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Thats right.

Go to the writers block. Pick a story, Draw something out of it.
Who cares what it is, a mock cover maybe. A character, a scene, a prop. Just doodle something.

"Where do I go, Iruka? What do I choose?" I hear some of you whimpering. MAN UP SOLDIER. Look at this thread:

So much tiny fiction snippets ripe for the taking. Threads in the writers block have word counts right in the title! JUST PICK SOMETHING AND ATTACK IT WITH DOODLES.

When you are done, Post art in the thread, Link the source story, and @the author of the story so they can see that they have been attacked and that we have conquered.

Please don't directly quote the story in this thread, Writers need to be able to pull down their stories for publishing purposes. Just link to it.

I have claimed the first victim:
@bigrickcook posted his flash fic

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