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God Factory: Wingmen

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Hello everyone, my name is Rock and I'm a Game Designer for God Factory: Wingmen.
At Nine Dots studio, we are a bunch of 7 people, who worked without any salaries for one year now to produce this awesome game !

Here's what the game looks like:

Approaching the end of our Kickstarter, we decided to launch A FREE VERSION OF THE GAME FOR A FULL MONTH for everyone to try out the game:
So please support us on Kickstarter and share it on Facebook !!! We really need your help !!!

Download the game here:

And of course, here's our Kickstarter:

Now a little explanation about what the game is all about:
God Factory: Wingmen is a competitive 4 vs 4 players space simulation combat using game rules similar to a MOBA. The main objective of the game is to destroy the enemy carrier ship while trying to defend your own by taking down specific carrier ship parts.

More details about the game rules on our Wiki:

Leaving you guys with some pictures ;)

Enjoy and see you in the game !!! :D

The whole team at Nine Dots.



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