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When Should I Get Concerned?

Moloch86Moloch86 Registered User new member
So clearly many (most?) people have received their tickets by now, including several people in suburbs close to myself. How long should I wait before I get super concerned that my tickets have been lost in the mail / sent to the wrong address?

Is there any official word on when all tickets should be received by?


  • rithrith Perth, AustraliaRegistered User regular
    You can never fully rely on the postal system. I say give it till maybe mid-next week or the end of next week. If you still haven't received them, shoot PAX an email.

  • KiwiRogueKiwiRogue Registered User regular
    Just to clarify, should I be expecting to receive them by mail here in New Zealand, or do I have to pick them up on site? Cheers.

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  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    Email the info email. That's not a question we can answer here.

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