because the strips she turned in after 4 hours were considered "too good" compared to the others, as well.

    Ah, well. With any luck there'll be a Kickstarter and we can keep Abby's dream going just as well as Mike and Jerry could.

  • purevalpureval Registered User regular
    Great show, great ending. Congrats Katie and good luck everyone else. Can not wait to start reading the strip.

  • jalthierjalthier Registered User regular
    Fantastic conclusion to a great series. Maki and Abby, you are both amazing and your projects are going to go far. I look forward to seeing them! Katie, you were my pick ever since you won your first elimination. Invade Seattle and make your work shine!

  • mcpmcp Registered User regular
    I think Katie is definitely the most seasoned of the group. Her comic looks amazing, and I can't wait to read more.

    Abby is hands down the funniest though. Vomit at the end of page one was hilarious.

  • ManabouttimeManabouttime Registered User regular
    Mike and Jerry: Well chosen.

  • Huttj509Huttj509 Registered User regular
    Here's what I thought about Abby's comic watching the episode. I'm not sure it was about the time limit, as the wastebasket ideas. While I liked the Taco arc, it felt kind of unfocused to me. The Zombutler, on the other hand, felt much more 'tight.'

  • shoeboxjeddyshoeboxjeddy Registered User regular
    Yay Katie! Ever since your true grit in the first two rounds of elimination, I've been pulling for you. Your command performance in challenges and great personality made it easy to keep rooting for you. And finally, the new comic seems really fun and I'm excited to see more.

    (Abby, you are great as well, please continue with the comicry and silly joke making, it is great.)

    ((Maki, I think your strip has a lot of potential. Kind of reminds me of Dave Willis' work, which is high praise from my perspective. Hopefully you'll have the resources to get that going as well.))

  • MarkPattonMarkPatton Registered User new member
    splendid choice! camp + comic + katie's skills = perfection

  • TomantaTomanta Registered User regular
    Yay Katie! I didn't have a favorite until I saw your new strip, then it was no contest. I can't wait to read more.

  • MichaellaneMichaellane Registered User regular
    Wouldn't have been my pick, but all three were worthy. Excellent series.

  • BuchoBucho One careful pwner Registered User regular
    Maki proved it was no fluke and he was a deserved finalist here, his strips were all really good even if he did feel they were unpolished and didn't find his ending until late in the game.

    I'll be kicking some start into Sufficiently Remarkable as soon as it's live.

  • d.TFFoSd.TFFoS Registered User regular
    1) Yay Katie! She definitely deserves the win here. I'd read Maki's comic, and Abby's 3-strip creation was good too, but Katie's work always has a certain Je Ne Sais Quois to it.
    2)The Ending: WTF? Everything up till it was great, but you just kinda left off at the end. None of the talks between the judges and the artists in the shamehole. No final words from Maki or Abby. No callbacks to the other contestants. It just kinda died.
    3)No links to the other comics? Do they not have a website yet?
    4)Abby/Maki: Kickstart that shit. I'll throw in a buck.

  • kraughmarkraughmar Registered User regular
    Katie, you were the nicest person the whole time and won so many challenges that winning the whole thing should almost be expected. Wonderful job!

    Abby, I wish you had won. Hopefully you can synthesize the pressure-cooker atmosphere to keep on turning coal to diamonds.

  • MontyRohdeMontyRohde Registered User regular
    Its the difference between talent and skill.

    Katie is very polished and in terms of artistic skills was only second to Lexxy. She's also a good writer to boot.

    Abby has a weird quirky writer's voice that will strongly resonate with a certain kind of audience. Honestly as a creator I believe Abby has the most upside potential in the long haul. More than anyone else in this contest. If she develops the proper critical attitude towards her work and polishes her skills she has a pretty good chance to go far. She has more exposure, access, and opportunity than most indie creators will.

    As for Maki, stick with your current comic, study the approach of already successful individuals doing the same thing, and build your cult. Why haven't you been selling pineapple Maki toys already?

  • BuchoBucho One careful pwner Registered User regular
    edited June 2013
    Huttj509 wrote: »
    Here's what I thought about Abby's comic watching the episode. I'm not sure it was about the time limit, as the wastebasket ideas. While I liked the Taco arc, it felt kind of unfocused to me. The Zombutler, on the other hand, felt much more 'tight.'

    I think it's just a case of character saturation in the Taco stuff - it's too much at once as an introduction. It feels unfocused because we're looking for something to grab onto to orientate ourselves, as we would in an introductory strip.

    But it's not an introductory strip. Read the Taco scene again when it's at its correct place in the timeline and the strip is already established in your mind and heart and pancreas and I bet it pops really well.

    Bucho on
  • JohnnyKJohnnyK Software Architect Charleston, SCRegistered User new member
    edited June 2013
    During the first several episodes I had an idea of which contestants I was a fan of and which ones I wasn't. But by the finale I was having a real hard time choosing a favorite among the remaining contestants. For what it's worth I thought all three of you kicked ass and deserve success in web comics.

    Oh yeah, and to the creators this has been my favorite reality show largely because I felt like it was actually "real" and I was happy to see the contestants (at least most of them) not try to play games but focus on winning by being the best.

    JohnnyK on
  • jgoldjgold Registered User new member
    I'm really hoping that Q&A of the Strip Search finale showing has been filmed and will be shown on Friday. It would be a good way to wrap up the series.

  • AlyshabaAlyshaba Registered User new member
    Congrats to Katie, the other contestants and all of Penny Arcade on a truly enjoyable viewer experience and successful series. I look forward to what ALL the contestants contribute to the wonderful world of webcomics.

    And remember if you love what you do it's worth more than all the money in the world.


  • EvilGrahamEvilGraham Registered User new member
    Maki's an unstoppable Beardwall and Abby's just a wee babe who's clearly going places, so I'm not even sad about them. Katie winning is probably the best way this show could've ended.

    I mean, other than an ink-stained orgy, but y'know. They needed to save something for the DVDs.

    Meester ScyllzDraggothteknoarcanistgeekymoxieSpman2099ahdoktapeslingerfullofgraceHanClinto
  • MatthiasMatthias Registered User regular
    Abby, noooooooo!!!!!!!! I so want to read TLH. I will pledge right now to buy a deluxe hard-bound edition.

    Congrats to Katie though. Looking forward to perusing CW over the next year.

  • mcpmcp Registered User regular
    The ink stained orgy will happen after they all get smashed following the live showing.

  • IamdudeIamdude Registered User regular
    Abby's, both here and in the 3 month period, were, at least for me, both in the funny and overall plot, miles ahead of the other two. I still don't know what to make of Maki's comics. Some of them got a grin, but the rest... Katie's concept is good, and her strips were also good. For me, it's just that Abby's were great, even out of context. Kickstart that shit Abby, seriously.

  • Optie2.0Optie2.0 Registered User regular
    Yay!! Ever since Katie went up for double elimination in the first few episodes I've wanted her to win just because! Also, art. Ok, mostly art, but also JUST CUZ!

    But seriously: Maki, Abby, Katie, I will be following all you's guys, because if I were in Mike n' Jerry's shoes, I would've thrown my hands in the air and made you all winners.

    Katie - you rock, and a crazy exciting chapter of your life just opened up!

    Maki, Abby - Kickstart that shit so I can throw my money at you! You've made thousands of hungry fans and we (well, I, at least) want MOAR!!1!

  • drgill1972drgill1972 Registered User regular
    I gotta say, I disagree with the creators on their comments regarding the quality of Abby's 2 month strips and her 4 hour ones. Reading them side by side, it's apparent that they are of the same quality- HIGH. I can see where she made consessions with what she presented because she wanted to cover many characters. In the 4 hour gig- she only touched 3, briefly.


  • skizard88skizard88 Registered User new member
    First off, Hooray for Katie! I'm really eager to read your new stuff.
    Also, I was talking about the her Camp Wedontwantcha stuff to a friend of mine at work today, and both of our favorites were the one about Game of Thrones.

    More importantly, I think it was very suspicious the way they picked Abby's work apart (at least, the way it was shown.) I honestly think that it was edited that way purely to get what they thought she needed to learn, what wisdom they could offer her even though she didn't get hired, to her. I bet they talked just as much about Maki, but didn't show it because he's on a good, marketable track, and will be just fine.

    Abby is still (relatively) new to all of this, and while her ideas and passion are great, she doesn't have the polish yet, or the years of screwing up and learning lessons to put her at the same final level as the others. This was their way of helping her.

    Still Team Tangent 4 life!

  • TFXRavenTFXRaven Galactic Emperor Phoenix, AZRegistered User regular
    HAI GAIS! Where's the ending at? I seriously looked at the timer when Mike and Jerry were still deliberating and there was only 4 minutes left of a 27 minute episode. You can't climax like that and not have some Kleenex nearby.


  • Inkstain82Inkstain82 Registered User regular
    Going into the finale, I was a huge Abby fan, moderate on Maki and indifferent to Katie. After the ideas were presented, I felt like Camp Weedonwantcha was the one that I definitely wanted to see continue if I had to choose just one.

    I hope all 12 competitors are able to use the notoriety to gain the success their talents deserve.

  • innomininnomin Registered User regular
    edited June 2013
    Wow, I'm kind of in shock. I think Abby totally deserved the win, for both her concept and the execution during the challenge. You guys really got me at the end there when you said Katie's name! (I'm pretty sure that's the first time you didn't talk to the eliminated person)
    Ar0n wrote: »
    I do hope you find a way to "fix" the opening intro of all the artists. It's not that it's particularly bad, but it's overall uninteresting, and (worst of all) the pacing is sooo slow. Half the artists look like they feel awkward holding themselves still while waiting for the slow camera movement (Katie even breaks contact and doesn't know where to look).
    Oh yes, I skipped this every time after episode one. It needs upbeat, fast-paced music, and quick transitions. Why didn't they just use the format in Penny Arcade: The Series? (@ 1:15)

    That and the fact that winners sent people to elimination were the two main issues - they always hated doing this so much! I think elimination should be completely restructured, so that each week _everyone_ does an elimination comic, similar to how Face Off works. And now I feel bad about my knowledge of reality TV...

    innomin on
  • MonkeyKing1969MonkeyKing1969 Library Man Cape CodRegistered User regular
    Congrats to Katie as she embarks on an exiting adventure in life, work, and creativity. And, best of luck to the eleven other competitors who participated in Strip Search, everyone was a great talent and I see good things for everyone in the future.

    Thanks must go out to Mike, Jerry, the whole PA Staff and Bionic Trousers who brought this all together and made such a wonderful show. Truly all the talented folks who made this show possible could not be more impressive...unless the all jumped into robot pumas to form some sort of 'robot gigante' figure.

  • dejavu,againdejavu,again Registered User regular
    edited June 2013
    I guess the other complaints of a rushed ending lets me know I'm not just dissatisfied with the show itself ending- the end did feel a bit abrupt for the culmination of several months of work.

    HOWEVER, it's not exactly like a normal reality show where contestants we've invested in will mostly disappear from the spotlight. These contestants will continue to be on the internet- if I want to see Maki and Abby's reactions, I just have to go on twitter. Or probably on their comic pages, where I'm sure they've written something.

    Well, I would do that if my internet would stop shitting itself for more than 20 seconds. I had to restart the episode 4 times and at one point youtube switched me over to 144p, or as I like to call it, Strip Search: Minecraft Edition.

    dejavu,again on
  • Intangible 360Intangible 360 Registered User regular
    First of all congratulations to Katie, and best of luck with the comic strip.

    On a decidedly less positive note, it's unfortunate that this last episode was one of the worst of the season IMHO. A lot of that has to do with the abruptness of the ending. The last 5 minutes seem thrown together when that should be the moment that crystallizes what Strip Search has been all about. Regardless I have immensely enjoyed the series as a whole and would be very much interested in a second season.

    Remember - "If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe." -Carl Sagan
  • KadiKadi Registered User regular
    Congrats to Katie! And I really hope Maki & Abby both do a Kickstarter - you both have fantastic ideas, and I want you to be able to fund it and do what you love. Good luck to all 12 contestants in your next (or current) comics - I know you'll do great things.

  • KainEnableKainEnable Registered User regular
    Congrats Katie and all of the competitors. This was a great season and I really enjoyed it. I hope they make a second season!!

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