Pig Hunt Space: The Ultimate Reincarnation of the NES Zapper + Duck Hunt [iOS]

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Pig Hunt Space with thumbShot
Gameplay video

Pig Hunt Space is the ultimate reincarnation of the NES Zapper + Duck Hunt for the iPhone.


Remember how awesome it was to point at the screen with your NES Zapper and drop a duck out of the sky? With thumbShot technology, your phone is the scope you move around in a virtual world while your other hand as a fingergun is poised to pull the trigger. It's unlike any other game on the iPhone, and it's the way the NES Zapper would want its legacy to be remembered.

The game's very similar to the classic, although some game mechanics are slightly adjusted for the platform. And some of the characters & backgrounds have been changed to protect the innocent, but don't worry, the dog is still included.

It just came out of beta in the App Store for $1.99 (indie developer at work). It works on all iOS devices with a front-facing camera. I've got promocodes for the first five gamers to message me on Twitter, @rowdylocal.


This is my first game ever for any platform. I hacked it together after reminiscing with a buddy about our first gaming experiences and realizing that Duck Hunt needed to be respectfully updated. I built the computer vision package, thumbShot technology, with OpenCV (check out the website if you want more info on what went into it).

Hope you guys enjoy it!


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