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blue screen oh noooooo

mrmrmrmr Registered User regular
I recently tried loading up a youtube video and my screen crapped out and gave me the whole "Blue screen of death" whatever. I didn't get a chance to read much of it before my computer rebooted. It said right away something about video drivers. Mine are up to date but on occasion they've still caused some minor crashes that were immediately recovered from without rebooting, most of the time with videos. Obviously right now everything is working (so far).

Any chance this means it's time for a new video card? Or maybe something simpler like cleaning out my computer and the fans? I've been meaning to do that for a while, they've been running loud for a bit.

Alternatively, from what I recall these instances have all happened on IE8 (I know, probably my first problem), but this is the first time I actually got a blue screen. Ever. For anything. Using chrome now, and youtube vids are working fine.


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  • EsseeEssee The pinkest of hair. Victoria, BCRegistered User regular
    Well I can say that it is ALWAYS time to clean out your computer and fans. If your video card isn't doing too badly, you might be able to get away without a new video card for a good while. Your video card is the part in your computer that is most likely to overheat (because it warms up so much when it's in use), so clearing out the dust and making it less likely that it gets insanely hot inside your case is in your best interests. Especially now that it's summer, meaning the ambient temperature is much hotter, and you already said your fans were louder lately... so overheating is likely the problem here. Your video card COULD be on its way out, but guess what? That would probably be due to overheating. So get the dust out!

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