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[iOS] Rootwork -- Get Lost in the Woods this summer!

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“You are lost. Lost in the woods. But this is no ordinary forest. Malevolent spirits stalk these woods, strange stick sculptures decorate its trees and something evil hovers at the edge of your vision, unseen and yet powerful. “She” is the dark heart of the woods, and She taunts you as you flee deeper into her depths.”


We at Simulated Culture, LLC are excited to announce Rootwork -- a Sophisticated Card Game for iPad™, iPhone™, and iPod touch™. Rootwork immerses you in the woods with beautiful original artwork, atmospheric music and sound, and gameplay that simulates being lost. Streamlined yet strategic, Rootwork’s challenging solitaire gameplay rewards you with twelve short films about Ruin, Blight, Snare, and Mourne, the four Evil Spirits who haunt the woods. Empowering the Evil Spirits is the shadowy entity known only as She. She can help you escape the woods, but can you trust Her?


Here are some free codes:


You are not alone in the woods. The Hoodoo Man has been Her captive for many years, and has learned ways to escape from the horrors and dangers of the woods. His son Lucas teaches you these secrets, hoping that finally someone will escape the woods and perhaps bring help to all those trapped in its depths.


Rootwork features:
  • Big, unadorned, beautiful cards filled with original artwork at the highest possible resolution.
  • Twelve short films (42 minutes of original video) unlocked by escaping from the Evil Spirits that tell the story of how they came to haunt the woods.
  • Cards unlocked by winning the game that make the game easier to play.
  • Completely themed and atmospheric, with full immersion supported by ambient music and the lack of any “computer artifice” in the game itself.
  • A thorough Tutorial that teaches the game to people who have never played this type of card game. In addition, the Hoodoo Man has filled a Notebook with the rules, statistics on your play, and helpful information about all the cards.
  • A card that you should not play, an in-app purchase that you should not buy, and moral implications everywhere.
  • Eight different character cards that each play slightly differently, four of which must be unlocked via achievements.
  • A Puzzle level that unlocks a helpful card.

Rob and Kris Eiben are the creators and designers of Rootwork. Rob coded the entire game by building his own card-playing engine on top of the Kobold2d iOS framework. Kris, his wife, wrote and performed all the original music, including the Intro theme, and all the Evil Spirit themes.


When discussing the theme of the game, Rob articulates: “In telling a moral tale, I wanted to create a game mechanic that mimics evil, so I created the She card. The game is basically a suit matching game with a couple twists. The She card is in your hand at the beginning of the game and once per game She can be used to win the entire hand. It is a very powerful card. However, just like anything that seems too good to be true, using that card can bite you. There is a very small (2%) chance that She will betray you. When She betrays you, your character permanently loses one Courage (sort of hit points) and the card is defaced. These changes are permanent and there is no way to revert them without re-installing the game, which of course wipes all your achievements.”


Rootwork is a universal App and it is currently for sale in the App Store for $4.99 (USD).

Thank you,

Rob, Kris, and the folks at Simulated Culture, LLC


  • logothesialogothesia Registered User regular
    I am the developer and this space is reserved for updates.

  • raffishtenantraffishtenant Registered User new member
    I've been playing this game for about a month and really enjoy it. (In fact, I joined PA just now so that I could give it a friendly shout-out.) There's some luck involved, but there are also plenty of little strategic choices you can make to improve your chances of winning. The fact that you only figure these out after playing for a while, along with the many unlockable achievements and associated gameplay/storyline rewards, give the game excellent replay value IMO.

    And yes, it's beautiful to look at...

  • kimekime Queen of Blades Registered User regular
    I grabbed RRJMY46TWEJM, I'll try to play it some this week.

    I am very concerned by
    When She betrays you, your character permanently loses one Courage (sort of hit points) and the card is defaced. These changes are permanent and there is no way to revert them without re-installing the game, which of course wipes all your achievements

    in particular the bolded part. That would turn me off almost entirely, but I'll still give the game a try... ID: kime#1822
    3DS Friend Code: 3110-5393-4113
    Steam profile
  • logothesialogothesia Registered User regular
    Yes, the She card is the central dilemma of the game. Do you use Her for the short-term gain and risk permanent loss, or do you avoid Her and play the long game? It's meant to be vexing. :)

  • awyldknghtawyldknght Registered User regular
    I just grabbed this code ELKXXRM6AXMA
    I'll be on vacation starting next week so I'll have plenty of time to try it out.

    Thanks for the code.

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  • logothesialogothesia Registered User regular
    Cool. I think the codes expire soon. So grab one if you want one!

  • logothesialogothesia Registered User regular
    We've expanded Rootwork with 4 new mini-games since release, each a unique card game exploring one of the four Evil Spirits who haunt the Woods.

    One of them is available as a free app called Blight's Decay. You can find it here:

    Rootwork is currently on sale for Halloween! You can find it here:

    In addition, here are some free codes!


    See you in the Woods!

  • gotofailgotofail Registered User new member
    I used code YA3YK9WJLYWF and someone else has already used 7LXA36E7X4MA. Will drop back with here with comments if you like.

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