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Toasty's adventure world [GIF heavy]



  • ToasticusToasticus yeah YEAHRegistered User regular
    Thanks for the feedback lolo, Royce, and Iruka! I'm going to try variation D at first I think, as it won't require any animation rigging, but I'll probably at least try modeling C as well to see how they both do in the round. That's a good point about having a focal point in the back Iruka, it could help with the player's sense of what direction they're facing.

    So I did a little pass on simplifying the outfit, and then also tried messing with the proportions a lot and I think I've ended up a lot closer to what I was originally envisioning in my mind's eye.


    I'm really happy with this result in general, but does she still look like a young adult? It's tricky dealing with age on proportions pushed this far. Maybe the proportions on the face could be aged up somehow. Thoughts?

  • RoyceSraphimRoyceSraphim Registered User regular
    Hair pulled back and out of her face, ready to work and make a better world.

    I would jot a note down about forearm protection (bracers/wristguards) as a future feature in clothes.

    Right now the one pauldron and pouch on her belt makes this outfit look like it was made for work, but still improvised from what the character had on hand.

  • ToasticusToasticus yeah YEAHRegistered User regular
    Yeah I was thinking about that, especially as she'll likely be using a bow at times. Some form of bracer is likely to make a comeback in the outfit.

    Chugging away at the 3D model now. Man this is fun to work on!


    Should have a reasonable prototype model to rig up for anim very soon!

  • IrukaIruka Registered User, Moderator mod
    Wow that was fast! She looks cute so far.

  • ToasticusToasticus yeah YEAHRegistered User regular
    Thanks Iruka!

    Getting somewhere...


    The geometry structure for the facial features is pretty rubbish for now, but since I should be able to get away with basically a bobblehead in terms of animation rigging, it should be super easy to swap out and update later. Kind of cool the way this intermediate no-textures state is looking so much like claymation.

  • ToasticusToasticus yeah YEAHRegistered User regular
    import to Unity achieved!


    was so stoked to have a model to move around that I slapped together some crappy platforming code last night and holy moly this is so much fun to work on


  • SeveredHeadSeveredHead Registered User regular

  • ToasticusToasticus yeah YEAHRegistered User regular
    thanks to the default animation blend weights, I have a new reaction gif


  • ToasticusToasticus yeah YEAHRegistered User regular
    I got a very rough first pass of a running animation working! Woooo! Next up, some simple animations for jumping, falling, and landing.


  • IrukaIruka Registered User, Moderator mod
    Rad, dude!

  • ToasticusToasticus yeah YEAHRegistered User regular
    thanks Iruka!

    improved the run anim a smidge and added jumping anims, she's a real platformer now!


  • ToasticusToasticus yeah YEAHRegistered User regular
    edited April 2018
    Hey folks! I stopped posting here for a -- (checks timestamp) wow uh, almost a year?? But I've kept working on the project since then. (edit) Hmm, I can't get the tweet embed to work, but here's a link to a video:

    So right now, I'm trying to spend a chunk of time getting myself going with character art. I want to get comfortable enough that I can enjoy doodling characters in my free time and not get too bummed out about my level of inexperience, so I'm spending this week doing studies and trying out sketches to try to get over that hump. Here's what I got done yesterday: (references shown in spoiler)
    (the drawings on the above image that don't have matching refs below were improvised)

    I'm going for an aesthetic inspired by the kind of character work I've been seeing from a lot of French artists lately. Somewhere between old-school anime and old-school Disney, maybe? I have a whole bunch more practicing to do, so I'm gonna get to it. Today is more quick studies from character art I like, then later in the week maybe I'll look into some anatomical studies so I can develop a set of basic poses to work with. Very open to advice on how to move forward with my character art!

    Toasticus on
  • ToasticusToasticus yeah YEAHRegistered User regular
    Studies from yesterday:



  • IoloIolo iolo Registered User regular
    These look great, Toasticus. Amazing what a difference even just adding grass to the hilltop makes.

    I am sad that your glorious mechs have gone on the back-burner, though. Do you have Harebrained Schemes BATTLETECH releasing this month (24th) on your radar?

  • ToasticusToasticus yeah YEAHRegistered User regular
    Thanks Iolo! Oh man, heck yeah, that Battletech game has been looking great. I'm psyched! Hopefully my laptop can run it!

  • ToasticusToasticus yeah YEAHRegistered User regular
    Had a nasty headache all day yesterday, so I mostly just gathered ref material.
    But I did push myself last night to make my first piece reinterpreting a photo into a stylized version!

    I think I'll do more of these for a bit. Pondering over what to do for next week to keep things rolling.

  • ToasticusToasticus yeah YEAHRegistered User regular
    I made some rocks!


    It's a first pass for now, I think I'll want to go back and add some moss to them and stuff.

  • gavindelgavindel The reason all your software is brokenRegistered User regular
    They look good. I'd suggest variations including bird nests, sunbathing lizard/snake, toppled rock formation.

  • RoyceSraphimRoyceSraphim Registered User regular
    Carvings based on your world would add....something

  • ToasticusToasticus yeah YEAHRegistered User regular
    Thanks Gav and Royce! Cool ideas!

    Did some more people studies today, with varying degrees of reference.

  • ProspicienceProspicience The Raven King DenvemoloradoRegistered User regular
    I want to play on those rocks, hard.

  • ToasticusToasticus yeah YEAHRegistered User regular
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