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Pathfinder Society at PAX Australia!

PAX PathfindersPAX Pathfinders Registered User regular

Pathfinder Society is coming to PAX AUSTRALIA!
Get ready to smite evil and stabilise from bleeding!
We'll be running introductory Quests where you can earn a boon for your character, or die hideously in the attempt.
I'll be editing this thread to give you guys a rundown of our schedule, but right now, if you're keen - drop us an email at vl(dot)andrei(dot)buters(at)gmail(dot)com !


  • PAX PathfindersPAX Pathfinders Registered User regular
    edited July 2013
    Okay, here's the basic schedule:

    Friday 19th July
    11AM - 4PM: Mists of Mwangi*
    5PM - 10PM: First Steps*

    Saturday 20th July
    11AM - 4PM: We Be Goblins!*
    5PM - 10PM: Day of the Demon (this is a special scenario that can only be run by sanctioned PFS Game Masters [GMs] - this one will be run by Stephen White, one of the first recipients of the PFS campaign achievement award, and a 5-star GM)

    Sunday 21st July
    11AM - 4PM: We Be Goblins Too!*
    5PM - 7PM: Quests. No afternoon scenario session.
    *=super friendly to beginner players.

    All sessions will have multiple PFS Quests and Beginner Box demos running. These take 30-40 minutes of time and can earn your character a special once-off boon.
    This is the minimum schedule, if you are keen to play in a scenario we will have GMs from all across Australia on hand to get games running, just pop in to say hi! We'll grab your details and lock your place in.
    Otherwise, if you really want to make sure you've secured a spot, drop us a post or an email.

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    edited July 2013
    Quick heads up - this PAX panel will be awesome and you should definitely check it out.

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  • Stressed ChefStressed Chef Registered User new member
    Hi! Day of the Demon looks to be for L3-5. Are pre generated characters available for Day of the Demon? or can we create a higher level character from scratch? Or are we restricted to existing PFS characters? I have only a L1 PFS character. Keen to play in the arvo/evening on Saturday...

  • troubleshootertroubleshooter Registered User regular
    I've emailed the above address. Keen to book in for a session.

  • TyranthraxusTyranthraxus Registered User regular
    Stressed: Whilst Im not attending PAX this year (Im over in Perth. With 7/10 of our Perth GMs going there, Im left running things :) ), I can say that you would have to use a level 4 pregen. Im sure there will be many copies of these available there to use.
    If you want to look through them you can find them here : on the right hand side of the screen.

    That way you play. and then hold the chronicle sheet until your character you are assigning the credit to can legally receive it.

    Im also quite jealous as Ive yet to play it myself.

  • PAX PathfindersPAX Pathfinders Registered User regular
    All the pregenerated characters from the NPC Codex will be available - you cannot create a higher level character from scratch. We will have pregens that can adventure in Day of the Demon.
    Troubleshooter - I replied to your email :) Let me know if you haven't got it yet.

    Tyranthraxus - AAAAGH! It's the Red Dragon responsible for draining the Pool of Radiance! (I loved that game and spent many hours clearing out the slums. I was desperately afraid of the troll and ogres throwing around flour bags in the mill.)

  • TyranthraxusTyranthraxus Registered User regular
    ooh Geek knowledge fail!

    Tyranthraxus was the name of the spirit who went around possessing people/things/mice. In Pool of Radiance (the game we both love) he possessed the body of a Bronze Dragon and its in this body you fight him before he escapes at the last second.

    Now find that Code wheel dammit so I can play it again! :)

  • PAX PathfindersPAX Pathfinders Registered User regular
    What the hell!? Mind blown!
    I didn't even know they had a graphical colour for bronze back in those days. I was seven years old when I played it. Now you have me checking the Wikipedia page for Pool of Radiance. It was released in 1988! Jeez!

  • TyranthraxusTyranthraxus Registered User regular
    Yeah. I remember firing it up on my C64? Then I bought the Super CD set years later (had the Dragonlance, FR and other series on it).

    I doubt they had a colour for Bronze, it was probably easier to just make the Dragon look Red. Then later you had Curse of the Azure Bonds and Secrets of the Silver Blades.

    I believe years later they redid Pool of Radiance, ive never played it.. and Im not likely to.

  • TyranthraxusTyranthraxus Registered User regular
    But I digress. Back to the Pathfindery at PAX.

  • PAX PathfindersPAX Pathfinders Registered User regular
    Thanks to everyone who came down today, hope you had a great time. We expect to have plenty more tables tomorrow morning but as the afternoon starts up we'll be winding down a bit.

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