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Fleish & Cherry in Crazy Hotel – Isometric adventure game based [PC, Mac, Linux]

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Note: Demo Download links after description and features.

Here is a trailer for the demo:

Fleish & Cherry in Crazy Hotel is a black and white adventure game set in the 1930s for PC, Mac and Linux. It puts the player in the shoes of Cherry, the lovely girlfriend of Fleish the Fox, star of all the shorts recorded in the cartoon land of Toonville. His arch-nemesis Mr Mintz always tries to ruin his adventures by capturing Cherry, but despite his evil machinations, Fleish continuously manages to get his happy ending with her. Tired and sick of Fleish's fame, Mr Mintz captures Fleish and takes him to the top of a hotel under construction. This time, the player will join Cherry in a journey through the hotel and help her rescue her beloved Fleish from the clutches of the evil Mr Mintz.


  • Hybrid between graphic adventure and action adventure in perfect balance with different environmental puzzles spread in the game’s 5 chapters.
  • Single-player adventure in black and white 2D visuals, with the characteristic style of the animated shorts of the 30's, adopting an isometric view.
  • A story with a fun and rich dialogue system, multiple characters and objects with which you'll have to interact to achieve your goals, and use incredible skills typical of cartoons.
  • Frame by frame animation of characters, objects, intro and the different cut scenes in the vein of classic animation style.
  • Ingenious environmental puzzles that you'll have to solve using different objects, skills of the cartoons and, above all, thinking like a cartoon.


WINDOWS (64mb):
Red Little House website Mirror
Mediafire Mirror

MAC (65mb):
Red Little House website Mirror
Mediafire Mirror

LINUX* (76mb):
Red Little House website Mirror
Mediafire Mirror

We are proud to announce our first alpha demo for Fleish & Cherry in Crazy Hotel for PC, Mac and Linux.
This demo is an alpha prototype of the conversational puzzles part in the game, with three different joke endings depending of you final choice (the endings are not really that important, only a small joke, so don't worry about getting one or the other). This small story we created for the demo will not be present in the final game, and some jokes, room placement, characters and storylines will change completely in other demos and the final game, so no spoilers here.

There are three versions of this demo for Windows, Mac and Linux*
*Concerning the Linux version we have encountered some issues with Ubuntu's default desktop.


This playable demo contains:
  • A small level, part of the the first floor of the hotel, with the big lobby room, the maintenance corridor and Ninette's office.
  • Up to 9 characters you can talk, some of them with different dialogue options.
  • More than 30 scenery objects you can interact with.
  • More than 7 objects you will have to find and use to resolve the conversational puzzles.
  • Two different habilities to use, Anvil and Balloon.
  • Tons of lines of dialogue for Cherry, the different NPC's and the majority of scenery objects. You can even examine all these objects and characters for more information and jokes about them.
  • Two types of controls, keyboard and game pad (we recommend using a game pad).
  • One of the first music demo tracks, and sound effects for the some of the objects, all done by the Hankins Studio.
  • A small story from start to finish that will not appear in the final game.
  • Endings that come in three different tones, black, white and grey! And what you choose doesn't even matter in the grand scheme of things!

As this is only an alpha demo version lots of things will vary between this demo, future demos, and the final game.
  • Only the conversational puzzles part of the game appear in this demo, environmental puzzles will be showed in future ones.
  • Items, puzzles and characters will change in the future.
  • You will be able to customize your controls in the future.
  • The game adapts to the resolution of your desktop, up to 1920X1080 and 16:9.
  • The game works better on new computers, but older computers also play fine, with the only change being the FPS. The problems that can occur with this are the text going slower (and even pressing the button so the text goes faster will not work in that case), and that you can break through some objects in a big jump of FPS. We recommend for Mac users to close all the programs before playing.
  • The inventory of this demo is very straitghtforward (get an object and use it), but the final game will have a managable inventory typical of other adventure games.
  • Cherry will have improved walking animations and also standing and iddle ones. We will also add animations to the NPC's and objects in the scenery.
  • Some of the background scenery will also be redrawn.
  • English is not our first language, so they can be some errors in the demo texts or even have wording sounding a little off. In the final game we will have proofreading by a professional.
  • You can encounter some bugs.

We would love to hear your feedback and opinions, the game is nowhere near to be finished (there's still lots of details to add as we stated above), but we really think that this demo can make you feel, at least aesthetically, how the game will turn out.

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