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Low Profile Video Card for an Older Machine

MosBenMosBen Tacoma, WARegistered User regular
Hey, I've got a Gateway SX2840 that I've been using as a home theater PC, but for a variety of reasons am now using as a primary PC. It only has onboard graphics, which were fine when it was just about streaming Hulu, but now that I'm using it as my primary PC I'd like to be able to play some games on it. There are several problems: 1) It has PCIe, but not 2.0. I'm not sure how big of a deal this is, 2) The PCIe slot is very close to end of the case. I'm not sure how much space fans and heatsinks add to a card, and don't know what can fit there., 3) It has to be a low profile card, being a smaller case. 4) Budget. Because I'm not planning on using this thing as a gaming PC forever, and because funds are tight, I don't care about whether I'm able to play the latest and greatest graphical wonders. I'd like to be able to play some older games that require a graphics card (NWN 2 and, ideally, X-COM: EU). I'm also on a pretty tight budget, so I'd prefer something between $50-$70, if possible.

Anyway, any help you guys can give would be much appreciated.


  • yotesyotes Registered User regular
    I'd go for the Radeon 6570, it's on the upper range of your budget but its performance should be better than eye-gougingly bad, at 1280*720 or below, at least.

    Even PCI-e 1.0 shouldn't bottleneck this card AFAIK.

  • MosBenMosBen Tacoma, WARegistered User regular
    I ended up going with this one. It looks like the card is pretty thin, even with the fan. Hope it can fit into the case. Thanks for the advice!

  • MosBenMosBen Tacoma, WARegistered User regular
    It'd help if I added the link.

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