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Riddle of the Steel Riders lyric breakdown

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This is going to sound like an odd request, but i'm in a bit of a pickle regarding this song.

You see, I managed to look up the latin chants that the chorus sings throughout the hightened adrenaline parts, but I can't seen to make out what they're saying most of the time, if at all. Since I need to sync action with the exact downbeats and spike points of the song (i'm making a comic you see), what i'm basically asking here is if someone could listen to this song carefully, posting the times that said lyrics are belted out in the hymn. For example, the chorus doesn't start to kick in till 2:11 in the song.

Here are the lyrics, accompanied with translations:

Riddle of Steel/Riders of Doom lyrics
cantos conan
Latin chants in the Conan the Barbarian score with translation.

Enses requirimus saevos nos - We seek savege swords,
nos ferrei reges servi fati - We, iron kings, servants of fate,
morta ex terra mortiferra tela - bringing deadly weapons, sprung from the earth
in hostes bello ad moventes - against the enemy in war.
Equos frenamus furentes - We control high-spirited horses,
Capi ta superba quatientes - shaking their proud heads
mortem hostibus et luctem - date Spirits of the dead, give death and bitter grief
acrem di manes sternadis - to the enemy who must laid low.
Ave Nevis, ave ferrum - Hail Nevism, hail iron
Ave tela, ave cruor - Hail weapons, hail terror,
Ave pugna, ave moritur - Hail gore, hail those who are about to die!
Skylon! Skylon!

Each of these parts are divided into sections, so it'd be great to know at which point in the song each verse is said. I really don't want to use this song and mess up the choreography, do you get what i'm saying?

Any assistance would help tremendously.

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