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[PA Comic] Wednesday, June 26, 2013 - Brouyaha



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    Carefully polished and waxed breasts?
    Well it beats shaving every day.

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    Darkewolfe wrote: »
    What makes Kaosball not just another blood bowl?

    Gameplay is nothing like Blood Bowl, scoring, moving, passing, attacking, tackling, etc are all done differently. No dice are used, only similarity is that they use Fantasy themed teams and there is a ball involved. Oh yeah Kaosball can be 4 teams playing at once too. I am a avid Blood Bowl league player and I have put down the funds for this game and all 16 teams cause I think it will allow my tabletop board gaming group, which has everyone from casual players to super hardcore players join in on the fun of league play.

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  • BiopticBioptic Registered User regular
    Theme-wise, it's fantasy with a 'modern' take (so trolls are trailer trash, ogres are the rejects of 70s wrestling), hyperbright anime-esque designs that are not always reflected in the models, and a genuinely mystifying amount of cleavage. They just added catgirls, for reference.

    Game-wise, it's...quite unlike any sport I've ever seen, and feels more boardgamey as a result. The video will give you an idea of whether it's your thing or not - I think it feels a bit artificial, and someone who likes miniatures I don't much like there being just 2 different models per team. The deciding factor for me was the character designs though - like Kingdom Death, I just didn't want to paint or display them despite doing some interestingly different things with the models. Of course, I went in for Dreadball (a much closer futuristic cousin to Bloodbowl) last year, so may have had my fill of this stuff anyway.

  • armageddonboundarmageddonbound Registered User regular
    Is it just me, or does the last panel look really ugly, like something that would get you kicked off of strip search?

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