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DreadChase is a sci-fi FPS set in space with a focus on combat, stealth and AI mechanics. You are tasked with escorting a base on a perilous journey through hostile space. A vast military fleet is in hot pursuit and the path ahead is saturated with hostile forces and exotic threats. The hostile forces use powerful hunting AIs and search patterns to try to discover the location of both you and your base and seek to terminate you with extreme prejudice. You must eliminate threats, scavenge supplies and evade pursuit while trying to outrun the fleet sensors.


  • Engaging tactical gameplay with huge range of viable choices available
  • Full real-time dynamic simulation instead of a simplistic scripted affair
  • Stealth and radar detection mechanics far deeper than line-of-sight
  • Fully destructible environments, including everything from projectiles to entire bases
  • Detailed threat model and strategic AIs that marshal their forces against threats
  • Extensive hacking capabilities, unlocking doors, disable security, capture enemies
  • Massive procedurally generated bases with subsystems and weapon emplacements
  • Advanced military threats including death squads, minefields, nukes and more
  • Hostile alien ambushes and derelict structures from the nether dimensions
  • Caters for different playstyles, covert stealth, full combat or a blend of both
  • Powerful hunting AIs and emergent behaviour provide a truly unique experience
  • Full soundtrack by Chris Martyn and Geoff Harvey

A playable demo has been released and is available at: http://www.dreadchase.com

The demo involves a single static scenario where your base has a crippled warpdrive and is unable to escape. There is a small military base nearby which is unaware of your presence. The demo lets you see what infiltrating an easy base is like, the combat & stealth mechanics, 6dof navigation and so forth. I prevented your escape to ensure that you get to see what it is like when the hostile forces locate your base and proceed to tear it apart. The demo is representative of the kind of threats faced early on in a campaign. You are only faced with low-tech military hostiles, dangerous only in groups or when they have cornered you.

I highly recommend playing through the tutorial regardless of your familiarity with FPS game.

The full game has a great deal more content. While the demo is static seed (same every time) the full campaign makes heavy use of procedural generation along with a wide variety of scenarios and is different every time. This involves a much larger variety of ships, weapons, dimensions, scenarios, transwarp battles, aliens, derelicts, minefields, nukes, etc. You get to influence the types of threats you are facing as you decide on which dimensions your base will travel through.

Try out the demo, this title is unique and playing it helps convey so much more than a video ever could. You will understand why the theme is 'dread' when you are desperately trying to hide from packs of hunter-killers while trapped in a transdimensional fortress...

DreadChase will be on exhibit at PAX Australia 19-21 July 2013 over in Melbourne. I'll be in the indie pavilion so if you are attending then be sure to come over and say hello :)


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    essjaydubdubessjaydubdub Registered User new member
    I'm the developer behind DreadChase, I've been building this since late August 2012. It has been a lot of fun getting it to this point and I hope you enjoy it too.

    I've already gotten feedback from people who are getting spooked, I'm laughing already :twisted:

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    AtheraalAtheraal Registered User regular
    No idea what's going on in that video, but it looks cool as heck. I'll check out the demo.

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    AtheraalAtheraal Registered User regular
    Neat game, unfortunate that my computer seemingly isn't quite up to snuff to run it smoothly. I seem to be stuck, though.. I can't get past any of the locked doors with hacking, since I can only ever find one key. Are the moving squares keys too? I think I've moved through them with no effect, though it's hard to tell for sure with my framerate.

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    essjaydubdubessjaydubdub Registered User new member
    The hacking minigame involves collecting all of the keys on the 2D display and then moving to the exit. The keys are placed randomly anywhere within the 2D area and the exit is always located on the edge. The moving sections are obstacles that reduce the time available if you hit them.

    There are 3 ways you can get past a locked down area:
    1) hack any nearby door and that particular door will be permanently unlocked. It also gives a security token that lets you temporarily bypass locked doors in the vicinity
    2) wait for a hostile patrol to fly nearby and glide along in stealth behind them. This is risky yet often works if you are careful
    3) destroy the door, as everything is destructible. You can use bombs and remain stealthed, though hostiles will come along and investigate

    I'm polishing/optimising in the lead up to release, any chance you could let me know what your system specs are?

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    AtheraalAtheraal Registered User regular
    Sure, here's a quick dxdiag

    Yeah, I was waiting for hostiles to come through, but it was getting tiresome just waiting. Good to know you can destroy anything, I love destructible environments!

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    essjaydubdubessjaydubdub Registered User new member
    Thanks for the dxdiag Atheraal :)

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